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In this thread take two countries or two gorups of countries and guess who would win in a hypothetical war. I'll start, Brazil vs Argentina and Chile.


Latin America should unite and storm the US embassies slash CIA headquarters


Some fictional conflicts
V'ger vs The Borg

Star Destroyer vs Borg Cube

Death Star vs Borg (fairly obvious conclusion, given that it was created to fight the Zerg-like Vong).

Borg vs The Dominion


Narnia vs Gondor


Got anything like the Dominion vs the Orks?


The borg are an overpowered god force, nobody can defeat them, they only loose ships because they are toying with other species to assimilate them. If they can teleport drones on a ship they can teleport a big bomb and blow it up from the inside. They could beam over an aerosol canister that sprays nano-probes into the air to borgify every ship without fighting. They also can time travel.


The Borg were defeated by a fractal paradox and a computer virus.


>Proceed to get fucked by a bunch of extra-dimensional ayys with biotech
Orks every time. The firepower differences is too great. Average Star Trek ships have high megaton to low gigaton yields while 40k is on the level of hundreds of gigatons. Plus their society of passive psychics are immune to infiltration tactics of the dominion founders.


Our Sun has 3.83*10e26 watts of continuous output
1 gigton is 1.16*10e15 watt hours
if you turn the sun into an Archimedes weapon does it outgun everything in scifi ?


>everything in sci fi
Not really. The xeelee for instance have handguns that can mass scatter stars and ships that the main output can go toe to toe with dark matter life that throws galaxies around as weapons. And that’s just hard sci fi alone.
Once we get into old 50s books, comics and anime we get shit that tank universe busters. And let’s not forget Big rigs Over the road racing with the truck that can output a few million big bangs every second of firepower just by moving.


File: 1618278460475.jpg (39.36 KB, 443x252, void.jpg)

Is that fantasy or scientific fiction, fan fi or sci fi ?
How much energy does that xeelee handgun have, to check if it can fit inside a handgun (i don't know what mass scattering means)
Just as reference if you focus a stellar Archimedes weapon to a point in space for about an hour it will create a blackhole with a Schwarzschild Radius of about 0.23mm*10e-9. If the gun has too much energy its S.R. could be larger than the gun and collapse into a blackhole.

700 million light years from us is a possible space civilization that spans 1000s of galaxies
Would that be big enough to outgun everything in sci fi ?


>Random movements of stellar bodies that create a void is aliens
Well we’re talking sci-fi but that’s a pretty retarded speculation even for sci-fi standards.
>creating a tiny black holes as if it’s something impressive
Anyone and anything that can make that in sci-fi dude. That’s the point of science “fiction”.


The Yuuzahn Vong are no longer canon in Disneyverse.


Yeah,except the Borg wouldn't do that. They're drowning in their own ideology. Perfection or bust. And as >>15077 brought up, they tend to have significant Achilles' Heels that they aren't able to find due to their single mindedness. In all fairness though, that computer virus was from about 50 years in the future.
Narnia would win if they have Aslan, since he has the same level of power as the God of Abrahamic faiths.


<I can only enjoy fiction if it’s officially supported by corporations
Who cares. Headcanon is best canon. It’s not like the new Disney’s “lore” is anymore cohesive. If anything it’s an even bigger jumbled mess than the expanded universe.


>Yeah,except the Borg wouldn't do that. They're drowning in their own ideology. Perfection or bust.
<The Planetary Assimilation Probe is a type of Borg frigate. As its name implies, it is designed to land on a planetary surface and release nanoprobes into the atmosphere that assimilate all life forms on the planet.
6 of 12 scrap the planetary assimilation frigate it's too imperfect. Send millions of drones and make them chase after people on foot to stab them in the neck with tubes. Perfection achieved.


So now nanoprobes can be aerosolized and inhaled? What even bother with ship boarding?


brazil wins because obviously


Yeah they take it apart for scrap metal and sell it to Russia

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