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Surprised that there hasn't been a thread about the halo franchise in all the years of this site being up, so I thought I'd make one so that we can discuss it


What is the materialist explanation for Microsoft booting Bungie off the series and replacing them with a much less competent studio?


Bungie wanted to be an independent studio again so they had to give up making Halo games as Microsoft owned the IP


The ironic thing is that they're now owned by Sony lmao


Life's a bitch


Halo infinity is very flawed, but they have been improving, which I find impressive, because you would think that they would just get worse like overwatch 2 has. I also find it kind of weird that they seemingly had budget related problems even though Halo is supposed to be the exclusive series that gets people to buy xbox. Wtf is going on?


Xbox, while making mistakes and being owned by Micro$$oft who actively tries to harm GNU/Linux and the BSDs' adoption, is better at giving people what they want, unlike Activision Blizzard which is pretty much a walking corpse now. Even EA is better at giving people what they want than Blizzard. EVEN NIN-FUCKING-TENDO is better at giving people what they want than Blizzard. EVEN BETHESDA is better than Blizzard, Blizzard should die, its time is over.


As a "cost saving measure", 343 relied on contractors, which spent most of their time just learning the engine. While what few regular employees they had were working on prototypes for the next Halo. It was a fucking circus.


>People love Halo not because it is Halo.
<Got it, we need more Halo.


halo suffers from warhammer 40k syndrome in that the UNSC are fascists and bad guys, and only redeemable in comparison to the death aliens from space


innies did nothing wrong


So halo 3 is a downer ending because master chef is basically making the universe safe for fascism?


>Halo is like 40k


Never understood why Halo was ever popular but space marine shit is boring to me.


The original three games were cool and atmospheric, after that it all went downhill obviously


Heavy marketing for an fps that didn't play like ass on consoles with a fun campaign and online.


>space marine shit is boring to me
Why do you hate Doom?


Halo pioneered multiplayer and actually had a story with like characters and plot. It also changed up the formula to make a shooter work on a console. There was also a massive marketing campaign around it (especially Halo 3). It's hard to overstate how big the hype was and how significant the series was for shaping the industry.


>didn't play like ass on consoles


it hurts to see this amazing universe get beat down into the ground by retards who couldn't give less of a shit


Same happened to Mass Effect. And that was a pretty hard sci-fi, the attention to detail was really cool.

On that note, are there any other hard(er) sci-fi games? With realistic physics 'n' stuff (yes, I don't know how to have fun)? The Elite series is the obvious example, and I remember Bungie making a series of boomer shooters called Marathon that was more realistic than Doom.


Ehhh, Dead Space? I dunno.


Actually, just remembered Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. XCOM fits too I think.


>Never understood why Halo was ever popular
A lot of "right place, right time," elements.


The thing that always gets me about the Haloverse is that they literally have advanced AI tech and massive manufacturing capabilities and yet Humanity's government is still a liberal democracy. Like bruh the AI tech is so good they can perform twenty billion calculations in a second and you're telling me they still need capitalist managers in the economy? Streets and traffic are completely automated via AI and during a war of extinction the government can censor everything in real time to the point that most humans don't even realize they're losing even with billions dead but we still need Year 2550 Jeff Bezos to run stuff? Marxism has honestly ruined all sci FI for me shit never makes any sense and writers are too scared to follow through on the logic of their own universe.


I mean capitalism doesn't have to be the most productive or worthwhile system, it just has to be the system enforced, megaporkies probably run the government just like in real life, just look at the war on insurrectionists that was fought before the Covenant were discovered (the Spartan program wasn't even designed to fight the covenant but to fight human rebels).


>Why is there capitalist realism in a mainstream work of fiction?
Gee, I have no idea.


The AI has a tendency to go batshit insane. Nobody wants to give it political power.
>capitalist managers
Is that ever established? The world government is the United Nations, but is there any actual evidence of capitalist economics?


The urban levels seem to suggest it, I believe that the civilian version of the Warthog is made by a corporation and advertised


According to the wiki the Unified Earth Government is liberal-democratic or possibly social democrat world government with capitalist economics, but the UNSC has taken much political control and control of the economy during the war with the Covenant, so I guess you can compare it to the USA during WW2.


>The AI has a tendency to go batshit insane
Great analysis, anon. Totally scientific and not at all ideologically charged.

Of course if you try flooding its mind with 4chan it'll go insane. Try to teach it some critical thinking skills first so it knows how to discern truth from falsehood, an AI isn't able to touch grass, it's naive.


>>33554 (me)
I'm not telling you to make it read The Unique and Its Property but try feeding it some classical economics and Marx's works so it has at least some vague abstract understanding of the outside world. Ideally the AI needs to have a body like Jenny and walk around learning to deal with the everyday life so it better understands how this life is like.


He meant in the Halo universe dipshit



The AI (made by humans) in Halo aren't synthetic. They're cloned from actual people's brains and maintain a lot of their personality. Something about their nature gives them internal contradictions that ultimately cause them to unravel over time as they degrade. Other AI can go Rampant too, but idk if there's any explanation of how they work.

It's just how the worldbuilding of Halo is. Tell Bungie how this is ideologically charged lmao.


>It's just how the worldbuilding of Halo is. Tell Bungie how this is ideologically charged lmao.
I will when I'll get to their office.


>He meant in the Halo universe dipshit
Okay, fine, you don't have to be such an asshole about it.
My apologies for misunderstanding, it's just a fairly common belief that the AI is gonna get rogue which I find kinda questionable. But then again, you can't really know for sure if it won't go rogue.


File: 1707408456151.png (410.44 KB, 601x450, ClipboardImage.png)

IMO it's less likely for IRL AI it to go rogue and more likely that some flaw in the programming would lead to it reaching absurd conclusions that cause problems for us (which is how sci fi used to portray it originally). If you make an AI based on the human mind, like in Halo, then the rogue AI thing makes a lot more sense. Especially since they have such a short lifespan and human traits like fear of death. In the context of copying a human brain the paranoid/desperate spiral makes perfect sense.


>Okay, fine, you don't have to be such an asshole about it.

True but you were being an asshole to the original guy.


Yeah, maybe I was too snarky there. My fault. I have pathalogical snarkiness, can't help it.

Didn't want to be rude, I just have a habit of making cocky jokes that make people angry. Sorry 'bout that.


It's okay, me too, I love you <3


The last campaign felt like a glorified DLC. I enjoyed it and it wasn't terrible like 5, but 343 seems to always be putting itself in one corner after another, narrative-wise. I have very little hopes for the main storyline after all of this, and can only hope the universe becomes less MC-centric and more diverse like star wars or 40K.

Gameplay is the best since 3, though. So that's a W.


In my mind the series ended at 3, the war with the covenant ended and happily ever after, ferocious human-alien SEXO ensued


They refuse to just drop their shitty ideas and "lore focused" bullshit
Killing cortana, bringing her back to life just to make her evil and kill her again
The evil cortana shit stayed and gave us a shittier version of cortana as a result
ODSTs are just gone forever
Mendicant and offensive bias bullshit
Rampancy was just forced drama shit
The idea of a crazy rogue a.i was cool in marathon, but in halo it was just stupid


Reach was ok and had peak forge maps.


Not really, the UNSC never recovers and a lot of insurrectionists survived the war and made rival governments, as per Halo 5's item descriptions. But that was something known since Fall of Reach, a lot of rebels were already in deep hiding from the UNSC so they came out of the war pretty good, especially since their piracy of Covenant vessels has given them an edge on reverse-engineered Covenant tech.

If halo 5 wasn't shit it'd be about Chief defecting from the UNSC to those guys and actually being hunted down for it


>If halo 5 wasn't shit it'd be about Chief defecting from the UNSC to those guys and actually being hunted down for it

You have too much faith in 343 lmao

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