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Pretty good but I feel like Beatty should be shilling 'one vast, all encompassing VR game' at the end.

"every anon a content creator, every anon a content consumer…" and so on



I remember playing a game where you start out with wind, fire, water, and earth and you have to combine two elements at a time to create different elements and keep combining them until you end out with like one hundred and fifty elements all together. It was an online flash game but I can't remember what it was called. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?


The gaming industry has arrived at a point, where identifying as a gamer obstructs consumption of newer titles, rather than fuels consumption as a whole. Games have become more socially accepted than they have ever been, yet the kernel of traditional gaming, grinding, is no longer a semi-repetitive escapist activity, but a substitute for the alienating labor, that would be spent on an alternative in-game purchase. An underlying cause of gamergate could have been the game development complex pathologizing investment in games, so you are either meant to shallowly consume them or extended the consumption through in-game transactions.


It's called Doodle God


immense cringe, I hate their voices.


Here, have a better one.


Oh yeah, found a flash version


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Leeroy Jenkins!


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>not my hecking gamerinos!


Russiachads have been pirating anyway, if you can afford a Steam game there you're probably boug.


This is not even true though. Steam is the only platform so far that hasn't cucked out to sanction Russia. The other major stores all did (Ubisoft, EA/Origin, GOG - oh and it was GOG which seels drm free stuff, so so much for "muh steam will collapse first" predictions when it is the DRM free retards who got cucked in the first wave).

However, payment processors like PayPal have, which has currently made it impossible for Russians to buy not because of anything Steam did but because Mastercard/Visa/etc. stopped service and so there's currently no way to transfer funds. Steam features still work for all Russians (multiplayer, community forums, profiles, etc.) This may change but so far Valve has actually been doing better than anyone else in the market.


I know I mock the gaymers a bit but FR this situation is kind of a good way to shake them from their liberal or neocon-foundation and, if not make them leftist, make them focus on attacking big corporations for censoring their games or whatever, leading to an anti-capitalist angle from these people. (Unfortunately) gamers have a large influence on the internet, so getting them to be anti-establishment can be useful.


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which one is you?


That comparison doesn't really make sense


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I've seen people go "Wow, half light is literally me!!" before. Same for all the other ones.


But those are personality traits/skills/aptitudes, people have those, that's completely different from astrology which is completely made up


What's the deal with that phrase?
To me, having a thumb in my ass doesn't mean I'm doing nothing.


>stars and planets are completely made up



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>in another retarded move by Blizzard against the game, Zarya is having something done to her since she's Russian and her name starts with a "Z", due to the Russian-Ukranian War.


They made a whole game based on SFM porn?


Wait til you hear about Project Melody


Do not read the leddit thread linked in that article if you want to have a nice day.


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>almost no porn of its characters
LMAO is this about tf2? I mean yeah Overwatch has more R34, but TF2 has like *checks sources* 8000+ R34 pics. Not a small number.



ok but leftypol.org is a better image host than either. and pomf clones are better than leftypol.


inland empire schizos rise up


leftypol isn't really an image hoster, it's an forum that has image posting on the side.



Any good High Fleet memes other than the constant use of the based soundtrack?






not gonna look that up what kind of porn is it?


No, but I'm going to guess a lot of R63 and inflation shit for Pyro.


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Are greentexts okay?


thats a fairly accurate recounting of the shitty eagle-vision sidequests in witcher


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Ok Una

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