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>drop $100 on diablo 4
>become bored after an hour two
>skip all the story
>feel no pleasure from the gameplay
>feel annoyed the dialogue is preventing me from absorbing podcasts
>feel annoyed that i can't follow the story because they didn't make it engaging enough for me to bother.

maybe ff16 will be a better experience. afterall, i enjoyed playing ff7.


why did you expect good story from a loot wank


forgive me, but thats what you fucking deserve, you need to take good care of your money, just because i can buy 5000 hotdogs doesnt mean i should, and feeding blizzard should be a crime, there are tons of indie games that are both good and captivating, yet you still brought this garbage, its people like you that killed this industry a long time ago


I played the D4 beta (never played APRGs before) and it was fun. The prologue was an absolute blast when you think you save the town and then they date rape you during the afterparty and you have to slaughter your way out. That really subverted my expectations but then the story shifted into following a little girl through hours of whiny dialogue and it became so boring I started skipping through it. They could have done so many interesting things but as soon as
>le quirky strong independent kid who doesn't need help
shows up the story instantly died.


>drop $100 on diablo 4
leave /leftypol/ forever


>you need to take good care of your money


WTF, is the OP crazy or a petty bourgeois?


Petty bourgeois confirmed.


thats not what "petty" bourgeois means
anyway answer the question


File: 1686059673481.gif (55.52 KB, 498x483, 1684277732864.gif)

Petit bourgeois is when you have disposable income and you don't spend it how I want you to spend it.


I know but you're missing the point. The bourgeoisie care less about their spending habits because they already extract a lot of money in the form of the surplus value. If you were a part of the working class you are more likely to care what you spend your money on unless you have some ELITE job.


File: 1686059946589.jpg (41.88 KB, 636x480, poor.jpg)

fox news moment



File: 1686060239000.jpg (29.43 KB, 494x494, 1419116502995.jpg)

The petit bourgeois are misers and the working class isn't a monolith, nevermind all the propaganda articles about how the poor are poor because they don't know how to spend their money wisely. Will flagfags ever stop being embarrassing?


The irony is something you seem to not understand it seems.

No, I do not think that someone having disposable income makes them a petty bourgeois. Just saying that the bourgeoisie are probably more likely to spend money on pointless crap… But then again, people buy Apple products so it depends.


When will you stop making a hissy fit over jokes?


I never really got the appeal of Diablo and games like it. Every time I tried to play one it game me the same feeling I had trying to get into Vampire Survivors where you just move forward and nuke the enemies around you as fast as possible until you get a drop that lets you nuke them faster.


File: 1686060645695.png (2.21 KB, 244x226, 1683835093192.png)

What was the joke in >>28287?


I said why petty bourgeoisie are more likely to spend their money on expensive stuff, not necessarily that the proletariats can't afford a game for 100 bucks. A portion of workers in the US earns decent salaries, never implied that they do not. It's you who've pulled the "Proles are poor" strawman out of your ass.


all games are point and click the only difference is whether the pointing and clicking gets the endorphins flowing


>all games are point and click
>non-shooter action games: *exist*
Fake gamer.


You point and click in MMO, RTS, FPS, RPG, ARPG, VN, Co-Op, and basically every other genre in existence so long as you're playing on a mouse and keyboard.


I pointed and clicked your mom.


I refused to play D3. I tried the phone game, it blew. So D4 also sucks ass? I miss playing d2 and d1. The nostalgia of number go up and murdering demons and making new builds and power leveling trist runs with my bois.

Why does nothing feel good anymore?


Yes, and these are all not platformers, fighting games, beat 'em ups, stealth games, hack-and-slash games, shmups (including bullet hells), racing games, action-RPGs, console RPGs, sports games and vehicular combat games.

And Tetris.


Dude, games exist beyond the PC. It's almost as if you've never played any console ports/exclusives ever.


Forgot about rhythm games.


Where are you pointing in fighting games? What are you clicking on?


They're trying to out-click the opponent I guess.


File: 1686090315675.jpg (68.09 KB, 812x694, D2.jpg)

D2 is the only one that was actually good

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