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Full fucking price for a console exclusive update? God damn Sony, oh man tlou has had more remasters at this point than actual games… if they’re gonna pull this shit I hope they at least bring back the deleted rattler content from the game so I can semi tolerate this annoying shit.


It's an update


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FTX leak said next year will be the time to buy Oblivion again.


Why dont they just remake Morrowind?


Pete Hines said something to the effect of "its too much effort for us".


Ok, I found the interview where he stated it, but what caught my attention was this quote:
> "Do you remember what it was like talking to someone and scrolling through this long list of questions. You put that out for someone that just finished Skyrim and they’re going to be like ‘What in the hell…?"
Like the idea that anyone would think Morrowinds dialogue system is worse than Skyrims. Skyrim dialogues were a pure meme, not even fans of that game defended them. Bethesda really is just dead.


Yeah, they really think their audience is too spaztic to read through a basic bitch dialogue tree. I'd rather hold out for OpenMW modding community to grow bigger than for Bethesda's execs to become less retarded.


You thought you could escape discussing Morrowind on /bethesda/ OP but we're here to correct that.

Morrowind's keyword system isn't good either. NPCs are databases where 99% of them say the same thing, although in rare cases picking up a keyword from the wrong people can break quests because they get reused in different contexts, and there are barely any proper dialogue trees. It rewards quickly clicking through every topic without reading to see if they provide new keywords or happen to give quests. Dialogue has never been the series' strong suit.


I by no means am trying to argue Morrowind dialogue system was good, but Skyrim is a go-to example of bad dialogues in video games. He could have just said combat or something, which I am not fan of in either of those games, but at least I understand someone used to playing Skyrim having objections to it in Morrowind.

But to return discussion to TLOU, I have been thinking about giving it a try since PC version came out, but I have a question, does player have any ability to affect the story, make some choices or whatever, or are you just following linearly cinematic to cinematic?


I like keywords more than most dialogue trees, because they are closer to how many actual conversations go. The type of conversation keywords mirror best is talking with someone about a few topics to get their opinions and a general impression of them.


I agree, and there actually was some true dialog here and there sprinkled in (mostly when you had to answer to someone or make a choice)
When playing a RPG dialogue is often there just to gather info, and as in real life, most people dont have anything unique to say on a subject and will say the same things as their guildmates/citymen, so it is actually quite clever way to minimize associated work for the dev doing a big open world to just have a few variations of responses for common topics for different factions/locality.
And the simple fact someone didnt say the same shit as everyone else suddenly made their opinion interesting and informed you a lot about that character.

they prolly cant compete with openmw and likely dont even have the skills to even make it anymore. Custom magic spells and enchantments ? Levitation ? That would break their shitty dungeon designs !

Man the mood of morrowind was really something else. I need to replay it.


Isn't that what Last of Us cunts want? More of the same drivel? I don't get the surprise.

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