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Favorite racing game:
Favorite action game:
Favorite adventure game:
Favorite shooter:
Favorite RPG:
Favorite puzzle game:
Favorite strategy game:
Favorite (other genre here) game:

Ignore the genres you don't like, and don't think too much, just answer with whatever game in the genre that you'd want to be playing


marketing research thread


Favorite racing game: Forza Horizon 2
Favorite action game: GTA IV
Favorite adventure game: Breath of the Wild
Favorite shooter: Halo 3
Favorite RPG: Disco Elysium
Favorite puzzle game: Can't think of one right now
Favorite strategy game: Hearts of Iron IV
Favorite (other genre here) game: (visual novel) Analogue: A Hate Story

Honestly I dunno if these are really my 'favourite' I don't really rank things like that but it's what came to mind anyways


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Favorite racing game: FlatOut 2
Favorite action game: Metal Gear Rising: REVENGEANCE
Favorite shooter: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Favorite RPG: Fallout: New Vegas
Favorite strategy game: Mount and Blade: Warband (assuming that even counts as strategy game), otherwise Victoria 2
Favorite weird sex pervert thing game: Teraurge


>Favorite racing game:
Midnight Club 3
>Favorite action game:
Monster Hunter 4U
>Favorite shooter:
Soldier of Fortune
>Favorite RPG:
Parasite Eve
>Favorite puzzle game:
Tie between Portal 1 and Baba is You
>Favorite Other (Survival Horror):
RE1 Remake


Racing: if gta sa counts sure
Action game: far cry 2 for the gameplay, og mw trilogy for the plot
Adventure game: Celeste
Shooter: ultrakill
RPG: fallout 3
Puzzle game: portal
Strategy game: would have one if I was good at that because I overthink every decision I make in games like chess and always lose

Other: oblivion as a classical rpg, for me it was a fine balance between rpg mechanics to encourage immersive gameplay and skill based balance through its combat changes from morrowind that could make the games mechanics break my immersive or sense of difficulty found in the game


Rate my plebeian taste.
Favorite racing: DIRT
Favorite action: Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
Favorite adventure: Sam & Max
Favorite shooter: FEAR (might be Trepang2 when it comes out)
Favorite RPG: Kenshi
Favorite strategy: Red Alert 2
Favorite platformer: Pizza Tower
Favorite sandbox: Minetest
Favorite horny game: Skyrim so much furry and lewd mods
Favorite weird game: Eversion its like an increasingly bad trip holy shit
Personal GOTYAY: Terraria


Racing: Midnight Club 3
Action: MGS5
Adventure: Sanitarium
Shooter: Quake 1
RPG: Arcanum
Puzzle: don't care for the genre
Strategy: Total War Warhammer 2
Survival Horror: Resident Evil 2 (both versions)
Weirdness: Pathologic 2
Platformer: Donkey Kong Country 2


Favorite racing game: F-Zero GX
Favorite action game: God of War (2018)
Favorite adventure game: Shadow of the Colossus (or Journey)
Favorite shooter: Left 4 Dead 2
Favorite RPG: I play the ones I like so much I eventually end up resenting their flaws, so I dunno. Maybe Divinity: Original Sin 2 or Mass Effect 2.
Favorite puzzle game: Baba Is You
Favorite strategy game: Crusader Kings 2
Shoutout to Etrian Odyssey, Battle Brothers, Final Fantasy Tactics, Morrowind, Kenshi, Dwarf Fortress, and Minecraft.


action: mario kart/any game with frens/loved ones
not sure what qualifies as an action gaem but I guess uhhhh I have no idea actually
adventure: witcher 3
shooter: warthunder
rpg: skyrim (gr8 mods for rp)
strategy: darkest hour (hearts of iron) or rome total war if I am high as fuck on amphetamine and transported back to my childhood again
personal genre picks:
sandbox: (modded) minecraft, I am pretty sick of it after ludicrous amounts of time spent on it but still fun with friends. I wanna try minetest etc tho.
visual novel: everlasting summer. made me cry a lot haha

howbouchu chihahua?


VERY COOL choices everybody ❤

>>27839 ❤ ver
❤❤❤❤❤❤ y cool games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
racing: midnight club 3
action: uuuuuuuh
adventure/platformer: Megaman Legends
shooter: F.E.A.R.
RPG: ES Oblivion I guess
puzzle: Portal
strategy: Into the Breach
car combat: Twisted Metal: Black
best game of all time: Raid Shadow Legends


Favorite racing game: Split/Second
Favorite action game: Metal Gear Solid 2
Favorite adventure game: Disco Elysium
Favorite shooter: Doom Eternal
Favorite RPG: Witcher 3, but I have to say morrowind to pay my respects to that game as well
Favorite puzzle game:
Favorite strategy game:
Favorite (other genre here) game:


>Favorite racing game:
>Favorite action game:
Hell Let Loose
>Favorite adventure game:
Witcher 3
>Favorite shooter:
Hell Let Loose
>Favorite RPG:
Witcher 3
>Favorite puzzle game:
>Favorite strategy game:
Hearts of Iron 4, Stellaris, Total Wars


Favorite racing game: Mario Kart 8
Favorite action game: Sekiro
Favorite adventure game: Breath of the Wild
Favorite shooter: Half Life 2
Favorite RPG: Persona 5
Favorite puzzle game: Portal 2


hi data mining person, please tell to your bosses that I don't want another disco elysium or the witcher saga. stop wasting money writing scripts and stories: I consciously refuse to read game dialogs. and no, adding more rails to your rail adventure games doesn't make them open world. come up with some actual game mechanics with emergent gameplay potential and I might consider spending money on your product


Greetings customer, might I suggest Battle Brothers or Wartales? They are open world tactical RPGs, in which you manage a group of mercenaries in a low-fantasy medieval world, taking various contracts and building your reputation with factions, exploring, fighting or trading in order to lead your company to wealth and glory. Both games are critically acclaimed and available on Steam and GOG store.


battle brothers also has a dynamic economy


A delightful game, but I never really managed to get into it. The company size is at fault, at the beginning you grow attached to your brothers, getting levels and equipment for them is exciting, but when you have 15 guys micromanaging them is just tedious.

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