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Been fidling with the geck and decided modding new Vegas's overworld to feel less empty and it's components to be ever slightly more balanced. currently starting small with revamping some locations in good springs, gonna learn how to create new cells later.

Just like with the skyrim thread all updates will be posted here


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Holy based. I always loved NV but found it a bit empty and unfinished even with content restoration mods. Hope you can spruce it up even further.


I'm currently working on jean sky driving and I'm noticing a trend with how new Vegas treats over world enemy camps. They're all cramped one off locations with way to many major structures between them. Other first person shooters give levels a considerable amount of space to function properly since you can't just cram enemies all in one place and you can't make levels last too long either due to issues with pacing it causes. Hell just adding around 7 new spawns to jean sky and some houses as a template already took up around half the space of nipton.


Alright I'm "done" jean sky now. All the new spawn points were added, the boundaries for the level were established and I'm moving on to all the other powder ganger camps leadig up to the ncrf

I did encounter one major problem, new Vegas map is too small. Replaying operation anchorage and far cry 2 made it way easier for me to recognize how tiny the map of new Vegas is. 4km^2 might be technically large for an open world game but trying to add genuinely interesting levels, open areas meant for exploration and loot gathering and more takes up most of that room. Gonna have to figure out how to add new cells and interiors to get past this…


File: 1688286446483.jpg (115.17 KB, 1200x675, moe.jpg)

Is there a mod to give it a Moebius type look, like a shader or something?


Shaders exist yes, increasing noise is propably the best way



The first level I've edited, jean sky is now as large as a conventional level and complete. It's not perfect and there is a weird bug I've discovered where NPCs can walk through buildings but I can't do anything to resplve it(for now). Later on today I'll post the first version of the overworld revamp, note it's not compatible with IWS, because this mod adds enemies and alot of objects. If it crashes it means you loaded your save right in the edited cells which is normal, just load in a seperate save away from jean sky or start a new game and it should work just fine

Thank you


First version of the mod is out now. have fun everyone :)


quick fix. there were some overlooked bugs with geometry and a crate being too high. patched out now


I discover new broken shit about the fundamental mechanics of new Vegas the more I played. I was expecting to kill a lot of powder gangers, just not all in the same place, this is disgusting


alright update 1.25 not much to say

>fixed an issue where an explosive near the end of a rock at jean sky was left floating in the air

>fixed a spawning issue where npcs would spawn outside of where they were supposed to in jean sky
<"powder ganger camp south"(I may have got the name wrong but its the powder ganger camp near primm) has been updated now including 3 new spawns and a rework of the level design of the camp
<do note though issues with npcs again managing to move through collisions has been documented. I cant tell if its an engine issue or i just fucked up.
thank you


Update 1.3 alot of new stuff

<powder ganger camp east and west are finished finally meaning from goodsprings to the ncrf now has fully revamped levels. theyre set to be updated along with alot of other stuff as time passed

have fun also note the following
>as I add in more content I am finding myself occasionally running low on ideas, user suggestions for potential level designs are always appreciated


No updates but an issue got resolved. It turns out the mod itself isn’t the problem for why I was dealing with collision issues but the collisions ingame by themselves are just generally awful. If you wanna play bug free you’re gonna need collision meshes. However I do have to fix a few spawn caps in one powder ganger camp and I’m basically done with the PGs


File: 1689917439672.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I always found Red Rock Canyon really empty of content and Nellis Air Force Base way too big. Same with Camp McCarran.
The cropping industry around Vegas should have more depth to them, with the water rationing and general incompetency with the NCR.

That's about all I can think of that might be of use for this project, and I will return when I do another play through with notes


You mean that place near Jacobstown? That I’m not touching since it’s fine for the region to be emptied since it functions as a transition level over to the quest. I will get back to work on the mod with nellis and the path from the ncrf to nipton once I finish writing my document for planning out everything.


File: 1689952686429.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1042, primm_screenshot.PNG)

Sorry for the lack of updates Ive been slacking. Uh im currently updating primm since I thought the town was freakishly small to even be considered a town, currently just working on the landscape of the region so some cells will look completely different once update 1.35 comes around for a revamped level of primm but heres progress for anyone that wants to see

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