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Sorry if this exist already but I didnt see it anywhere and Id like to discuss


At last someone made a good vidya thread. You deserve to be kissed on the mouth for creating this!

I’m currently playing Persona 5 have taken a break after 60 hours. I don’t understand the japanese rpg mc thing where they have a character who has no personality while at the same time they won’t let us customize our character. Self insert without the self part. Also the plot is painfully slow and I hate the dialogue, I have given up on reading the random chit chat characters have in dungeons after I open every single door or puzzle. I also found the mc dying and taking the whole team with him to be annoying, I found smt 4 apocalypse more satisfying while at the same time more hard in a fair way, also wtf is up with everyone in this game being immune to abilities and items that don’t do direct damage, do they actually think I will waste my time putting fodder to sleep? I also got mixed feelings about the maid prostetute part, Rtuuis eagerness to employ the prostetute made me think less of him due to my ideology, but other wise he and the art guy are the only good team members in the game, female characters are painfully boring, I also wish there was better team chemistry because personally I don’t really like phantom thieves, lack of conflict makes them seem superficial. Ui is pretty cool. I hope persona 6 has a better cast and avoids too much dialogue.


>You deserve to be kissed on the mouth for creating this!
As long as you're not down with that useless idiot POS Morgana Im fine with that

>they won’t let us customize our character.

Japanese game. You. Will. Assimilate.

>I also found the mc dying and taking the whole team with him to be annoying

Dont die. Make sure you play royal and download the DLC and start on normal. Its a super simple game given that. There's a very right and wrong way to play Persona. I can tell you more if you want but guides do help.

>I also got mixed feelings about the maid prostetute part, Rtuuis eagerness to employ the prostetute made

Kawakamis benefits are superb and Ruyji is just a teen best boy. He dindu nuffin. And critical support for sex workers. They may not all have perfect chemistry. But it's really only Takamaki and asshole cat that are insufferable.


I still can't decide if I like SMT5 more than SMT4. I would need to replay 4 at some point. 3 is superior to both, of course.


IV was much better than V. The best thing V had going for it was the soundtrack and the fact that it was a 3D MegaTen game.


what do people here think about the turn based strategy series fire emblem? I really like it, especially the 3ds titles with pair up mechanics, I wish devs didn’t degrade the series into generic fantasy gacha nonsense with the newest game, I was hoping we would see actual progres after the 3houses game, but unfortunately it seems lile the pedos in the audience really liked the mewest game :( . I also really hate how gamers thino defending a shitty products makes them cool or intelegent simply because it’s the unpopular stance int he communty


I haven't played most of them but the ones I've played I loved. The newest one I've played is Awakening so I don't have context on anything past that.


I wish another FE game would have Echoes' artstyle and mechanics, minus the dogshit map design.


I liked the Gamecube/Wii one. Best main character.


The dungeons were very primitive in 4. In 5 you have like 3 of them, but they are slightly more complex at least.


echoes was great! really liked that we could use the entire army, just wish they didn’t make maps so empty and enemies so annoying, also the 3d dungeons were boring. Fire emblem with tactics ogre or final fantasy map design would be pretty cool, since it’s maps tend to be pretty weak design wise. I wish they would go back to pixel art, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like a possibility.


currently playing trough echoes shadows of valentia. Holy shit I hate the duma tower dungeon, I hate the 3d dungeons so much, surely there are better ways to design 3d dungeoms. Also dread fighters are so op it’s absurd.


i wish gamefreak didn’t waste time and resources trying re invent mega evolutions, everyone loves mega’s, there is no reason not to continue the gimmick and add more mega evolutions. why y the fuck are they wasting resources on “new” mechsnics that bo one really likes,

also why the fuck won’t they give pokemon more personality? Friensship with the mons is the main appeal, but there is barely any interactability or depth to pokemon from the personality point of view, they could easely add mechanics that would give pokemon more individuality and personality. Vghhhh.


Gamefreak loves to just abandon current ideas in favor of chasing a new one. It's part of the reason I stopped caring about the series.


Ah, the Sega MO


so fucking sad that people keep buying their stuff. I can’t help but imagine what we could have with modern tech. Pokemon has monopolised an entire genre and are doing literally nothing with it. :(


File: 1699473960444.jpg (79.52 KB, 474x611, th-4272828346.jpg)

Cool thread.
Deciding on playing either "Fear and Hunger", or "Persona 3 Fes" – the former is so cool; but I have a strong itch for a persona game, which can't be satisfied with 4 golden since it's not really replayable.

I'd wish they add more spice/challenge.
While I have completed a few, (like img rel), I can't help but feel burnt out from playing the games, especially since they mostly peak in difficulty by gym 2.
(Except gen 3, but I was deeply sick of playing the game so I just save scummed to get it over with).


ngl, the games could use more 2v2. I personally think it would allow greater amount of strategy.


Oh Hell yea, I'm looking forward to playing through SMT 1's PSX port.


did anyone play lamplighters league? seems neat, but also is kind of lacking in a lot in my opinion, the characters, writing the setting etc don’t really feel special or interesting, for example fire emblem series has a lot of ”unique” characters which gives the oppertunity for people to do cool art and stuff, but this game doesn’t have that and so it is already forgotten and dead.


I don't really like the 'indiana jones' aesthetic/theme and there's no strategic gameplay, also the game is apparently reliant a lot on stealth… in short it just sounded bad and miss me with that shit


File: 1700525352923.jpg (16.71 KB, 474x266, th-2614046476.jpg)

Been playing persona 3 fes, and I'm surprised that I'm enjoying tartarus more than I thought.

It's clear they want you to go through 5ish floors and teleport back to spawn, or go through 7-10 with most being very easy to blast through.
To make sure you stop, over time you get tired, making you weaker and less accurate, plus unique teammates go back if they're tired.

Considering the tired mechanic, if you push through anyway since you want to make the most out of the trip, it gives a high risk high reward feel to the game.
Genuinely was on the edge of my seat during a trip since I was afraid I'd run into those statues that are only weak to hama. Then it got crazy when the reaper started spawning in.

The social links are also great, they feel very human, and also amusingly weird.
Like with the old couple: they drop the fact that their child died in a car crash, and then you level up your friendship with them.

Its game design has cute parts, (like being able to stay up to midnight), and annoying parts, (I don't mind tatics, but what dumbass didn't add a tatic for "just down enemies", fucking junpei will use stab an enemy literally weak to fire, and if he does he doesn't use fire on the other enemy weak to fire).

Overall, fun game so far, currently on 5/31.
I'd comment about fear and hunger, but I only have a few runs in it.


yep, a lot of stealth during which you can one shot a not so small amount of enemies. idk why anyone would say that there is not strategic gameplay, there is, but it feels like a turn based beat em up, where enemies are just too weak to matter too much.


>idk why anyone would say that there is not strategic gameplay

I mean a geosphere. That was always my favourite part of XCOM (which is why so many of the ripoffs miss the mark for me)


U can't look at SMT3 demifiend and not think "He shouldn't be wearing pants". I'm 100% certain he was initially sketched and designed with his nuts out but atlus forced Kaneko to give him jeans.


playing baldur's gate 3


I liked it more than either of the Divinity: OS games.


Why? I just started Divinity 2 without playing BG and am liking it


What do you think of it. Im like half way through. Im very impressed so far


>Open Law/Neutral/Chaos
>It's just ML/Leftcom/Anarchist


just like real life, MLs are lawful stupid


Elitist autocrats who call themselves socialists because they unironically think socialism is when government does stuff.


meow :3


>>It's just ML/Leftcom/Anarchist
I mean… you're not wrong.

Anarchism is basically the entire chaotic axis of D&D.


More like Gayos (positive)


Which of SMT games is the closest to eraMegaten? I've only played personas on emulators, but judging by youtube playthroughs of SMT games it feels like what a Palworld is to a Pokemon

What a fun game, anyway. Get Ringo to assume a "persona" of a demon with full magical reflect/resist and give her tetrakarn, get Figue to assume a "persona" of a demon with full physical reflect/resist and give her makarakarn, somebody to break enemy's resist to fire or something, somebody to buff, somebody to debuff, and then go and smash the enemy with some fire physical ability or with a fire-infused weapon. It's just a pure (un)adulterated dark power fantasy


Probably Soul Hackers.


File: 1707875936523.png (470.46 KB, 575x619, ClipboardImage.png)

This man is the only true representation of Stirnerism in media


>the only true representation of Stirnerism in media
This is a very bold claim.


Last couple of hours of this game now. This games shit in the 3rd act. Might just be me but bugs are super apparent now and why the fuck am I doing the shit ton of quest there is now if Im already max fucking level? This games straight kaka when you hit act 3

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