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What is your personal best game of all time?

To me it's Portal. I think it's a flawless game:
>beautifully elegant execution of innovative gameplay mechanics
>beautifully elegant level-design
>beautifully elegant storytelling and dialogue
>beautifully elegant audio and soundtrack
>haunting liminal spaces and magic I can't describe

if a 10/10 game is possible, I believe it's Portal. I really wish I could unplay it, so I could play it again for the first time. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm an elderly man with dementia :C


Even if I really wanted to narrow it down it would be between OG Deus Ex and Thief 2 depending on my mood. They are both perfect games for me.


File: 1681105199403.png (527.29 KB, 1920x1080, 2017-08-14_15-07-38.png)

Going by emotional impact/time equation, Make Me Real mod stands out. Very short, very very good.


File: 1681120723784-0.jpg (210.63 KB, 1600x1000, download.jpg)

File: 1681120723784-2.jpg (472.08 KB, 1546x1550, 9g7a68mfjut51.jpg)

Portal 2 or NieR:Automata or Super Mario Galaxy.


Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
It's funi


Either blood borne or fallout 3 depending on how I’m feeling

Purely for aesthetics they’re so pretty yet both have so much emotion behind their visuals


I personally prefer drakengard, especially the music


sekiro makes me feel things


Terrible gameplay, good soundtrack. Evergrace has similarly unhinged music but with semi decent gameplay at least.


On top on what you listed, it also has the best humor of any game I've played by quite some margin.


TF2 is and always will be m favourite game of all time. Been playing for like 9 years.


Xenosaga III
I believe no piece of media is flawless, therefore the most perfect game is the most interesting, which often means it's deeply flawed.
It's better to be that than to be boring like Skyrim.


team fortress 2 is a rip off of overwatch


ps2 era had the best art, i swear


More boundry-pushing and faith in art-direction making visual styles fresh. Rather than fetishism of more polygons and photo-realism nowadays, that sometimes gets stale, with another and another white dude with short hair and guns, lol.


Not really man
Maybe for small studios struggling to find concept artists but I’m still seeing a lot of interesting level and creature designs from major studios to this day


I absolutely adore 4th installment of Silent Hill. The creepy atmosphere. The feeling of entrapment in vast, range of locations, element of navigating memories of a tragic serial killer connected to 'The Order' from SH1 & SH3. Henry Townshend is specific protagonist, an observant. As Walter Sullivan (my fav villain in SH series, not even Claudia Wolf comes close) at times repulsing, other times pitiful. I also feel like SH4 The Room has the most subliminal background lore out of SH games. I have both EU PS2 version & Japanese 'KonamiTheBest' physcial PS2 Version. <3 I adore how SH touches on psychological trauma, it's even terapeutic to me as a person struggling with depression and anxiety. If you like SH. PLS WATCH JACOB'S LADDER! <3


league of legends in 2015


If we rather than games as an artform go by best as in fun with long staying power, Mound and Blade: Warband. Literally hundreds, maybe thousands of hours in and still looking forward to replaying it.


did you not like bannerlord?


I tried it briefly, found graphics offputting (all chracters look like Shrek) and could not be bothered to learn new systems. I definitely want to play it properly eventually.


Dead Rising.


I can't say best because I haven't played alot of games but star wars Kotor 1+2 had pretty good story. Better than any of the movies.


Rain World is easily my favourite game and I will quite literally shill it for free at whichever chance I get.


File: 1681648506582.jpg (379.75 KB, 1920x1080, terraria_6102408.jpg)

If there is an undeniable 10/10 for me, then it is Terraria because of how it manages to retain a sense of progression and purpose despite being a sandbox game with procedurally generated worlds and at the same time uses its procedural nature to spice up every walkthrough with different dungeons, biomes and loot every time and provide the player with countless possible playstyles besides the archetypal warrior, rogue and mage ones. It is incredible regardless whether you play solo or coop, but so far I like that in multiplayer there is a lot of things that make the experince smoother such as ability to create teams/parties and coop-geared items like the Wormhole potion that lets you teleport to another player on the map.


Good taste
t. 1500 hours in Terraria


Gonna have to say GTA IV, I find every mechanic in the game to be extremely satisfying, the driving feels weighted and that keeps it engaging, the shooting with its particular form of autoaim where you can move the reticule around the target is the best of its kind, the story is amazing IMO and feels like a real story.

I was always disappointed that in GTA V, R* totally gutted the game of all that and just added lots of content with no substance behind it, driving is boring because they feel like they weigh nothing and handle like they're on rails, the autoaim is worse for no reason and the story is really dumb to fit in all the mad set pieces that will impress 14 year olds. I played GTA IV for years but then I played V to completion and then dropped it.

Hopefully in GTA VI, they have the content of V and the mechanics of IV, but I know they won't, GTA Online 2 needs to have broad appeal and accessibility and GTA IV just didn't have that it seems based on the "CARS HANDLE LIKE BOATS", "WHERE IS THE JETPACK!?", "BORING EDGY STORY, I JUST WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON MANSIONS" criticisms it commonly gets.


Of all the MH games I've played I'd say 4U is the best. Great quest pacing, fun characters, new monsters were cool, ton of content while not feeling bloated like Generations did, frenzy was a fun mechanic loved how it rewarded playing aggressive against a more difficult version of the monster, and while the endgame was flawed I did love the concept of relic weapons and the everwood, and liked how insane fights against apex monsters got.

World tried to implement some of these in its own way and I didn't like it much compared to 4U. Relics especially, it being tied to one monster was fine but the FOMO shit they did with siege quests (and event quests as well) really sucked and soured me on World (along with my myriad of other problems with it) in general that I didn't feel like playing it beyond beating xenojiva in the base game and Ishvalda in Iceborne.


I'm thinking Brutal Orchestra is the most based roguelike


It changes, but I went back and replayed Chrono Trigger on my crt tv recently and ended up with a new appreciation for it.


It's a nice game to replay, everything about it is quality. It may be too easy, but that makes for a nice relaxing playthrough. And I definitely prefer silent characters in my JRPGs, voice acting is usually way too fucking anime in them, and I can tolerate it but will never love.


File: 1682248840664.jpg (174.21 KB, 1280x720, botw.jpg)

I'm a basic bitch


File: 1682333127561.jpg (235.85 KB, 1600x800, devilsurvivor.jpg)

For me, it's Devil Survivor. Yes, it has cringe writing sometimes, yes, the game can be broken with almighty and weaknesses, yes, the combat system is flawed and kind of unreliable, but this is still the peak sRPG experience. It has a perfect blend of visual novel and gameplay, the plot is good, its skill system and racial skills are amazing, the map objectives and obstacles always feel fresh and tied to the story, the endings and routes are some of the best in all of vidya, and the soundtrack slaps.


File: 1682377285818.jpg (130.01 KB, 720x803, chihuahua asdfasdf.jpg)

I've been playing it on an emulator and I'm enjoying it a lot. One of the sticks of the controller I'm using to play the game broke, but instead of waiting for another controller to arrive I made a frankenstein of an input mapping that has the controller inputs as well as keyboard inputs, because I can't wait, I'm too engaged, it's like cocaine


Sekiro ruined all other games for me. Nothing can keep my attention when I know I could be deflecting giant apes.


File: 1682613171269.jpeg (41.84 KB, 1080x778, silent incel 4.jpeg)

>Favorite game
>Silent Incel 4
It's literally a game made for coomers mad that they never got to date the popular girl in high school but what else would anyone expect from the japs smh


Bayonetta. Its short and the story is so stupid I still don't understand it after many playthroughs. But once you figure out how to bully everything its a gaymer zen garden.

Runner up: unironically World of Warcraft. This game sucks most of the time but the camaraderie you experience as you tackle content with a team is intoxicating.


Isn't every game fun with a team though? This is why I don't play MMOs, the standard of actual gameplay is so low.


Yeah, fair.
I would love to see a game with the same general concept as MMO raiding…without all the MMO trappings and bullshit. I can't think of many other PvE focused games that require the same amount of coordination. Raids are some of the only co-op content I can think of where you're not sure you will actually win (during progression runs).
This kind of game play is being held back by the genre it is stuck to. I think it could be something much more that what it is.


Crazy how devs do not attempt to create something similar to Furi to this day.


pathologic series

cuts through the bullshit like a hot knife, life changing


Disco Elysium if only because of how much of a wake up call it was for me at the time.


>wake up call

how so?


2 is better than the original.


Majoras mask for the N64.

Every aspect of the game I love.
<Time mechanic forces the player to plan their 3-days, and execute it so well so you don't have to wait feels insanely satisfying. Easily a massive source of replay-ability
<Transformation masks allowing link to have different play styles makes it so the game feels fresh for much longer, but also makes the masks feels incredibly exciting to get since there's so much you can to with them
<Regular masks are at their "lowest" a fun item to get that also can grant another heart, to new items that have as much functionality of dungeon items in the game you can get like normal (ex: you can get bombs before getting the bomb mask, but it still massively useful to get)
<Focus on side quests is beautifully intertwined with the 3-day cycle. This intertwining can be seen with allowing the player to actually fail quests and get bad endings without being forced to permanently live through them, and also the routines the characters in the side quests go through make them feel alive.
<The dungeons – (while I kinda wish there was more) – the depth of the dungeons by making every dungeon have puzzles that can affect every room, makes each dungeon an extremely fun challenge that feels rewarding to master. Easily all of them are in the top 10 dungeons.


<The oppressive and depressing atmosphere of the game that is reflected in both the characters and the environment, create a fascinating world to study in every aspect, something to study that you never have to fear that it was all just an accident.
<It's a game that makes you want to save the world, something that many zelda games struggle with *looks at twilight princess*.

>The game in the context of the zelda series

<The game observes the formula started by link to the past and executed by ocarina of time, the latter game being insanely popular, a formula that they could've taken despite the short development time, and said: "Yeah, lets do something else".
<<No Zelda
<<No Ganon
<<No Hyrule
<<Less focus on the dungeons
<<Much deeper focus on side quests
<<Basically starting the game with not link, but a woodland creature that can't use a sword
<<Padding with a time mechanic, a mechanic that is already controversial with players
<The game should've been a train wreck.
<But instead, we got a zelda game that scratches that zelda-itch but from a different aspect.
<The scratch I can only describe as scratching an itch for a genra by using a deconstruction, (ex: scratching the itch for magic-girl shows with puella).
<If majoras mask came out as twilight princess, it would've made sense since of the above conditions, but instead we got a deeply creative zelda game.

>The game in the context of the gaming industry, perhaps all mediums

<The game had every excuse to be nothing but Ocarina of time, but "better".
<Instead the game exists as it's own thing, it never lives in the shadow of, or casts a shadow, over Ocarina of time.
<Something that can't be said for Link to the Past and Ocraina of Time, or Ocarina of Time and Twilight princess.
<Even of different game play styles, you can see this shadow issue with Zelda 1 and Zelda 2.
<So many mediums struggle with sequels. Especially because of the influence capitalism, where people's creative is forced to work within the frame work of creating art that allows the creator to still make money and be able to live.
<It's quite often to see the game creativity peak within the media, and the sequels afterwards live in doing what the first already did.
<Granted Majoras mask has it's overlap with other zelda games, but you can never say that Majoras mask is just trying to do what other zelda games did.

To me, it's the perfect 10/10.
The only way this game can ever have a sequel is if it's done by the fans.

Interesting choice.
I enjoyed breath of the wild alot – probably put it 2 or 3 (not sure if better than ocarina of time).
My only big issue with the game is that I never found side quests outside of the shrine ones to be something I'd want to do.
Like one side quest had a reward to make a cake, the same game where there's no recipe book – (never figured out how to make potions because of that) – and pausing and eating was never a punishable action.

Hell yeah dog.
Since you're playing on emulator, you can download mods after you complete the game and fun with that.
I never did that personally since I played the game on the switch.

Terria is also great. Played it with a friend, but we both got busy, and also it was hard to pick up where we left off.
Do you have any tips to handle the massive amount of items and also any strategies you use to help create plans in fighting bosses?

Why? And have you found a replacement?
I have a love for black ops 3 and have no luck in finding a game to replace the itch for advanced movement shooters.

True, but also remember that some games make playing with the friends more fun.
It's more enjoyable to play a tf2 with friends for example since you guys can help pull of strategies that you couldn't do by yourself, vs cod multiplayer where you're more of fighting for top of the leaderboard (still fun, just saying).

Dawg this board is too slow for those posts.
Why is it better? Never played either.


Best fps: cs (honorable mention: Quake 3 Arena and UT)
Best rpg: Neverwinter Nights (hm: Baldur's Gate 2)
Best hack and slash: diablo 2
best rts: aoe2 (hm: Starcraft)
best 4x: Stellaris
best "open world" game: GTA Vice City
best platformer: Prince of Persia (hm: Jazz Jackrabbit 2)


You retards need to play more games. Jesus Christ.

Good taste.

>CS over QA/UT
You have to be shitting me.


Name some videogames to be played


Welcome to the average /v/ 3x3. We have:
>Doom (1993)
>Deus Ex
>Fallout New Vegas
>Silent Hill 2
>Half life 1/some other late 90s to early 2000s shooter
>Any obscure Japanese game made before 2006
This is the "good taste" you must jerk yourself raw over.


yeah no arguements there, still enjoyed the 1st tho


But Silent Hill 2, DMC3 and Doom good though


its not about the games being good or bad its that everyone brings up the same fucking games all the time


I don't see the issue here since these are some of the best games of all time.


personally i dont wanna talk about the same handful of games for decades


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
Battle Brothers
Mount and Blade: Warband
Warcraft 3
Dwarf Fortress


Forgot to add Rimworld


Warband player calls other games character models ugly was not something I ever thought I would see


File: 1682993902303.gif (1.68 MB, 498x330, fart-south-park.gif)


Then you look for/start discussions about people's favorite obscure/underrated games. I like shit like Michigan: Report From Hell, Disaster Report, Black Book, The Citadel, Ganbare Goemon, but they would never be on my "favorites of all time" list. Unless it's a list of 100 or even 200 games.


Some of my favorites since I don't have a best ever, I'll go alphabetical. If anyone wants elaborations I can give them, but I doubt anyone cares.

>Ace Attorney PW Trilogy

>Castlevania SotN
>Crusader Kings 2 w/ DLC
>Devil Survivor
>Fallout New Vegas
>Grand Theft Auto V (would prefer Vice City if it were remade with V's engine)
>G Senjou no Maou
>Hitman: Blood Money
>Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
>LoZ: Majora's Mask
>Persona 3
>Pokemon HG/SS
>SMT Nocturne / Strange Journey (hard to decide between)
>Sonic Adventure 2
>Yakuza 0
>Zero Escape trilogy

Metroid Dread might be on that list as well, but I need to 100% it again to see if I like it more than Super Metroid.


What's G Senjou no Maou?


>Dawg this board is too slow for those posts.
>Why is it better? Never played either.
Pathologic 2 is not a sequel (only somewhat, it's complicated), more of a remake of 1. It doesn't have all the content, there were three campaigns in the original, only one in 2. But it's still a long game and much more polished while still being brutal, NPCs will die on your first playthrough. They are working on a DLC last I heard.


It's a dating sim, but it's pretty unique in the way it plays out. Each girl is given their own chapter and the true ending happens if you avoid them to get the true ending. The story itself has a lot of social undertones related to the Yakuza underworld. The main character is a jack-of-all-trades genius with some glaring character flaws instead of an everyman like most dating sims tend to do. It's hard to elaborate further without spoiling, but I can tell you that it has one of the best OSTs I've ever heard in a game (partly because it remixes compositions from classical composers), and the true ending should be saved for last for the ideal amount of emotional impact.

here's a few tracks from the OST


File: 1683005965700.jpg (155.17 KB, 720x550, Firentis_Head.jpg)

Fucked up ugly as they are, they do look distinct. In Bannerlord I struggled with getting my charater to be unique. I wanted to make an androgynous asserai young man, but couldnt. The face always has the same features. And you cant get rid off body hair.


>It's a dating sim, but it's pretty unique in the way it plays out. Each girl is given their own chapter and the true ending happens if you avoid them to get the true ending.
This isn't anything new or rare in visual novels…


I think it's more about how the progression plays out. Each girl's chapter is in order and it actually plays out in some kind of positive way whether you date them or not. However you could see their endings as the best case scenario if that makes sense.


Kinda like how Skyrim ended up trading weirdness for samey-ness. If in Oblivion with enough patience you could do basically any face type including androgynous, in Skyrim you always end up with male characters that look very masculine no matter how you change sliders because of how simplistic Skyrim's facegen actually is compared to Oblivion's, not to mention skin tone maps being simplified and hair length slider being removed.


File: 1683063226447.png (47.02 KB, 234x246, chihuahua gigachad.png)

>zelda enjoyer


File: 1683068314294.png (343.27 KB, 608x448, ClipboardImage.png)

Pikmin series. 2 is my personal favorite but 3 best by objective measures. They are pretty different structurally, which gives each of them something specific to like.

Getting real-time strategy/tactics to work on a controller is by itself an impressive feat. The game mechanics are just great overall though, excluding some minor QoL issues that mostly got resolved in the second game and (IIRC) the rereleases of the original.

What really makes it work for me though is how it establishes seemingly contradictory moods so well. One minute everything is serene and tranquil and the next it's a chaotic horror show. But that's just nature for you. The game is profoundly nihilist in that respect. Nature is totally indifferent. To Olimar, to the pikmin, and to us. Setting the game on a post-apocalyptic Earth seen through the eyes of these aliens really casts us in a certain light.

There are no humans left (at least not that we can see), just some of our artifacts and an overgrowth of new life forms that inherited the world. Our leavings are objects of mild interest or economic resources to the aliens but our coming and going from the universe is barely acknowledged. The aliens care about their concerns. The pikmin care about self-preservation and their instincts. Nature cares about nothing. Nobody cares about us any more, probably not even the player. The aliens aren't that different from us. They're not us but they're relatable. The background of human extinction gives their motivations an eerie gravity and higher stakes. The dramatic irony is particularly strong in 1 since Olimar is struggling to survive on a planet where we have presumably already died, and in 3 where the Koppaites also face the prospect of extinction. Our whole species is reduced to thematic window dressing, our most significant aspect being the fact that we perished. But unlike other post-apocalypse settings, it doesn't matter. Life moves on. Other creatures come and go, concerned with their own motives just as narrowly focused as we were. There's no meaning to any of it except what we make, so take it in while it lasts.


Did you play Halo Wars? What are your thoughts on that if you did?
I'm becoming very bored of AoE/Blizzard style RTS and been wondering how well RTS could work on a controller.


There's GrimGrimoire on PS2, an interesting title even if not worth a full playthrough possibly.


>Did you play Halo Wars? What are your thoughts on that if you did?
I played the demo and found it uninteresting but I can't speak to the controls. What makes it workable in pikmin is distinct from other RTSes including Halo Wars, in that you directly control an actual character and through them indirectly control your units (the RTS vs real time tactics distinction is a bit blurry, but the overall scope of pikmin is similar to an RTS even if the moment-to-moment game loop is more like real time tactics). Halo Wars was more of a standard RTS.


Any fromsoft game itches something that no other game comes close to. Though if I had to rank them, it’d go:

Sekiro>>>Dark Souls>Dark Souls 2>Elden Ring>>Dark Souls 3

I’m still holding out for a Bloodborne PC release….someday….please


One day it will be possible to emulate it on PC in 60 fps anyway. Just live long enough to do that.


>Any fromsoft game itches something that no other game comes close to
oh you like armored core too?


Oh I heard Armored Core is pretty good and hardcore with the customizations you can do and the different builds that can be done with each Mecha.


After AC6 comes out a lot of people are going to pretend they were fans of the series since day 1.


They’re fine yeah, not as good as their other games though.


PS4 emulation isn’t gonna be a thing for many many more years :(


fEAR ANd hunger, and fear and hnugigger 2:terminal waltuh, because there is rape


It's weird seeing that game be on par with Black Souls in obscurity with only /v/ regularly talking about it to being better known since the sequel came out (and as I was typing this fucking eyepatch wolf uploaded a video about it).


Disco Elysium


Hearts of Iron 4



My summer car, hope the sequel is even better


The last act of persona 4 just hits different


File: 1685568878594.jpg (149.72 KB, 1280x720, tears of beauty.jpg)

Now I have become the most basic bitch, destroyer of open worlds. I can't go back to Breath Of The Wild now.


TOTK does kind of leave BOTW in the dust.


it's a bit sad I only get a summon of Tulin though, I wanted a real shotabirb companion


If I had to name a favorite, it'd be KOTOR 2


Grace-chan's best games of all time.

My top 5 of this list:
1. Warcraft 3 (custom games)
2. SCP: Secret Lab
3. space station 13 / ss13
4. Timesplitters series
5. Mario Party 2 & 4 & superstars
bonus: Zoo Tycoon (2001) & Pandemic II flashgame

>Zoo Tycoon (2001)

>The Sims
>The Movies

>Soul Calibur (character customization)

>space station 13 / ss13

>SCP: Secret Laboratory

>Sonic 1 (& 2, but I prefer 1)

>Sonic Adventure 1

>Mario 64

>Mario Party 2 & 4 & superstars
>Mario Kart 64
>Mario Tennis 64
>Mario All Stars

>Golden Axe

>Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

>Frogger PS1
>Crash 1 & 2 & CTR
>LSD Dream Emulator
>Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase
>Croc Legend of the Gobbos
>Bubsy 3D

>Warcraft 3 (custom games)

>Adventure Quest

>Fusion Frenzy

>Timesplitters 2 & Future Perfect (FPS / shooter)

>Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee
>Pikmin 1

TES games:
>Daggerfall Unity

Traditional roguelikes:
>Dwarf Fortress
>Caves of Qud
>Dungeon crawler stone soup

>Pandemic II
>Snowfight 3D
>McDonald's Video Game
>Swords & Sandals

/games/ I hate:
<MMOs (gameplay wise): Takes too much time; little pay off / okay for finding friends


Good game, but feels very unfinished even with a restored content mod. Some areas are just so lifeless.


I wonder if gracefag uses a voice changer to spam monarchist cringe into the PA.


Because it is unfinished! I don't recommend it to people, and I wouldn't call it an objective best game ever, but the writing and voice acting carry it well enough for me.


I hope one of the endless ss13 remakes works out at some point. I like the game in theory but BYOND is so cancerous to actually play a game in


I would definitely recommend it to the fans of KOTOR 1, personally. Just to see a different take on Star Wars lore. My favorite RPGs are Arcanum, Fallout 1/2, Planescape, but KOTOR 2 is somewhere in the top 10 most likely.
That Mandalorian planet is peak comfiness.


dark souls 1 for the atmosphere and the mood that the music and the visuals set in it, and the way that the game helps you learn how to play it
maybe i should play more souls games because that was all that i played
there are also other great games witcher 3 and morrowind i played
there are also indie games that i have enjoyed that are jrpgs but i won't list because i want to keep them to myself. but they are good, the writing is high quality, so is the art and the music, but it only has around 20 reviews on steam so the amount of people who played it is very small


spec ops the line what do people think of it here


Its great as a journey into insanity. Gameplay is utterly mediocre, but once the protagonist starts loosing his mind, there are some many memorable moments. The setpiece with teleporting heavy soldier as lights flicker, shooting yourself in a hallucination, the absolute chaos of final level, the fact that in the end you cant even tell what is real and what is not. Lovely. The absolute strongest emotional moment for me was the epilogue, when the US soldiers come to save you, and I had to fight my own instincts to not shoot at them, because the entire game is about shooting them, it trains you to reflexively do it no questions asked. Brilliant.
However the whole meta-commentary on nature and morality of modern FPS games, and role of a player, fell completely flat. The big shocking white phosphorus moment made me feel absolutely nothing, because the game railroads you into it. Its obviously a bad thing to do, I tried to progress without using it but after like 20 restarts I realized you literally cant, the game wont let you. So then you fire it against your will, and the game points fingers at you and goes "Wow what a horrible person you are, dont you feel bad now?". From what I read original it was meant to be a choice, but during development all of their testers were avoiding picking it, so they just made it mandatory.

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