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The major thing keeping me from getting interested in the RE remakes and village is the movement. Compared to other third person games, it’s really unresponsive. Like I can pick up a game like fallout 4 hell even 3, the last of us 2, or gears of war and get on the move immediately. The movement of re village and the remakes feel really sluggish: you can’t sprint forwards properly, you can’t sprint backwards or to the side, the guns feel like they have trillions of years of end lag between shots, guns themselves have weird recoil physics compared to other shooters, melee combat is awful never use it and the levels are designed in a cramped fashion for lazy scares. I can’t feel scared playing resident evil because the horror element isn’t genuine. I feel weak in a game like far cry 2 because the player isn’t made a god but not unreasonably powerful either meaning actual threats feel like actual threats, like a sniper or a car patrolling the roads. Tlou2 made the infected intimidating by giving them buffs that justified the games difficulty like increased movement speed, instakills, detection + patrolling and mini bosses like shamblers and bloaters. Those things are crazy fast, faster than the player whose moving at reasonable speeds.


RE are horror games an limiting the movement makes the horror hightned so you can't just jog around the map with a horde of zombies never being able to catch you. Funny thing I remember "editor anon" making some stunning revelation that Fallout games have boomer shooter mechanics and no velocity, just instantaneous movement and braking.


You can handle weight and momentum without being as sluggish as these games are. Hindering the characters movement to this degree slides into artificial difficulty.


I didn't play the ones you're talking about but I played the original 4 and 5 and I thought the movement and aiming was appropriately cumbersome.


it is different between the older and newer games


I am editor anon. I made that thread because having nonexistent physics attached to motion makes moving unresponsive and aiming at shit right in front of you tedious


So what are you saying? You like Fallout's movement system now? I think boomer shooters are rather lazy, but like you said, it's easy to pick up, because the movement and aiming system don't require anything from you. They're dumbed down to make it easy any convenient.


sorry let me be a bit more specific


When i say I want the movement to feel swift and responsive I mean I want the movement - well this can be applied to any games control system for anything - to feel able to handle multple different actions, and stay reasonable to the game world.
In more detail, swiftness refers to the movement systems ability to quickly provide respond to the players inputs to allow for actions to be done quickly and allow for multple actions, like interactions, bringing out a tool, aiming, or canceling certain actions into other movement choices. Responsitivity refers to the games ability to adjust certain actions in a way that makes them not exist as active detriments to the gameplay experience. The former is easier to implement. just provide the player with more and generally decent options to control their character, the ladder is a lot harder to get right.
Unesponsiveness for a game like fallout 3 would mean lack of actual acceleration because the player cant actually choose to move within a broad range of speeds, only 3 static ones which is running, walking, and running unholstered. you cant make small adjustments to how you move, and enemies dont do this either meaning even the tiniest amounts of motion can and will displace a desired target far away from their original location in a fraction of a second. this problem isnt as obvious in fo3 since you cant even aim to begin with(though with snipers this becomes obvious to any new players who didnt realize this) but in a game like new vegas this problem is unavoidable and makes ranged combat almost as awful as melee. When a games movement is responsive you can make small adjustments(see ds3 and ds1s movement to ds2s snap point turning problem), you can expect to accurataley predict where your character can land, you can expect the things around you to move in a way that feels both believable and non invase to what you'd expect. Like an unusually delayed swing compared to a normal one in a game elden ring that managed to piss off a shitload of players.


RE village has such sluggish and unresponsive that the gameplay experience feels both unrealistic alongside goofy as hell to play through in third person, yet 'snappy' as fallouts because nothing moves in a way that makes any sense, not in our world and not in the lore that describes the kinds of mutants the player is gonna be fighting against. This also means any time you do fight an opponent with ordinary movement like a dog bursting out a window to scare the player, its actually scary because the movement is normal and the enemy in front of you as a genuine threat not just in the game but what it could be lore wise and in real life.


Are you really comparing melee games to shooter games? The problem with shooters it's easy to cheese them. The same tactics that players complain about in online I.E. camping work really well in single player too. Anyone who can do good at all in a MP shooter can cheese it easily in an SP shooter because they're retarded bots. The designers have to come up with cheats for the NPCs like endless grenade spam in COD or limited movement aiming and ammo in the RE games.


>sorry I know this is long but I've been writing and doing alot of programming for my own game im trying to properly start work specifically for this shit
as for boomer shooters, they really dont play the way you're describing. Ive played games as far back as the original doom, even they had some kind of acceleration while even titles as early as quake had this. Ultrakill too and that one other shooter with the "impoverished rural christian community" aesthetic


Nope. Boomer shooters are games with fake FPV and no physical simulation of the player character. You press the forward button and your character moves X amount forward instantly and instantly stops when you let up. People like them for being "responsive."


Anon I don’t think you understand why the original quake was such massive feat for physics in games. We wouldn’t have shit like movement tech in games like titan fall or other source engine games without basic acceleration vectors being implemented for quakes movement. It’s not necessarily that it was “realistic” it was just responsive enough to allow you to move in multiple different kinds of ways, like the way I just described responsive movement in games.


Most boomer shooters have no velocity simulation at all. That's the default. Like I said, when you press forward you move forward X amount each tick, then you instantly stop when not pressing. That's what responsiveness is.


Oh my god. Ugh, look I’m not sure if you’ve actually played these games at this point but I’m gonna sssume you did and just haven’t noticed yet. This doesn’t happen, because you wouldn’t be able to use nearly all the tech available if there was no velocity attached to anything. The devs of the original quake didn’t just implement movement in 3d so you’d only be able to move in a specified direction on the first tick at a static speed, they also provided ways of maintaining it. You have forces like gravity that simulate acceleration, momentum is carried over when you’re airborne and increases as you fall simulating potential energy transfer to kinetic energy. You can b hop, you can shoot yourself with a rocket to provide a force upwards that’s communicates a sense of acceleration to the player. If everything in quake moved the way you’re describing where there’s no velocity, no momentum, no acceleration, it would be stupidly difficult to get through most of the game, and be even harder to speed run it.

Fallout 3s movement was unresponsive because it was neglected and had to exist on bethesdas shittier version of the creation engine than being hardcoded through havok directly. Unsurprisingly the moment it got upgrades this problem of weird movement got fixed with skyrims introduction of real acceleration to the startup of any run or sprint, and it never came back in any major games released after. Most pvp and pve shooters today have this kind of startup into a terminal velocity style movement to make it easier for players to shoot at each other, but have cancelable sprints and runs with some amount of end lag to allow space for other actions without losing the sense of weight they provide. I could keep going but it means the same thing, weight matters to movement in game design and can make a massive difference in how enjoyable a game is when it’s implemented with care.


Ok, Quake. Most of them have the movement I described. It's the default way to program movement.

>Fallout 3s movement was unresponsive because it was neglected and had to exist on bethesdas shittier version of the creation engine than being hardcoded through havok directly.

God I'm tired of this meme. These "engines" don't have any limitations like that. You can program any movement into them in an afternoon. The math is brain dead simple.


>God I'm tired of this meme. These "engines" don't have any limitations like that. You can program any movement into them in an afternoon. The math is brain dead simple.
*they program the movement like they do, because that's what their audience wants. Also seemingly yourself if you could decide what it is what you're looking for.


But you know this is a core part of the games, they were always meant to have tank controls and thats something thats widely praised for making the games more scary. Its fine if you don't get it but the whole point is to restrict your movement and gunplay.

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