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As a latin american, its always good when these companies care about localization,regional prices etc, back in 2022 if im not wrong the Latin american representative was fired, the reason? latin america is not "profitable" enough so they will focus on NA and EU, mind you these are the same people that say they value equality, if they arent getting money you aint worth a rat's ass to them.
Second, Matthew Dawkins a Freelance Writer and Developer for Vampire: The Masquerade, is racist prick, who thinks and writes all native people as "Savages" ( he is writing about the Abya Yala ) ill add the prints

TLDR: dont give money to fascist pricks who only care for money and parade you like a prize


File: 1687553953171.jpg (24.06 KB, 520x289, 423423.jpg)

The latin america representative talks about the dismissal meeting
it is in PORTUGUESE, use google translate if you wish to read

twitter thread



Are you the same guy who made the post on /siberia/ about some startup CEO being racist couple days ago?


I already pirate Paradox.games because of their practice of releasing half-baked games and then selling unreleased features as DLC. I guess this makes for extra encouragement not to buy their stuff.


I just pirate them because im not paying 200+ for a game that should be 20


Yeah their business model is fucking awful. I much prefer the total war approach where features are all added to base game, and DLCs is only additional playable content (factions).


File: 1687705319686.jpg (6.4 KB, 150x150, FzFEZaXXsAcCGLb.jpg)

The only paradox game I bought (on sale) was Cities Skylines. It sucked even with mods, unoptimized mess with very shallow / gutted mod support.
I even bought a DLC or two (also on sale) thinking maybe that would fix it, only to realize how shallow each DLC was. That was the only and final time I ever bought DLC for a non-indie title. Absolute scam. At least it wasn't with my money directly, I was quitting TF2 so I sold my items for it.
At least the experience made me better at spotting bad games, and thus sifting my way to better games. Wish I had my Cat's Pajamas + Hot Case + Airtight Arsonist combo back tho.


File: 1687706962872.gif (3.3 MB, 498x339, surprise-wow.gif)

>paradox games is racist as fuck


modern total war plays like shit though, at least hoi4 and ck3 are pretty good (vic3 is garbage admittedly)


>Why YOU should pirate Paradox's game and products
what the fuck kind of proprietary software did you just recommend to me you little used?


Its not proprietary if you did not pay a penny for it.


File: 1687817912690.png (353.36 KB, 640x380, L1Dfm6M.png)

yes it is


Yet he is driving a proprietary van, curious.


Could be nutted and bolted, you don't know.


>vic3 is garbage
Stay mad, microfaggot.


Not that anon but it really doesn't compare to CK3 or even Victoria 2. The AI is braindead, wars are annoying, and there isn't much flavor at all for any country/government so you just make numbers go up for 100 years and that's it.


>latin american
do u speak latin?


My jam. Better than Yellow Prussia, better than Liqqy, and it'll get even better.


If you think Vic3 is a good game you genuinely have brain problems, even if you enjoyed it the first playthrough somehow, every subsequent one is exactly the same and every country has no unique content? You can make meme countries with one province outcompete global superpowers economically


Yes, I saw that YouTube video, too. A simple matter of nerfing Customs Unions to prevent "reverse colonizations". Also, tech costs just got nerfed to be 50% more expensive. So good luck keeping up without universities.


i speak portugues,an Indo-European language, from the Italic branch, Latin group, originating from Latin


I haven't even watched that video but seen the thumbnail on here, but my BF has been playing it still (I know I need to protect him better) and he managed to make some little republic in SEA the top world standard of living (I forget the name of it) and more recently playing as Yemen the same thing. I mean come on. At least in HOI4 doing a Luxembourg world conquest is an annoying challenging grind not just something any player can do.


Oh that. Yes, there is a base rate at which an economy grows and mechanics to boost productivity, which disproportionately advantages single territory low pop nations. That part could be changed as well.



huh, somehow having "asshole" instead of "faggot" on this image feels wrong

I disagree, I still like total war.


Peak kek


Cities Skylines is pretty cool but it's not really a game.


like most pdx games, it's a map painter


It is a game, just a very shallow one that doesn't really feel like it's putting up any challenge.


>he doesn't already pirate every game he plays


Trying to play mods with cracked paraporky games is fucking impossible. I just wanna play ST New Horizons without buying 10 billion DLCs.


You play a niche genre, whose only serious, dedicated developer is too small and overambitious. Every game is released unfinished, and DLC is just funding continued development. That's the deal.


my boyfriend got it working for me <3


wtf lol? paying for games is inherently classcucked. they aren't even communist or something, just reapropriate the game and spend that money on donations to your org if you must


never mind, it's broke again :(


>paying people for their labour is classcucked


Not if you're a based fellow lumpenproletariat.


File: 1688697221330.png (351.22 KB, 805x448, ClipboardImage.png)

The people working on the games already got paid. They don't own the IP anyway, even if they literally created it from nothing.


What happened to the second paycheck in "paycheck to paycheck"?


Proletarians are paid for their labour power, not the product of their labour. Pirating games is not stealing from proles, it's denying profit to capitalists.

Anyone who will then turn around to say "oh but then the capitalists can't pay the workers!" are counterrevolutionaries.


Actually try to read Marx sometime, tankfag.


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