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For those not familiar with the term, hitscan refers to a design choice game developers of first person shooters use to make sure the projectile ends up hitting the target and not the environment around them. What’s important about this is that rather than having the bullet eject out of the ingame muzzle the bullet itself auto hits a target based on a position vector from the center of the players monitor/screen to the target. Thus bullets may occasionally pass through objects clearly obstructing the position of the firearm being used by the player but still hit the opponent because of this, an easy example is with a box in front of an opponent while the player is angled just enough so that the position vector still points towards their target even if the gun itself visibly is colliding with the object in front of them.

Here’s an easy fix, just do what modern warfare 2022 did by adding leaning and mounting guns on fixed edges. Similar to third person leaning in the first gears of war titles, having the gun simply go into ads and pivot as the player stops and aims near a wall can allow developers a way to keep projectiles eject out of the muzzle of the gun without relying on hitscan to make sure those rounds end up where they should be. It’s also semi realistic and adds new styles of gameplay by offering the player multiple positions they can fire in to keep themselves protected without having to rely on leaning seen in games like r6 where the mechanic at a high level can be abused


Gun stabilization through bracing could give leaning and crouching more value in FPS games besides simply providing cover. Though it might also incentivise excessive camping that would slow down matches a bit, but not much since players usually have cover-clearing options like grenades too.


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Which way western man?


Give me the GEP gun.


Arcade shooters often have mechanics in them that make them far more realistic, or at least believable than their tactical counterparts. Take a game like mw2022, that game has limits for how many items a player can carry at any time, typically ammo, but it’s not like they’re running around at a snails pace. it’s a trained soldier of course they’re gonna be a littler quicker even with a lot of junk on, on top of the fact that they’re also a member of the most endurable species. S.T.A.L.K.E.R mods on the other hand like gamma and anomaly are so overbearingly slow and constant see the player bleed more often than bruised despite wearing enough gear to significantly reduce the impulse felt by most ammunition that it feels like the player character is fragile.

Another way is just through ammo and weapon distribution: far cry 2, basically every cod title, home front and more all have the player carry a modest but believable amount of ammunition and weapons at any time. However in tactical shooters - especially ones with survival elements ones like 3d fallout - see the player carry a comical amount of resources on them at all times, most of which are rarely ever useful to gameplay and turn the player into a walking arsenal. I’d you wanna imagine how ridiculous this is gameplay wise, imagine if those games were in third person and allowed you to see every item you were carrying.

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