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I really wish this game had been good but it isn't, the design is completely boring. I just want a good game where I can run a country (preferably in the modern day) that isn't yet another HOI mod. Any suggestions outside of the obvious Paradox fare?


Suzerain, Shadow Empire, Democracy 2/3, CityState 1/2

Pretty broad request but one of those probably has something for you


Not Democracy 4? I've played all of those except Citystate 2 but can't hurt to give that a try, thanks.


I don't have any modern suggestions, but I would like to throw out the name "Old World" it's like a cross between Civ and CK. I played the tutorial and it was excellent, unfortunately I don't have the time to really learn any new systems or play much.


I've seen that popping off, I really prefer modern/20th century/scifi settings though. Oh well maybe I'll try it.


Kremlingames games are good and leftypol-approved
Hidden Agenda is a classic
Maybe one of those space 4x games like FreeOrion or Aurora4x, but they are on a Shadow Empire level of design complexity-wise
Endless Space series is surprisingly unkown


>Kremlingames games are good and leftypol-approved

The UI and translations are cancer though and seem to get worse each game


Not exactly about running countries but since you like sci fi you should check out Distant Worlds, and if you like excel and steep learning curves you could try Aurora 4X which is a very unique game.


the economy is too simplified in kremlingames. :/


Ain't it always the case


This genre is just dud after dud by AAA and indie devs alike. You're better off playing economic management games and the more combat focused strategy games. Revolution Under Siege looks cool


I mean victoria 2, and shadow empire have good economic models and overall gameplay.


Shadow Empire is fun but not much replay value IMO. Also the politics side is very shallow.


It's like they know Alpha Centauri is too much of a banger to compete with in the writing department so they just don't bother lol
Alpha Centauri recommendation post btw
It gets patched a lot and the planet generation can give you a bunch of radically different games, maybe try some hellworlds or something


just a question
what would take to make an Grand strategy game ?


A lot of effort, definitely don't try it for your first project


is there a strategy game with dynamic peacetime consumer demand?




something more advanced than vic 2 or 3


Not that I can think of. The problem is that the work needed to produce a 'real country simulator' that involved both peace and wartime would be too much for any one game (at least any game in the AA genre and AAA wouldn't take on this project). Maybe in socialism we can pool people's effort better without people worrying about rights, compensation, etc, to make a game that's democracy simulator, citybuilder, grand strategy, realtime strategy, vehicle/weapon designer, international diplomacy simulator, etc all in one.


File: 1691365675610.png (138.82 KB, 192x262, ClipboardImage.png)

damn :/
so that means this is the best we will get


Only chvds play GSG


yeah, I guess. Wish that game wasn't ugly as sin, graphically, in UI, etc, I got such a bad impression when I tried it for a few hours that I never played it again


I remember there was some fairly barebones game about managing a revolution against the government (in a fictional country pretty sure), I never got round to play it though - anyone remember it? No not Republic: The Revolution which barely qualifies as a game.


supposedly the 2023 edition is more stable but its still fucking ugly as shit :/. Also, the bugs are still in.


Well I'm eventually going to try to make that game anyway.


good luck, the market is incredible niche, meanwhile the difficulty to make it would be high. :v


Shadow President to nuke Norway


Good luck!


that's a good idea actually, I think I tried to play this once but couldn't get it to work


Ok, I tried to play it… relatively impressive for 1993, but not very compelling today. It's excruciatingly slow to do anything, and if you don't want to do US imperialism there's not very much content.


Too real, I think it had a sequal called CyberJudas. Also Supreme Ruler could be up your alley if you like this specific style of ruling a country.


File: 1691610874508.png (29.59 KB, 640x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Hidden Agenda is great, shows you how all the different class interests collide and doesn't try to shield the player from the realities of global imperialism, US/IMF meddling in a country and sponsoring fascist dictators.


Does the Dominions series count as grand strategy? Even if not I suspect there's enough overlap with the genre for some anons here to enjoy it. It will also get a new release next year with some UI improvements, so it's worth checking out


Supreme Ruler is really good imho


Would a game like this work in a social environment, for teams? Like a bar quiz or something


That sounds like an interesting idea, not sure how it would work though. People would have an inbuilt idea about how their ideas and suggestions should work out and someone would have to adjudicate to decide - it would really just be up to that person's politics and probably anyone who didn't agree with them would end up unhappy.


It's out comrades. Please get it so that I can stop playing with the tards from /vg/ and the mentally I'll glowcord crowd orbiting some youtubers


How do you even play multiplayer 4x? Doesn't it go on forever?


Depends on the game tbh. For stuff like Civ, eu4 or hoi4 me and my friends usually meet up one or two evenings per month and play our current game. Hoi can be finished in one or two sessions, eu4, civ and stellaris take longer, roughly 3 months I'd guess. Dominions can be finished in one evening but taking it slower with 1-2 turns per day is more common (at least when playing with the /vg/ tards).


I feel like dominions is hard to put in a box with it's hyper-simplified economy. It feels more like grand tactics if that makes sense.

>Dominions can be finished in one evening
How the hell are you playing blitz games that quick?


File: 1711195699661.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Is EU4 chinletdy and reactionary? I was playing a Mamluks to Egypt to Rûm in latest patch and had a blast

Adal, Kazakh, Poland, Novgorod, Crimea = marches


>chinletdy and reactionary

shut up


Espiocracy seems interesting, it's some indie game made from scratch. Looks like HOI4 but is based on the cold war


>How the hell are you playing blitz games that quick?
Well if people don't spend one hour making the most intricate of combat scripts and you set a lower number of necessary thrones a game can be finished at around turn 50, which is achievable in one session. But dom 6 is just a bit slower than dom 5 and I haven't played much mp in 6 so far so this might have changed


Someone on the steam page for Terra Invicta someone should mod it with competing real ideologies(communism, capitalism, fascism, etc.) and take out all the alien shit. That sounds way better.

I like a lot about the game actually, but holy shit it's the slowest game ever. Like pretty much nothing happens during the Earth portion. I haven't had the patience yet do even get to a space battle


Any good battle scenario mods for Darkest Hour?


The alien shit is fine, it's just that the agent system was a terrible way to do things, and the game needs 90% more automation and needs to be much faster to play.


Well me personally I find the alien story boring, tbf I haven't gotten that far. I really don't see what's the point of the other factions besides resistance.

Usually, in grand strategy I want more automation. Terra Invicta it didn't really cross my mind because the biggest problem is there is nothing to do on Earth. I typically just have most of my guys do advise and public campaign because thise are always useful. Everything is in the preliminary staking out turf and then after that me and the enemy factions have like zero interaction. They can't steal my shir, they can't do shot to my councilors. It's all pointless. They declare war on one of the countries under my control and send like one army then I curb stomp them with the five armies under my control.

I think the councilor thing was kind of interesting but they need a lot more going on in the Earth part.


Oh yeah and the Paradox style pseudo real-time is annoying as fuck. They game basically revolves around a turn based system (selecting councilor missions) yet you still have to watch time go by at fast forward while you sit around doing nothing. I don't even like the system in paradox games but at least thise games don't revolve around set intervals, you know like turns, cough cough turn-based cough cough.


That's a good broader topic for the grand strategy thread. What do all think? Is paradox pseudo real-time stupid? I can see how it might be good for multiplayer but I never play multi-player. I think turn based is a he'll of a lot more convenient instead of watching the game play itself while you wait for something to do.


Personally I can't stand turn based games. I like paradox style real time with pause a lot more.


Why p? I find paradox style so whack and pointless. Like I said you spend a good portion of the time watching the game play itself. With turn based I can go straight from my actions to my opponent's.


More on paradox games:
>crusader kings
So unbalanced with diverse elements of game play. I'm trying to conduct a war and meanwhile my character is on a meaningless feast or hunt and I am like get the fucking pop ups out of my face, I'm just clicking what makes sense statswise without even reading the rest of the bullshit.

That applies to all their games. Hoi is all about some stupid trees yet I never read any of it but the Stat modifiers.

The whole concept of text that has no gameplay value is stupid, just make a fucking game.


Thinking too how asymmetrical game design always leads to balance issues as well. I guess paradox games are not supposed to be balanced, but even in context of the starting factor, the tree of course can have any manner of OP things in it.

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