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File: 1696386638034.png (372.52 KB, 737x738, 111684461_p0.png)


Thoughts on Arknights?
Kinda surprised there's not already a thread about this, there's so much politics crammed into this game's story I'd imagine people here would have interesting takes on.


>there's so much politics crammed into this game's story
any good bits?


Well I'm not that far into it yet (the puzzles for each side story I've dipped into so far are are kicking my ass rn and I don't wanna look at walk-throughs), but I am well into Break The Ice, I think it makes a good sample if a bit self-contained.
There's a few different things on github for reading the story, this one's pretty good, though I prefer the game's VN delivery, and the puzzles are the fight scenes.


I've been playing it on and off for like 2 years now. Sadly, I skipped all of the story and have no clue about anything that's going on. It's a fun game though, and pretty generous for f2p.


Do I have to install an "app" on my smartphone to play it?


Technically yeah, but the devs are chill with and even encourage emulation. I haven't really figured out android emulation on linux tho so I just have it on my phone, but supposedly it should be easy.


Is this the game with the enormous booba or is that some other gacha?


I mean there's some sizable ones but they don't get rediculous with it. Think keeping designs easy to tranlate to tall-chibi while keeping outfit details for puzzles and base (like a dollhouse you can place furnature in and watch them chill) keeps that in check somewhat.


are you scared of tits


Big tits killed my mother and my father.




File: 1696626258909.png (83.82 KB, 1024x1024, char_328_cammou_1_0.png)

Would Click ever soy thumbnail?


File: 1696640211713.jpg (231.78 KB, 719x571, 1583062195079.jpg)

Nah fuck Arknights.
Prototype is the superior infection drama.


Somehow this reminded me of No Evil, like my brain tried to come up with a middlepoint.
Also wow the No Evil series is still going.


One thing I've been pondering: would alienation be any worse or better (less bad) on a nomadic city versus a normal, rooted in the ground city?
I imagine it'd be like an island, but it's remoteness would vary over time with both catastrophies and just proximity to other nomadic cities.
Like realistically it would be planned economies at least making them to start with, and from what I read so far that seems to be the case, but they do get abandoned sometimes when a catastrophe actually hits them, and there is very clearly capitalism happening on some most of the ones I know of so far, especially Dossoles and Wolumonde. Possibly Lungmen.


Lungmen is basically furry Hong Kong complete with pretty heavy social stratification and the whole Terran economy runs on their currency. But Colombia probably is the most capitalist of the nomadic cities with many corporate entities situated in it, including Rhine Lab who are basically Umbrella on steroids and can get away with practically anything.


File: 1699952726957-2.jpg (197.23 KB, 1279x1278, E20Rw9fVcAMIg-y.jpg)

File: 1699952726957-3.jpg (422.54 KB, 2048x2048, sw6hu98xya881.jpg)

Shameless kemono operator art dump, because they are cool.


File: 1700169109225.jpg (26.04 KB, 474x684, 20231108_185633.jpg)



Is it a bad sign that I struggle to find a gameplay footage of this game?



It seems to be some boring TD


Thrilling footage.


My main focus is on the story, but they make some pretty fun tower defense puzzles, especially in the side stories. Kinda requires you understand what everything is tho.
Also yeah things can get kinda trivial if you use meta ops. People usually think of neat challenges for themselves tho like vidrel. Plus you recieve ops at random quite slowly so statistically it's gonna take you a long time to get a whole team of meta ops like that.


>Also yeah things can get kinda trivial if you use meta ops
I feel like I'm cheating sometimes when I screw up on a stage, drop kirin/texas alter, and it's solved.


File: 1700908852902.jpg (98.18 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_3931.jpg)


So much handsome kemono dudes in the game and only one playable and one unplayable kemono girl. Smh fam.


Why is Arknights just a random mish mash of different styles and aesthetics conjoined into one?


Because its literally drawn by different commissioned artists. If you look into a character's profile you can see who drew them.


File: 1701553400372-0.png (187.16 KB, 1024x1024, Aya.png)

It's pretty fun to see how divergent it can be, most extreme I've seen so far is the Alive Until Sunset band members, watercolor looking fellas bumbling around on land, it's out of place in a way that that makes perfect sense thematically for them.


This summer event is cute and chill.


Nice tiger girl.


File: 1706077581049-1.jpeg (275.78 KB, 1536x2048, r3t58vhx6j151.jpeg)

File: 1706077581049-2.png (1.6 MB, 2350x3500, 0vtaje43och71.png)

Literally waifu (Waai Fu).


File: 1706077796051.png (53.94 KB, 300x328, 1654243203509.png)

A lot of games are like that, especially VNs.


>pic 3
Mmm, yes, very nice booba.


It's funny how human she looks. What kind of human-animal hybrid species is she? How would she look like IRL? Like a girl with a lot of hair? Can her hugs replace the heat system in a cold winter night?


>one playable and one unplayable kemono girl
Wait, THE TIGER GIRL IS PLAYABLE?!? I must download this game nao.


File: 1706993064633.png (418.93 KB, 500x500, Untitled.png)


File: 1707684567843-1.jpeg (142.41 KB, 402x600, medium.jpeg)

Straight up furry/kemono Terrans are considered the same species as the kemonomimi ones, at least judging by the character dossier descriptions. There is no lore explanation, but I guess they are kind of a breed within their species much like the various breeds of Khajiit cat people in The Elder Scrolls.
>How would she look?
I think she would be much like an anthro tiger girl, but with softer facial features, almost house cat-like. And yeah, fluffy and pretty warm too.


>face of a house cat
She went from hot to uncanny real quick…


File: 1707917733171-0.png (Spoiler Image, 582.86 KB, 1027x781, 80988ee2657667d89bba01461c….png)

File: 1707917733171-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.28 KB, 1391x920, d62ca7cdd1a7249ad42e1972d5….jpg)

Eh, I hated the Cats movie.


>Eh, I hated the Cats movie.
The Cats movie is its own special thing. The characters don't look like catpeople, more like some creepy alien creatures. I'm not sure what they're supposed to resemble because they look like a mess.


basically they had to keep the celebrities faces so you would know who they blew 100 million of the budget on but just put them on cat bodies


These are not cat bodies. These are bold people with cat ears, tails and fur. Same feeling as from Filthy Frank's pink guy.


Yeah I mean obviously they aren't anthro, you get what I mean though, the reason everyone hated the designs was because they prioritised celebrity face recognition

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