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Let's say i have a couple pet projects, one of which involves paying people involved in said projects:

what would be a good way for us to raise funds for this which in itself also becomes an investment so we can cooncentrate in working full time in said project?

Also if any of you are interested just drop some of what ya'll know or want to learn and i'll invite ya'll to a chatroom thing; part of the project involves educating aspiring workforce that can help in the project(s) as opposed to the current game development industry which is made up entirely by college clubs.


>what would be a good way for us to raise funds for this which in itself also becomes an investment so we can cooncentrate in working full time in said project?

Basically you're asking for 'passive income' then? Well the best way is to already have money which you can invest and live off the interest, I'm assuming that's not an option for you though, in that case idk, the only thing I can really think of is making store assets that other people will buy but don't really know how popular or profitable that is. You could try to release mini-games that you work on during production to raise money but this would require additional work. You could try to form a community which will donate to the project but easier said than done on that front.



I was thinking we could maybe start doing commission work for mods since people do that nowadays ie. L4D2 has a very high demand for mods porting content and such
PAYDAY 3 modding shouldn't take long but PAYDAY 2 has enough of a community of gun nerds willing to pay for people to port obscure weapons
Killing Floor itself had/has a community of russian modders who'd sell mods specifically for servers
GTA IV, GTA SA and GTA V are always on demand for mods

we could make a lot of these mods available through a repository that can be accessed through Patreon as well
essentially syndicalizing modding i guess, sounds good on paper but i'm not entirely sure people would be on board with it and we'd probably need a bigger team as well.


Then what will you do?
This whole things seems like a lose lose situation. Most sucessful “indiedevs” were already well off, before starting, Toby Fox for example was a prominent member of a gigantic community full of rich autists and he himself was friends with a rich autist, most indie devs are also very experienced. You will probably have start of small with a “real job” as the main source of cash and create a few succesfulish games that will atleast get a little attention from youtube people if you wan’t enough money to go full time and with a team.


Have some kind of "early access" build of the game(s) available and set up a patreon type of thing for people to support as they watch it develop? Kind of like how Dwarf Fortress worked before they did a steam release?

And you can supplement it with this sort of thing >>33132 like commissions?

>essentially syndicalizing modding i guess

Sounds kind of like a "gamedev guild" especially with the part where you talk about training people in the OP.


File: 1705613906985.png (856.87 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


if it was for me i'll tell you hwat, we'd move into sponsoring Yu-Gi-Oh teams and Cosplayers to unionize the pop culture industry, there's billions to make off Russian, Turkish and Israeli money laundering operations working through the e-sports and skins market.
not to mention game and TCG collectionists who'd spend their fortune on stapples, reprints, and proxies.

That said the whole plan is to essentally allow not so rich people who want to get into the industry to gain this experience


yeah pretty much like a guild

that's in my opinion the biggest problem with the "Indie game" model
every studio and/or developer depends on shovelware "TikTok" games like Buckshot Roulette; Not to say it's not a good game but the main point of the game seems to be the shock value behind the concept and while definitely seems to be a good share of work behind it the problem with how the Indie games market works is how it's going back and forth between a lucky one in a million games; there sometimes isn't enough data collected or a proper market analysis made to turn these games into actual franchises most of the time so they stay as fandom phenomenons, otherwise not to be able to sustain themselves…
which becomes ironic the moment you realize the money the lucky ones make goes into milking every last drop of their first succesful franchise rather than investing on new content;
even better new games.

The plan behind a "development guild", "nerds syndicate" or "culture vanguard" (i keep taking notes from friends and such for names)
would be to train and develop with time our tools and assets to work on any future games we might pitch around (i've been brewing ideas since i was 9 years old) (i promise i'm not drifting off trying to throw every idea i have into the bowl, i just make a couple drawings and box them for later so i can focus on the current project at hand)

So the biggest way to explain how this works is the way the "TES Renewal project" works
they have 2 separate groups working on tutorials and helping people who want to help in the development of the actual mod and then you have the developers of the team handing out updates every now and then.

They of course work with donations and for the most work for free, but then again they can't profit off a mod for a Bethesda game… at least not without raising some eyebrows.

So the idea behind our organization would be to make actual paid or at least monetized games to pay our developers and trainers; the sooner the better.

The only problem right now is how hard is to find a coder; specially if you're relying on wishes and promises made to students.
Which shouldn't be exactly a bad thing under normal circumstances but in the current economy and some of us being borderline homeless/squatting it kinda puts pressure on attaining tangible material conditions.

and well; i already used to do mod work for free until a while ago after i started taking commissions for mods.
it's certainly profitable as you're most of the time working with free tools and existing assets.
but of course we could charge extra for any assets and tools that have to be made from scratch.

>picrel a L4D2 mod i'm working on
<it's the COD Warzone Nicki Minaj model over Rochelle skeleton


I've got some experience modding gzdoom, but I lack the creativity to come up with a full project to work on.


>i started taking commissions for mods.
Where do you get these? I've never made mods for a price, I've helped some other projects a little and participated in a jam once and that's it.


Do you have anything established at the moment? I imagine there would be a need for some kind of centralised “place” for communication and a “unique” identity to be more them just randos making small games. Perhaps a fbi.gov server? Or a site of somekind?


>what would be a good way for us to raise funds for this which in itself also becomes an investment so we can cooncentrate in working full time in said project?



You're in luck we near have a new project concept sketched up in paper every day even though ourain focus rn is a DOOM style multiplayer shooter (I know there's enough single player shooters so we're doing a pvp one)


Mostly modding fbi.govs/nexus/games with a lot of gun nerds

They're often willing to drop good cash on obscure weapon mods and I can't blame them specially since sometimes they keep modding communities fed with sustenance and cool weapon commissions
During a time modding has become unsustainable and hard to come by
I used to do it for PAYDAY 2, Gmod and I was thinking of doing some on L4D2 since there's furries blowing money into NSFW skins


Ya we trying to setup a fbi.gov for projects and for education but we also looking into setting a forum of sorts where we can reach to more people and have all of our public announcements and links there

I'll keep everyone updated on it since we're still organizing the community and the workspace
But we're gonna try to have it ready around the week


>Let's say i have a couple pet projects
Does any of them have Max Stirner as the main character?


Max's Milk Shop could be a tight game tbh



a couple of them but he sells weapons as well


File: 1706737008509.gif (40.87 KB, 181x200, yay.gif)

oh hey a fellow doomer
did you see the recent 30 year Doom anniversary stream where John Carmack noted that Doom mapping remains popular because it's so easy, due to being essentially 2D?


I've Bern a little out oft touch with the doom modding scene in recent years but as I recall, multiplayer projects would ideally be done in the zandronum engine instead of the today more popular gzdoom engine which lacks in multiplayer features. It's fine but a major difference is that gzdoom can be used as an engine to create full projects without worrying about copyright issues and even sell your games with it where as zandronum uses some assets from doom and where really only limited to modding, just some FYI. With all honesty Idk what the hell you're up to exactly but I'd like to participate in some modding projects, and if you say you've got some concepts and you've got some artists helping you out. I'd love to help out some.
Also while I'm out of creativity, I'd personally love to work with a modern urban settings, where you're either playing as terrorist revolutionaries or gangsters (like in GTA 4 to be a little more specific), been digging that stuff recently, vidrel kinda.
Like said, I've been out of it for a while. I haven't seen the interview but yeah, mapping in doom is very simple and fun to pick up.


>copyright issues
Just use Freedoom as a base, duh. Or Anarch, whichever you prefer. I'm not sure if Anarch is fully complete unlike Freedoom tho.


File: 1706767537117.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


we're essentially sketching most of our maps in DOOM builder but we move quick into Blender because of DOOM struggle with height
ngl i think everyone prefers the build engine
i think each has it's charms
the thing with simpler maps like DOOM maps is how you rely a lot more on designing a good map with less
once you know the basics of map design tho you can come out with gems in other engines as well


you're in luck again-ish actually we using Gofot because we do have our share of quirks which cannot be done in DOOM but we're still using DOOM builder and other tools for sketching and documentation

we are kinda planning on releasing a urban warfare update sooner than later though
right now we're working on desert enviroments because of the simplicity for a playtest and to focus the base game mechanics so we can build up to more complex ones in an update planned to take place during Chile resistance against Pinochet to put it some way.

now i am also sketching a PvE update similar to Nazi Zombies but everyone agrees that's probably something more down the line and i tend to agree but if i get an idea i must still sketch it somewhere so we can put it on the roadmap.

for reference i've been sketching the urban warfare update something similar to AMC Squad direction, again mostly PvP centered tho.


Freedom is cool when you don't own doom and want to play doom mods but the point was that you can't make commercial games on zandronum because the engine uses doom assets internally
I've got plenty of experience with Godot too, I just find it difficult making levels in Godot unless you have already plenty of qodot configurations set up. I could also support you guys as a programmer in godot


>DOOM struggle with height
>ngl i think everyone prefers the build engine
I've got no experience with the build engine but looking at the game, I'm pretty sure gzdoom is capable of close to everything that we often see in build engine games, there's plenty of fun ways to play with heights too.
Here's some relevant maps I made some years ago:
While you're at it, I wouldn't mind if you took a look at my whole profile, it's not much but still kinda cool. I'm interested in your project, you said you'd invite people interested into some chat room, could you do that?


>the engine uses doom assets internally
really? surely there's a way to plop freedoom assets in there if so
speaking of freedoom, I proposed in the /vr/ doom thread that we could make freedoom's art direction coherent by flipping the narrative, having the player be a demon that fights the legions of Earth on a mission to destroy the Great Satan the United States
modern doom engines like gzdoom support room-over-room via portals, just like Build. portals can be both walls and flats (floors/ceilings), which allows for some neat tricks


If you don't use the Doom engine because it doesn't have the features Build has then why not just use Build?



I think all things aside Build engine is not as accesible legally wise? I know even Duke Nukem developers have had issues with Gearbox

I do know Zdooms can be sold which is cool although I still don't know how that works besides John Romero being very cool even though I swear he has trouble organizing his ideas

Which I also did until I started writing them down a while ago

Also most of our team (everyone except me) voted for Godot

I also took a liking to Godot lately but I had more experience with Unreal


File: 1706858528370.jpg (88.19 KB, 900x825, FrFDa63XsAQQjzn.jpg)


They look great

There's a lot of cool tricks but anything bridges and stuff like that I found very painful to setup and I kinda moved into learning to make DOOM styled geometry in blender instead

I have to remember to do the fbi.gov server tomorrow
I wanted to have a platform to allow people to join without making account because I know people don't like doing that but yeah we'll have that on the table and hurry up on the server instead
I just got coffee poisoning these last days so I've kinda been in bed for longer than I wish but I'll try to have it all set up tomorrow


zdoom just doesn't use anything from idtech nor any doom assets. It's it's own engine with it's own scripting language, all of the doom's code has been recreated in that scripting language and it only uses assets from doom's IWAD which you have to put in your folder yourself.
tldr: it's a standalone engine, without any assets from doom.

also wth is this fbi.gov server you're talking about? the feds are kinda scaring me off here, why not have some standard fbi.gov server? or Element or what ever



cus people here used to not like pisscord servers which is why it gets translated into fbigov which maeks things confusing

so there's the element servers, but setting up the accounts is kinda painful and people don't like doing them so they're also kinda slow

we got the server but we still have to set up the roles, friend is helping me with that because my chatroom knowledge got stuck in MSN

tomorrow i'll post the link fosho


>I think all things aside Build engine is not as accesible legally wise?
Well, EDuke32 exists so maybe it's libre software.
>Also most of our team (everyone except me) voted for Godot
The issue with Godot is that it's a 3D engine so if you are not good at making 3D models and environments then your game will look like an Android shovelware. Making 3D levels is also obviously more work. And if you want to make a pseudo-3D FPS then it's overkill, the DOOM engine is enough, it's fast, efficient and not bloated.


>I wanted to have a platform to allow people to join without making account because I know people don't like doing that
Literally IRC.


> the DOOM engine is enough, it's fast, efficient and not bloated.
This, it's also very easy to work with, if you have only one or two person with experience in zdoom they could do all the scripting and what not, the rest can work on art story and maybe mapping and we would easily have a full game.



i'm actually surprised at the lack of bloat in Godot

i wanna think i'm good at making 3D models and enviroments

for anything else we're all supposed to learn something new every day and share it with the team

don't you worry about the enviroments we got that solved, while we have been using doombuilder to sketch out our maps that's mostly because unless you're planning to add a lot of height variations, bridges and such it's good for drafting the base layout which we need for the documentation but in fact we already have in the road map an entire update which uses Godot specific features to add into the core gameplay of any future maps and such

so at first i thought Unreal could do it better but while that might be true i do think Unreal is a bit more bloated and overall i think it's heavier on performance

I'm getting ahead of myself saying this but if in the future we wanted to make ports for let's say Switch or even Android maybe yeah, we might want to focus on optimizing the way we implement stuff

Trust me while it's a simple concept it still has it's quirks and a reason why we chose the DOOM/Build graphics both for it's geometry and aesthetic; everyone's been liking the idea, and i think ya'll gonna like it too.

with the roadmap planned already makes a lot of the development cycle feel more digestible and with more people on board we could have a playtest soon.

i'll let everyone on the details as soon as i get the channels and roles set up.
sry if it sounds like we're a bit slow lately, we're basically a small team and like i said a lot of us are students (not me, i have a very low score to get into college)
but i've been studying a lot lately (mostly for texture making since we have to make our own assets)
so i had someone on the team help me out with the server, but they got sick today too so we were both kinda sick and it's definitely slowing us down a bit.

he got into setting up the channels roles and such tho so i'll be sharing the link in a couple hours.

gotta go to sleep now tho hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow so i can pick up the pace

but either way i'll share the link here and we'll get to organizing asap


If you already have the experience with Doom maps then maybe but what >>33445 said. Also, I think it's a good practice to try to make a full game on the Doom/Build engine first. We need more gems like Ion Fury and Sonic Robo Blast 2 tbh, it's such a cool niche.


>Godot is a 3D engine
plenty of 2d games are actually 3d, like Shovel Knight


>i wanna think i'm good at making 3D models and enviroments
I'd like to see some examples of yours on godot, I know it's possible but I kinda struggle with 3d environments in godot.

I'm still totally fine working with godot tho, I've used it plenty recently too. Just saying working in zdoom is very simple and with a few guys together we could easily and quickly finish a whole project but I'll gladly help out with godot development aswell.

never been a student myself

No clue why anyone would even say godot is a 3d engine, godot's 2d features are excellent.



Honestly importing 3D spaces to Godot comes off as easier than any other engine, even Unreal which requires you to set up every asset you load into the project manually or rely on Unreal Store formated asset packs
One of the things that also kinda made me confused at first but I do now see as very useful as you can do a lot of stuff on the go
Honestly I can see us using Godot for a bit more even if we move into other engines or maybe even our own engine in a distant future mostly because how intuitive it feels which I think could come in handy when teaching others how SDKs work

Also my friend is sickish again so I'm setting up the channels myself

I'll be back in an hour or so with the link when I got it ready


File: 1707017563192.png (342.72 KB, 638x1173, this is nice revolution.png)

We have a landing server

When you get there just:

>mention @Vanguard

>introduce yourself

and we'll verify you

then pls tell me if the welcome bot worked because i'm not sure if i set it up properly




yeah so just like i thought the pisscord server links are broken so try manually pasting it on your browser and removing the spaces

mods, can we get an exception for our link for a leftypol adjacent community?



mods have generally not been friendly towards fbi.gov groups, due to the spying thing



ik but we don't have our forums set up yet and our forums will proly take a bit longer til we get it set up


>plenty of 2d games are actually 3d, like Shovel Knight
Which isn't exactly a good thing for Shovel Knight since it's supposed to emulate the NES artstyle. They've still managed to pull it off surprisingly. They could've made an NES cartridge but I guess it's too much extra work and they can't code in assembly (you can make an NES game in C though).


The filter is automatic but I can try edit your post to see if it works


Get yourself an IRC server.


>>33468 (me)
I'm generally not a fan of having a fbi.gov server for every project. What are we gonna talk about that we don't talk about here? Looks like more procrastination for my brain.


you mean a channel? I hate how fbi.gov has effectively colonized the word "server"



We're gonna give ppl a tour make sure to present the team and then we'll show y'all the whole project and what we have so far




you pick a network (for example libera.chat) and join a channel of your choosing. you can register it later if you want


It's funny how people refuse to move to Matrix because of mandatory registration while the IRC and imageboards are still alive and well. Maybe the registration requirement is the tool of monopolization and should be rejected in favor of better moderation practices.


I've yet to succeed in registering an account on any Matrix server. I have no idea why it's so difficult. I'm tempted to set up my own server, but running prosody for XMPP for me and my friends is already a bit of work


Speaking of Doom, the icup thread mentions Doom as a possible venue for inter-board rivalry: https://8chan.moe/icup/res/5.html
surely rendering one of the Alunya 3D models to sprites shouldn't be too hard?


Can /dead/ participate with Max Stirner?


idk ask the organizers?

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