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if you had to live the rest of your life (with your family and loved ones) in the world of a videogame, which one would you choose


dead space


>>30608 do you want your loved ones dead


Logically some PG game where nothing bad every happens.


Red Alert 2


The easy answer is a game like Pokemon, but I'll say Death Stranding for something more interesting. Unless you're a porter, timefall and BTs aren't really that much of a concern and you only really have to worry about voidouts. Other than that you sit inside all day and whatever you need gets 3D printed and delivered.


File: 1695111828427.png (315.65 KB, 755x998, 1654941172665.png)

Teraurge for maximum fun. Other than that, anything that lets me be a wizard. Shadowrun could be interesting, cyberpunk with magic and fantasy species.


If you say anything other than Disco Elysium you're a poltroon, a fägäri and probably a Moralintern lackey as well


Signalis ofc


Dungeon Keeper. With me being one of the Keepers, of course.


why? It’s liderally 1986 but in space and german.


Yandere Simulator: Wacky glitch hijinks every day and despite the theme you are never in real danger because the game will never get finished.


File: 1695163264416.png (412.71 KB, 607x601, ClipboardImage.png)






the sims 2 and i'm saying this because you can eventually acquire the literal fountain of youth and stay young and rich forever



space communism


Bro that world sucks, that was the whole point. I would say Paraphore (in the VR world obviously)


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead


>le epic reddit game
shitty slideshow


Hmmmm… Interesting question… It's really hard to tell since I want an advanced-enough level of magic/tech without living in They Live, 1984, The Matrix, The Terminator or Starship Troopers. Maybe Phantasy Star or Ratchet & Clank? Shantae's Sequin Land is fine too but its level of magitech is roughly comparable to a mix of ancient Persian and modern-day technology (it has the Internet and anime apparently). Classic Mega Man I'm not so sure, with all those rogue robots running around. But I'll leave it as an option. Definitely not Mega Man X, it's just MGS all over again.

Imagine dying from getting drowned by Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure.


>Ratchet & Clank

good choice


Ironically I didn't even play it, it's just the only safe sci-fi setting I could remember. Which isn't saying much. Jak & Daxter seems to be closer to Mad Max which is cool if you're a badass and sucks if you're a civillian.

Wait, there's EVE Online! That's it!
>Sci-fi? Check.
>Wormholes? Check.
>Multiple factions and guilds? Check.
>Safe-ish regions? Check.

The only drawback is that it's very overwhelming, you have to have a cheatsheet of all the stuff.

I'll join the pirates and die in battle for Mother Anarchy.


I dunno man, EVE seems to me to be populated entirely by the worst people in the world.


You join a guild, the guild protects you. Your guild is your bros.

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