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I hate to say anything good about dark souls 2, but elden rings combat is considerably worse. The only good thing about it is the lack of enemy spam and that’s it. AOE attacks, environmental hazards and gank squads in boss fights, projectile spamming, enemies that exist as ai variants of the player character, unusually high poise enemies, and unpredictable delayed swings make running a melee play through even more painful than it is in dark souls. I’m not asking the game to have sekiros combat pacing, quite the opposite. I like the feeling of weight the souls trilogy had with their combat, it feels sluggish, fair and brutal like the world you were in. Only a few large enemies were actually fast and that’s if they were more lean than large like yhorm or gundyr. Every fucking enemy in elden ring has so much cheese attached to the way they attack that it’s meta to spam jump attacks and rolls which is even worse than the r1 and estus mashing of ds3, also poise is meaningless against spells unlike DS2. It’s a shame knowing DS2 and 3 still have the best pvp that’s far more aggressive with much less of people straight up running away, spamming spells/summons and constantly fishing for jump attacks, parries and backstabs like in DeS and DS1.


Didn’t read on account of DS2 slander


Oh man I’ll tell you about. I’m currently playing DS2 with a mod called seeker of fire that makes the game feel genuinely harder but a lot more fair. After playing it I can confidently say DS2 needs a complete remaster. It’s not just the games mechanics that need patches, it’s the world building.

It’s unfinished, fun fact, the gyrm warriors that use those massive axes and hammers were originally called “axe enemy” because the developers started work on the game before writing the story and the world building first. Throw in the fact that DS2 was originally meant to be open world before that idea got scrapped by a guy at Bandai and you have an unfinished concept missing several components of basic world design, and although pretty well written, half assed story. This fucked over the team working in the game a lot and the result was a bunch of cut content, scrapped ideas, disconnected levels and a ton of problems related to core components of the game not functioning properly at launch. At least the build variety and writing is pretty neat.


>developers started work on the game before writing the story and the world building first
This is common in game development.


DS2 is terribly balanced though, ER is a much more consistent experience minus a few standout parts. I was never stuck anywhere on Elden Ring, whereas I felt stuck during Lost Bastille. I also never breezed through entire areas without dying once on Elden Ring, like I did on DS2 once you had a big enough weapon to virtually stun lock everything to death.


I can agree that DS2 needs a remaster or a remake. SoftFS still has the ugly ass N64 textures plastered all over earthen peak FFS and that's supposed to be the definitive edition


>I got stuck on the lost Bastille
If your struggling to the boss run to ruin sentinels you can just run past the gank squad at the building by taking the shortcut on the bottom floor, it has a ladder. If your that deep into the game you could’ve also just unlocked infinite life gems from the merchant by speaking to her.
>elden ring is much more balanced than DS2
No, no not all. PvE has been fucking awful for melee builds since launch: enemies with way too many delayed swings, input reading, unreactable attacks with zero telegraphing(godricks annoying whirlwind bs for starters), unavoidable attacks(mogh), unclear punish windows for several bosses and common enemies, boss spamming(a lot of bosses are reused and are placed laughably short distances between each other), aoe and environmental hazard bs everywhere, enemies that attack as if they have infinite stamina it goes on because elden rings combat isn’t designed with concepts like weight and stamina in mind at all. PvP at launch was a mess, they managed to patch things out away from the bleed, bloodhound step and r1 mashing shenanigans that made it fucking unplayable but what we got is still far below any souls game, especially DS2.


I've heard someone saying that problem with Elden Ring is that you are Dark Souls character, that is fighting against Sekiro bosses. Of fucking course you won't be able to hold against them, compared to DS1 the combat is more similar to Bloodborne without giving you the same amount of movement options. From kinda lost it's mind and was brainwashed by it's own success.


I think it’s a bigger issue with priorities. Sekiro and elden ring were being developed at the same time. The problem with blood borne to elden ring was that blood bornes combat was faster because the conditions of the player were different from dark souls. You’re not wearing a full suit of armour your wearing a cloak and have guns and small farm equipment for weapons. Of course you and your opponents are gonna move faster. Sekiro was in a similar situation, but had even more options because your only using a single weapon and are playing a generally well trained soldier against others. Elden ring is closer to DS2 in terms of tone and weight world design wise, but didn’t scale the pacing of the games combat to it. This is the design philosophy behind why so many enemies are tediously quick. I’m guessing some members of from were aware of how the game was setup, but so many people were pulled over for world building and level design that barely any time could be put into fully polishing the combat system and they just went with what they had.


I'm not denying that ER has bullshit animation telegraphs, but I think that's breathing life into the franchise because by now everyone is an expert at souls reaction times. My point is that difficulty-wise, ER was a much more consistent experience throghout when compared to DS2 which had a really punishing start when compared to the rest of the game which was a relative breeze up until the expansions (which buff enemy poise anyway to make up for the player stunlocking the ever loving shit out of everyone). There are really minute differences to me though, I love both games.


Who the fuck cares about soulsboring when Armored Cores back baby


the new AC is just a soulslike


Not really, but it does have spulslike design elements that souldn't be there.


And Soulsboring has always just been dick riding AC


File: 1693678860635.png (62.09 KB, 759x320, citizentalk.png)

The only thing soulslike about it is how some of the bosses act. Otherwise, its a solid AC game.


AC aped King's Field.


King's Field was just a ripoff of DOOM.


If you said Ultima Underworld, you would be correct.


Doom was a ripoff of Wolfenstein 3D, which in turn ripped off Catacomb 3-D which itself ripped off Maze War.


Combat in every From game is SNES-tier simplistic. The fact it caught on as its own subgenre shows that bandwagoning redditors don't even understand what made the games appeal to people.


The combat mechanics are simplistic, how they’re implemented isn’t. You have to keep in mind that from games are more lenient on their world and level design than their combat(unless your sekiro). Similar to call of duty, the combat is designed to be as realistic as possible but responsive and flexible enough to allow multiple builds(unless your sekiro). This also means collision interactions with things like poise, knock back, movement, and other shenanigans feels a lot more impactful than in a game like GOW or kingdom hearts.


I watched a clip of someone putting Malenia in Sekiro, and it's hilarious how well she fits in that game.


File: 1714256743600.jpg (56.68 KB, 1100x732, 1713117565205697.jpg)

>The fact it caught on as its own subgenre shows that bandwagoning redditors don't even understand what made the games appeal to people.
From software fell off after bloodborne and you can tell just by how people talk about their favorite bosses
Every single one always pics the flashy, cinematic looking boss
I've been saying this shit ever since elden ring came out that every boss turns into a dodgeroll, then wait for their aoe to finish and dodge roll again
No more boss battles that reward you for paying attention to the environment or anything like in DS1


I just gotta say that this is my first time coming here after checking to see if 420chan was finally back, and it's reeaal fucking weird to see the same damn opinions here as on /v/, albeit without seeing the word transhumanist being thrown around by obnoxious manchildren.


>albeit without seeing the word transhumanist being thrown around by obnoxious manchildren
so whats the problem exactly


That was the nice part. I just wasn't expecting to see people shitting all over DS3, Elden Ring etc. like the perpetually angry and hateful chuckle fucks on /v/. I guess I just miss 420chan still.


I mean pure melee builds are not really supposed to exist. You have STR casting options with minimal Faith, or Dex which improves casting speed so it's good combined with Fai or Int which can both work with Arcane shit too.
The whole game is balanced around casting and weapon arts but melee is super sustainable with a high amount of endurance.
Probably my best build is just pushing STR and END with 14 faith, and 2h scaling works fine even past 100, there seems to be no actual cap on carry weight bonus from END. Also it lets you take some points out of Vigor and many out of Focus.

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