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Everybody should play such a thing at least once. A new WarioWare will release November 2023.

Just played through WarioWare Get It Together for Switch and it's not bad, but WarioWare Gold on the 3DS was massively better. And not because the number of micro games is now smaller, as some people are saying. WWGIT has the twist that you visit a micro game as one of several characters with drastically different abilities (some can fly, one can teleport etc.) and it makes such a huge difference that it practically amounts to a much higher number of different micro games than what a direct count tells you. Another thing some people say is Gold was better because it had variety in controls like touch screen stuff and this one is only analog stick plus one button, but it seems just as many people found the constant change in controls in Gold annoying (though it had modes available limited to specific schemes).

What makes WWGIT the lesser entry compared to Gold by a significant margin are mainly two things:
1. The relatively low amount of bonus stuff and game modes, especially in single player. You unlock a "Variety Pack" of ten games, six of which are multiplayer only for no particular reason.
2. The high randomness even by WW standards which makes playing for score extremely frustrating. It shouldn't be a surprise that they did not tightly balance the difficulty of the several thousand possible combinations of this character & that micro game, but what is remarkable is the size of the discrepancy.
It would have been trivial to mitigate both problems.

Space-taxi guys can shoot in one direction sideways & fly around freely. Ninja girls can shoot in one direction sideways & constantly jump and can only be steered left and right. Take a guess who does worse on average (should have a charge-up ability for the shot to make up for that). 9-Volt zips around automatically and you can't make him change direction unless you hang on to something. Couldn't they have made it so that the stick modifies his movement just a little bit to make him bearable, jeez. Wouldn't even use him if he had a 1-up mushroom in his pocket. Penny has a cumbersome control concept made even worse because it uses button toggling to hover in place instead of button holding. (Oh and why doesn't any character know how to duck? Clumsy bunch.)

The game makes you select characters for a team and then one of them gets randomly chosen to do this or that micro game. They should have put in a mode for tackling a mix of all micro games with just one character (with each character having their own high-score table). Another nice mode would have been to keep the random selection from five characters or so to tackle all micro games, but to allow the player to temper the randomness by marking a team leader who then gets drawn twice as often plus a limited number of options to throw away an ongoing micro game and have the current character go at another or throw the character out of the ongoing micro game and restart it with another.

Even with all these hypothetical improvements it would only become a WarioWare Silver. Gold is sooo much better with its extra modes. Gold got a mode where you can change the speed of the micro game you are playing by angling the 3DS. Gold also got a mode where you are a kid secretly playing games at night and you have to pretend to be asleep whenever your mom checks on you and it's absolutely brilliant with random noises faking you out and stuff. Oh my God, it even has an autograph-writing simulator. So Gold set a high bar this one doesn't even come close to touching, never mind clearing. One day of fun, now I am already done.

WarioWare Move It will release early November and will have motion controls.


McPixel kinda fits the bill, especially the latest episodes but it is generally more like a point-and-click trial-and-error game than a microgame.


There is actually a series of games which predates WarioWare: Bishi Bashi by Konami. Don't think many people outside of Japan have heard about it.



There's the usual mode in Get It Together where you can play a single micro game over and over. I can report that the counter for rounds for doing that goes to 999, then just stops and the game just goes on. How lame. I think this mode would be better with these changes:
-no extra life
-big speed bumps at 50 & 80
-score should not just be rounds, add a fractional digit behind the round counter
-the screen should just explode and end it when you get through round 99.

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