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Thoughts on the jc141 crack scene? They attempt to bring pirated Windows games to Loonix in an easy way to use.

>The motivation behind the project is based on the communist and anti-capitalist ideology. We re-distribute games on the GNU/Linux operating system which is not directly controlled by a corporation such as Microsoft and provide blocking internet access from prying eyes in an environment where the user is viewed as a target for marketing schemes.



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We do not need more proprietary software.


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[insert rambling about dialectics]
Porting proprietary software to run on free software rather than exclusively proprietary software weakens the proprietary software industry, and decreases the likelihood developers default to proprietary when making their games.
Absolutism is what the corpos want because it makes FOSS software insular and inflexible.


all the tools given are floss except for the games themselves


While I can see some value in what they're doing (particularly making games capable of running on Linux but also portable without install etc) overall that isn't as much of a big issue as it would have been before Valve basically did 90% of the hard work with investments in Proton and the like.

These days you can use Proton / Wine, DXVK and similar tech to get more or less the same thing done, minus the portability , dwarfs packing, and the like. Also "blocking internet access" beyond what is done in the standard cracking process itself may be an impediment to things like users attempting to play over LAN emulation, or pirate servers or whatnot depending on the game. Likewise the "run from a script, compressed without extracting" is neat but may impact users attempting to mod, as they reference on the site. Releasing the tools as FOSS is great, something some cracking/ scene groups have done as well.

I can give them credit in the repacking community, but I do wish they'd give more info on which cracks they are using, what content (ie DLC, patch versions etc) are enabled . Not doing this is seen as an insult in "the scene" and isn't great for users overall not knowing what actual cracked versions or contents they're using. So I can applaud them by being Linux friendly especially if they started this before Proton made it to where it is now, but there are some concerns that I'd have and while I would like to see non-shitty repackers, I think the best thing they can do is to amend these issues.
>Cite all cracks and content (ie DLC enabled, patches and updates etc) in a given game along with its source etc. Every major repacker does this.
>Give an option between a compressed install as is current and a more standard decompressed install, as the user desires. Some may not want the shell script and dwarfs style install, others may,
>Those that have the knowledge to contribute to cracking or utility creation, do so!

Denuvo cracking is in a sorry state now with EMPRESS being one of the only public groups/individuals , but their bad behavior is antithetical to the scene values (ie you don't take money to crack , you don't put all kinds of nonsense in nfos etc) which is disappointing. I can applaud JC141 on the Linux side of things but if they want to strike out against capitalist excesses or privacy issues, then there's other things that may be helpful to get them out there and get good rep within the scene or at least p2p repacker community and then contribute in other ways


>Valve basically did 90% of the hard work


Liberal, even.


Not sure what kind of brainrot this is? Valve had a massive role to play in improving Linux gaming and especially the ease by which you can take some Windows title and play it on Linux. They literally created Proton and other FOSS projects (ie gamescope, SteamVR/OpenVR etc) , bolstered others like Wine, DXVK ,and Linux GPU drivers with development contributions plus funding for existing developers, and sorted out all manners of bullshit like getting even Easy Anti Cheat to allow compatibility with Wine/Proton users…all to say nothing regarding the Steam Deck shipping Linux with its new SteamOS where a large amount of games "just work" with a parity or nearly so experience. Steam Deck's ongoing success is not just a matter of technically adept Linux geeks, but rather the experience - if not always perfect - is smooth enough often enough that they feel it can be put in front of general users which is a tectonic shift from a decade or so ago

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