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is it ok to skip the first games before playing the following games (?):
-Resident evil 4;
-Metal gear solid 5;
-Diablo 4;

I want to play these games, but I'm afraid that not playing the games that came before them is going to hurt the experience and make me a poser + cringe
additionally, is playing the remake of resident evil games first instead of the originals morally wrong? Thanks in advance ❤


dum b shit


I dunno about MGS but Resident Evil and Diablo are pretty self contained, you can read the synopsis on the other games or watch them on youtube if you feel guilty. The remakes are fine, tonally a little different (Leon is sort of a wisecracking brodude in the original) and they make some changes to the level and art design but you're not gonna miss out on anything big. The only reason to play the other games is for your own satisfaction, don't let anyone talk down to you about being a casual or whatever because you didn't consume product properly.


I played a little bit of Resident Evil 4 Remake at a friend's house and fucking hated the game, I'd never played Resident Evil before. Another friend told me the Remake does duck and bought me the original on Steam, and I'm loving it. Though it seems to be an impopular opinion from what I've seen.
All story context is given in the first cutscene (for both versions) so you'll be fine.


none of those needs the other games to be played before,no,maybe MGS5 if you want more context about who the fuck are all the characters you can play MGS3 first (diablo lore is a meme,don't bother)
playing the remake isn't wrong,especially for the first two (who the fuck wants to play 3 lmao),but the remake of 4 has been criticized.


>Resident Evil 4
Absolutely. Resi games can barely keep continuity from one to the other and the stories in them are b-tier ok at best. Most of the series might as well take place in their own universe. Play whatever seems interesting to you.
Hard to say. People will say V's plot is bare and it barely adds anything to the series overall (and they're not wrong) but you'll miss out on a lot of details and have no clue what the deal is with certain characters if you don't play 1-4 and PW. Go for it if you really want to.


At the very least play MGS3 or watch a longplay of it, and read about the previous one on the wiki or something.
Otherwise everything about Ocelot, the Boss, Zero and whatnot won't mean anything.


>Resident evil 4
it is it's own self contained story but i think you should try the original before the remake
>Metal gear solid 5
i unironically love this game, it does have references and nods to previous games but it never outright spoils them making it easier to go back, the gameplay is just such a good stealth experience that it does make the previous games feel lacking.
>Diablo 4
go for it, it's not one for story it's a ARPG about grinding


I'd like to add Peace Walker (and maybe Portable Ops) to your suggestion, given that MGS5 takes place right after Peace Walker.


All these games can be played without playing any others
>Diablo 4
story doesn't matter lol
Metal Gear story is a clusterfuck to begin with, but this is also a prequel so while you will understand more of it by playing other games, it occurs before most of the rest of the story.
>Resident Evil 4
A couple characters are in other games, but otherwise it has nothing to do with the rest of the series. One of the gimmicks of the game was the reveal that the "zombies" are a different thing from the regular zombies in the series (a parasite instead of a virus), but that's an early twist that doesn't affect much other than enemy designs. Also like another anon said play the original. They cut a lot of the fun parts like when the villains hijack your comms and banter with you, plus an entire boss fight that's pretty memorable, not to mention the bits that are now considered offensive.


The one thing I'd say is that the story in MGSV is that major characters and events are relevant in the other games so you might appreciate the significance of it more by playing the rest of the series first (and playing V first might ruin the mystique of those elements if you play the other games later).

It's also arguably a weak entry in the series and was compromised significantly by a troubled development. IDK much about that though.


>not to mention the bits that are now considered offensive.

Sauce? I'm curious. It sucks if they took stuff out like the bad guys calling you, that was funny


There's a few, most infamously the B A L L I S T I C S joke which was actually pretty important for the characterization of two characters (the one making the quip and the one responding to it). The other big one is Ashley calling you a pervert if you look up her skirt which is actually kind of impressive at a technical level and pretty likely to get triggered accidentally (like if you look up to check if she's at the top of a ladder). Not narratively important but one of those cool details that makes the game feel more alive.


Sure I guess. You won't really lose anything, you'll just miss out on an iconic series. Just, play the OG version of RE4.
Why would you ever do that anon? You'd miss a lot since MGS5's story is early-midway through the series timeline, but also MGS is a fantastic series.
>Diablo 4
Well you probably wouldn't "miss" anything really, but you should at least check out the earlier games.


Peace Walker is a fine game, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone new to MGS.

I finished MGS V main story for the first time last week. I played MGS 1, 2 and 3 as well as PW a while ago, and I was still confused by the story tapes, especially everything related to Zero because I never played MGS 4. The references to The Boss, Big Boss, Liquid Snake and the Patriots were nice, but MGS V is all about gameplay I think. I didn't remember who was Paz, just like her in the cutscene tbh.
The story was just a thing for the fanbase to mull over, that couldn't even be finished properly due to Konami withdrawing their capital from the project before Kojima was truly satisfied, in order to invest in pachinko machines instead (and in some ways, it's a fitting meta-end to the MGS saga).

MGS V gameplay is a fine mix of MGS 3, MGS:PW, and Red Dead Redemption, I spent 100 hours on this game and I usually don't spend that many hours on a game since I became a wagie, I usually play short indie games like Pizza Tower.

I think it's fine for zoomers to begin with MGS V, and honestly after playing it, I wonder if the gameplay of MGS 2 and 3 aged that well.
My desert island video game would still be MGS: HD Collection or something like this, and I think every zoomer should play the PS2 MGS games to understand why Kojima is a big deal, but maybe it's more rewarding for a new gen gamer to experience MGS V first, and then to go back to the previous iterations of the series' game design and (much better) story telling if they like it.
It's kinda like philosophy books in a way: most philosophers refer to past philosophers, and while you can start with the Greeks, or Confucius, or ancient Indian spirituality, you could also start from more modern philosophers like Marx and then rewind the tape of history, till you find yourself reading older philosophers.

So I think OP could start with MGS V without any issue. It's normal if you are weirded out and don't understand everything at times, but after some point, if you want that stealth gameplay with good story telling, play MGS 2 and 3, they are classics. Then if you want the true background story, play Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on a MSX emulator, it's a well designed retro game.

Otherwise, Resident Evil is like dumb zombie movies, the story is irrelevant, again it's all about gameplay. The setting of the first game in the manor was genius, but after that they all escaped Raccoon City in RE 2 and 3, and Wesker resurrected himself for the billionth time. Who cares about the rest?
The original RE4 is still very playable to this day, it's a gem, should run easily on the Dolphin emulator.

I dunno about Diablo, but I think very few of my friends who were obsessed with Diablo II back in the days played the original Diablo. It's a dungeon crawler, the story doesn't matter much either.

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