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This game learned nothing off ff16 or isekai anime. Overly flashy combat effects, endless screaming, unnecessarily high pitched voice acting, anime faces that don’t look like faces all stacked on top of the most generic fucking world building design that I would expect from any generic isekai slop. God I can’t fucking illustrate how much I loved the worlds of made in abyss, Tamriel and avatar for how much care went into making those places feel organic.


it's a video game you dumbass
if you want organic, run off into an actual forest and scavenge berries


>it’s a video game
Yeah one with shit art direction. Plenty of games have come out with worlds that felt way less sterile and unoriginal as this ones. “It’s a video game” is a horrible excuse for a company that large to work with Bandai to produce a title that looks this fucking ugly to my eyes


I legit thought this OP was just a BOTW screenshot


Let me guess the enemy on the right with the most basic-ass model to ever exist was the reason for it?


I don't mind how it looks, but yes, and also the hero has Link hair.


This is just another Genshin/Honkai clone with poorly thought-out Xenoblade stylistics tacked on. Not sure why even it deserves its own thread all things about it considered since its not even extraordinarily sloppy.
It looks like a damn Spore Tribe Stage creature.


File: 1691160448009.jpg (618.14 KB, 1920x1080, blueprotocol_2891103b.jpg)

Those are some real pretty looking environments thought. Character design on the other hand looks like straight out of RWBY.


>bro we made the rocks float in the sky look at how interesting our worlds look like
Meanwhile in major as mask, a game made in 2000


This board is filled with people who'll make a new thread for everything even if there's already a thread for it.


Xenoblade Chronicles 1 did this shit tbh


Op here
My best guess is priorities. Like you can tell who this was made for and the developers knew that if the games combat and base mechanics were fun enough they could ignore the standards gaming veterans like me expect from games today. This meant world building and diegetic design is an afterthought for these kinds of games that companies like Bandai and nexus(I think they made maple story) don’t have to care about since they’re not gonna get shit for it.


File: 1691168925797.jpg (228.79 KB, 1920x1424, 14740980786400.jpg)

Yeah, they found a formula that a good portion of casual players enjoys and now the thing is to pump out similar games and capitalize on the success. As such, they have little time to write good lore or work on a more or less comprehensive artstyle and just focus on taking elements from other JRPGs and blending them without much regard for how well it would look all in all, and more effort goes into creating the worldspace itself, gameplay mechanics, ironing out bugs and then making sure the monetization model will milk the whales as much as possible.

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