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The graphics and combat look fucking incredible in my opinion. What do you all think?


Wait I take back my first post. I was thinking of something else. Based on the gameplay I’m not optimistic. It’s not because I think it’s bad or that even that it’s not gonna be enjoyable for a lot of people. It’s just not gonna feel realistic and somewhat terrifying other games like blood borne, stalker Soc, og fallout, kcd or even fallout 4 survival felt. I like it more when rpgs don’t lean too heavily on their progression mechanics or how flashy their gameplay can be


File: 1684816155116.png (39.28 KB, 687x333, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't know why they are just now saying this but you know whatever. They aren't going to name their Third MMO with a number.


The visuals look great and the combat is better than I expected but that's it. The world and characters look bland. Not interested.


Final Fantasy 1 confirmed.


Why does it always have to be generic mediaval europe 🥱😮‍💨


Final Fantasy Aleph
if they dont go full megaten ill be disappointed


aleph forgot double asterisk is spoiler


15 was modern feudal world with fucking cars.
13 was a futuristic society, with time travel even in 13-2.
10 was sunny islands and shit, not medieval and not Europe.
9 maybe but it had steampunk elements.
8 I don't fucking remember, but definitely not medieval Europe.
7 has Midgar, doesn't look very medieval to me.
6 is again, fantasy mixed with steampunk.


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"In a recent interview, Yoshida revealed that Final Fantasy 16 will have 11 hours of cutscenes alone"
And it's gonna be a PS5 exclusive for the first six months.


big red flag


What other "grim western fantasy" is there? I'm not big into literary fiction.


feels lame that GoT is the height and limit of their cultural aping. that type of thing doesn't exist in japan?? there's no stories or literature with pathos in japanese culture? what they're really saying is there's nothing with faux euro medieval armor in japanese culture, which is their primary take away from GoT: the cool costumes.
these children's toy makers are philistines!


well he literally said 'western feel'. sure there's also interesting stuff in japan but in a different way. I mean with how weird we find a lot of Japanese media, that's the same way they feel about us.


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File: 1684891930208-3.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1081, ClipboardImage.png)

Medieval europe is just as alien to GRRM as it is to Yoshida, neither of them lived in that era. Would you call Berserk "cultural aping" too?
I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the fact that there's gonna be 11 hours of cutscenes. That sounds insane.


cant wait to see a 200 gb file in the download queue


And nearly all of it will be comprised of uncompressed texture files since contemporary game devs gave up on the term “optimization”


>I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the fact that there's gonna be 11 hours of cutscenes.

>laughs in xenosaga



>ps5 exclusive
god dammit
I'd like to know too


I don't know how GoT's "realism" could be easily translated into a squad-based fantasy rpg, it seems completely antithetical to a group of traveling heroes righting wrongs. Will they only be using dull, muted colors like gray and brown and having more characters die? I hope the devs got comped for buying and watching it in their off time at least. Sounds like it's gonna be a shitshow.


It's not. As you can tell by all the trailers and dialogue, Final Fantasy 16 is just as campy as the rest of the FF games. None of them have been anywhere near serious enough to be grimdark.


Its going to more Nobledark than Grimdark. Lots of violence, dark themes and intrigue, but ultimately still a heroic fantasy with all the stuff that it entails, akin to Warcraft rather than ASOIAF, Berserk or the Elric Saga.


One thing I hate most about RPGs is vertical progression because it makes the player unkillable and destroys any concept of balance in combat or other systems fundamental to the game. This developers can’t design anything new without going through an unusual amount of effort to make sure a new feature doesn’t break everything ingame, or makes the game way too complicated to be approachable to new players(world of Warcraft is notorious for this due to feature and power creep). For ff16 every enemy, especially bosses are raging hit sponges with slow and predictable attacks. It feels like playing dark souls 2 with a progression system that barely makes any sense and a combat system that’s somehow even slower but clogged with way to many special effects and overly expressive animations.


File: 1689636237886-0.png (4.69 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689636237886-1.png (5.36 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689636237886-2.png (3.55 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

how's the story?


Assuming sci Fi, medieval aesthetics with a protagonist that looks like a crossbreed of generic protagonists of third person cinematic open world shooters and Isekai anime doesn't immediately discourage you from diving into the story it's tolerable


The combat looks the same as the other generic AAA action rpgs that aren't just ripping off soulsborne. Think I'll skip.


It's shit. What else did you expect from a jrpg. Has a Japanese company ever made a game that's been praised for story over gameplay?
Metroid has a shit story.
Mario has a shit story.
Zelda has a shit story.
Final Fantasy has shit stories.
Fire Emblem has shit stories.

What these games get right is fun and gameplay. You want a somewhat passable story? Then go play a Western movie game made by a hack writer who desperately wanted to go to Hollywood but had to settle for videogames instead like idk Neil Druckmann or David Cage.

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