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Blizzard had a survival game in the works for more than 6 years and just gutted the entire team. Anything that isn't an established IP is out, but even successful teams have been hit pretty badly by the layoffs. Hope everyone likes endless sequels and remasters!


Lay offs have been going around for a few studios these past few months. Work in the industry always seemed precarious, but now it's getting even worse.


Don't worry, AI will finish the game.


the it world is just a fucking bloodbath right now


unfortunately not. because increasingly they are not in the video games industry but rather the traditional games industry (gambling). their business models more and more resemble slot machines and pachinko and shit like that.


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riot also just laid off 11% of their employees. gotta keep up appearance for the profit quotas.


Found the dengist pseud.


Judging by your post I'd say you've played more than enough.


Stop derailing you retarded uyghur faggot.


damn wtf it takes 5500 people to make that shit?


wasn't genshin made by like, 4 guys?


This is a good thing


Part of me wishes this is part of Total AAA Death, but I am sure as long as capitalism still exists this bubble will be popping and blowing up anew over and over again.


My hope is that with the graphics race ending, game development will consolidate around a few engines that will eventually coalesce into open formats, so playing a games will become as simple and convenient as playing an audio file.
With the rate of profit at an all time low however, the AAA industry may make one last push towards aggressive always-online clients with unprecedented levels of in-game monetization and maybe LLM integration as a selling point. This might also come hand in hand with a massive crackdown on emulation and virtual console subscriptions, creating a video game market similar to the current US TV/Streaming hellscape.
Flood detected; Post discarded.


>that will eventually coalesce into open formats
Will never happen. Unity got even more abusive and exploitative over the years. If you don't make games with Godot, UPBGE, Trial or any other libre engine then you might as well not make any games at all. And when it comes to the graphics race, it seems Godot is still losing, it needs more help.


>>33364 (me)
Other great libre game engines are GZDoom, EDuke32 and Darkplaces.


>Unity got even more abusive and exploitative over the years
Fair point but people also reverse-engineered MsOffice formats, the Infinity Engine, Morrowind and parts of Shockwave Flash. A stagnation in game technology will make this possible for a wider and more recent selection of games, because lasting standardization of any kind is the mortal enemy of proprietary formats.


Where are Morrowind and Mario 64 and where is UE5? UE5 is way, WAY more complex. The time when it'll get decompiled may never come so it's better to invest one's time and energy into libre game engines.


To develop LoL, TFT, LoR, Valorant, Convergence, Song of Nunu, The Mageseeker, Hextech Mayhem, Ruined King, the two big ones still in development, the fighting game and the MMO, on top of the hit Netflix show Arcane, I would say 5500 people is way too little.


>The Swedish gaming company Embracer Group AB is canceling a video game in the beloved Deus Ex series after two years of development and will lay off a number of employees as part of an ongoing initiative to cut costs, according to people familiar with the moves.
>The canceled Deus Ex project, which had not yet been announced, was slated to enter production later this year, said the people, speaking anonymously because they are not authorized to talk to the press.
>The sci-fi Deus Ex series has been critically acclaimed and sold more than 14 million units worldwide. It was acquired by Embracer in 2022.

Will never forget people saying you were a "doomer" for pointing out the logical outcome to all those mergers happening.


ZA/UM laid off several employees (lead writer of Disco Elysium included) and cancelled one of their planned projects, which was apparently an expansion for Disco Elysium.


I miss flash.


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