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What are your favorite Mega Man games? Me, I like MM Zero series the best. The first game is pretty rough, but the fundamentals are already in place. It has some of the most fun 2D combat I ever experienced. 2-4 are just pure greatness.
Classic Mega Man I'm not attached to as much, but I'd say the first 6 are all very consistent. 5 & 6 is when it started getting a bit old maybe, but they are still good games.
Mega Man X though, that's where it gets wonky for me. I only REALLY like 1 and 4. 2 and 3 are fine, just not very exciting. Everything past 4 feels pretty bad.
Never played much Battle Network, just not my thing.
Legends, that's another great short series. First one is better in my opinion, especially the way the overworld is structured. 2 is still very cool, fuck Capcom for letting this series die.


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I think you should check out MegaMan ZX, it's very unique compared to the previous entries in the series. It's structured like a metroidvania, the soundtrack absolutely slaps, and you can transform into the 4 guardians of the MMZ series, opening up entire new ways of movement. It has its flaws (some of the level design is infuriating, and sometimes you can get lost without knowing what to do) but the way you get to interact with the world and feel like a person inside of the world rather than just a soldier is not something I've ever seen in the previous MM games and I love this game for it. It's much more cheerful than the worlds of MMZ and MMX, probably because humanity is much more common and much less downtrodden compared to the previous games and you don't get the sense of urgency that comes with the very rigid gameplay structure of the usual MM formula where you pick one out of 8 bosses on a screen. It's pretty relaxing. The spritework is also the absolute peak of the series, even better than PS1 imo.


Oh it is definitely on my to play list, I will need to finish replaying the Zero series since I got the collection on Steam, and the I'll move to ZX. I heard the story ended on a cliffhanger or something? Seems like a trend with MM games, fucking Capcom.


I've only ever played Mega Man 2


Yup, they just love extending their series into infinity, so when they drop it or put in on hiatus for 15 years, there's no ending.


It is often considered the best out of the classic series, but honestly, 3-4 aren't worse in any aspect. 1 can be a bit rough, it just feels a bit raw in its design. There's a very solid remake of 1 for the PSP, so that might be a better way to experience it for the first time. 2 is an all time great though, poor balance, but who cares, it's a single player game.

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