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Can I still be a communist if I play Helldivers 2?


>Can I still be a communist if I have fun?


File: 1708861884309.gif (8.47 KB, 220x263, sad_pepe.gif)





> frogposting
that one's not allowed tho


Fun game but god damn can some of the bugs (game bugs, not the enemies) really take you out of it.


Yippee, another flavour of the month thread! Good thing this one is dogshit too!


People are too obsessed with performative politics, I hate it.
>aM i nOt A cOMmUniSt iF i LiKE thIS tHInG!!?


You are only allowed to play games approved by /leftypol/'s people's commissars, silly.


I think it was just an excuse to talk about Helldivers II on leftypol lol

>another flavour of the month thread!

nothing wrong with this


reminder that armor value still does nothing whatsoever regardless of the number,half the weapons have wrong armor penetration,and all the escort mission requires absolute cheese to accomplish.


i hate it when uyghas talk about video games on the video game board


ngl, when i found out that there's a premium currency in a PAID GAME, my interest in the game dropped like a fucking brick lmao


BRO, you literally don't have to pay for the currency tho, you literally get lots of it for free just from playing the game, and the premium currency serves no serious purpose.


its fun to play with friends

obviously just a jokey way to start the threat, dial back your autism


Playing with randos ain't that bad either tbh.


No, it makes you a SocDem.

The game is solid but the grind's too much. No doubt it was Sony mandating that bullshit.


It's yucky, but unlike similar games, the passes never go away, you will always be able to go back and unlock things on them. And you can earn the premium currency in game and in the free battle pass. The free battle pass is literally designed to pay for the "paid" battle pass.


>Can I still be a communist if I play Helldivers 2?
Yes, sure thing. You absolutely can. Even there's some guy out there who made some fanfiction and fanart about it. Communism isn't woke either. It's not our fault that the reality is Marxist. Our blood are red and our hearts are on the left. It's always has been our destiny.


Communism is the definition of being WOKE. everyone else is sleeping.


File: 1710111453351.png (89 KB, 320x180, 57957959.png)

Thoughts on the automatons?


based freedom fighters trying to liberate Cyberstan from super e*rth tyranny.


Satirizing fascism will always be pointless, etc. etc.


>socialism with terran characteristics


>Can I still be a communist if I play Helldivers 2?
Maybe by starting to edit the wiki that socialism & communism are just beyond democracy, which is the Super Democracy?

>Communism is the definition of being WOKE. everyone else is sleeping.
My comrade-in-arms, by their logic, Capitalism is the definition of being WOKE. Everyone else is sleeping!

>Thoughts on the automatons?
You wouldn't believe this lmao


It's literally anti-fascist satire lmao. The fact that fashies play it unironically (like every other game that's deeper than a puddle) and go balls deep with the roleplay does not take away from the fact that it's actively making a mockery of them at every turn. The whole point of the game is to be the anti-CoD in the sense that it hammers home constantly the fact that you're not the main character, you're not a hero, you're an expendable cog in the military machine of a fascist state with a life expectancy measured in hours and a survival rate of around 20 percent on first deployment.


>official helldivers ideology is managed democracy

heh maybe this game is alright


I prefer the enemy being built up more visibly as socialist and better than the fascists being satirized. Fascists are, after all, beyond parody, and will readily and eagerly say shit twice as dystopian as whatever the satirist can come up with. But actively praise socialism, and their pooper starts to hurt.


>It's literally anti-fascist satire lmao.
Not this again.


File: 1710546213111.jpg (56.84 KB, 664x662, 06b.jpg)

The thing is that afaik the actual socialists (the cyborgs and every other group of people who tried to distance themselves from Super-Earth) are long gone, crushed under the bootheel of Super-Earth's military during the events of the first Helldivers game. I'm not sure if the automatons are actually fully converted borgs or merely war robots that the cyborgs made, but as far as the unreliable narrative that is the series canon is concerned, they are mainly driven by their burning hatred for Super-Earth rather than any sort of coherent ideology.


Apparently, players cannot name a single NPC that has actually been to Super Earth. Helldivers themselves are popsicles, and the training facility is on Mars.

I don't play the game to verify through mining for lore, though.


There was a helldivers 1?



it was basically magicka with guns


>It's literally anti-fascist satire lmao
>Not this again
Yes, it is.


>Thoughts on automatons?
>based freedom fighters trying to liberate Cyberstan from super earth tyranny.
Why yes, indeed. How could you tell?



This is true and it gives me great joy to do so, even greater joy in knowing they're so far down OUR rabbithole a this point they've basically already taken the Red pill. They're just too dumb to know it yet. We've more or less already gotten them to utterly reject this entire society and this entire system.


One might argue it's a case of interpassivity, where none of the people actually did anything to oppose the system, but feel like they did. Cloaking themselves in irony and distansing themselves, while their hand is still on the handle, cranking that machine, like good little Eichmanns.


File: 1712009775701.jpg (3.95 KB, 200x252, vehdehveh.jpg)

>but if you close your eyes


File: 1712091332257.png (247.21 KB, 780x300, 194769547439574.png)

Sure but conservatoids will love it as well because they don't see the satire. That's how it works.


File: 1712519304930.png (1.14 MB, 1119x1160, 1712518969304317.png)



I received it as a birthday present and so far it's pretty fun.



It's kind of fun for split screen co op.


cyberstan has been liberated??


You can still be a commie regardless of the games you play it matters more the actual contributions you put in the real world.


Cyberstan has been OCCUPIED by red robocommie scum.




That's a very unfree and antidemocratic attitude to take citizen.


EDF 5 is good. To be real with you, they don't add much between games so getting it on sale is a better deal than waiting for 6, especially if your friends havne't played it out.

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