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WHAT's the most important piece of furniture?
The thing you spend A THIRD of your LIFE on.
THE THING that will MURDER YOUR BACK if it's not GOOD.

We MUST establish a GENERAL THREAD in order to CONGLOMERATE INFORMATION pertaining to MATTRESSES in order to sift through the LIES and TRUTHS of BOURGEOIS MATTRESS COMPANIES.


Starting premise for discussion:
Is the Purple a load of SNAKE OIL?
Or is it the genuine FUTURE of MATTRESSES?
I personally enjoyed the feeling demoing it at a Macy's,
but I don't know if it's the sort of thing that gets worse with time.
Would appreciate the input of anons who maybe sleep on one every night for years.


bump for schizo with creative ideas


Here's some history of sleep for context. De-bourgeoify your bedroom. Reject the conspiracy to sell more space and furniture by atomizing the sleeping unit.


File: 1608526877353.jpg (88.6 KB, 512x687, iuh8h9p.jpg)

Really, can this be every thread?



File: 1608526877592.jpg (68.98 KB, 1000x675, LatexDunlop.jpg)

You know, I've been pretty turned off of LindyBeige since I became more of a leftist due to his Anglo Imperial Chauvinism,
but that video's pretty good actually.
I'd no idea people'd just prefer to sleep as a group in the past.
Straight up sleeping with another merchant at the inn to cut deals through pillow-talk.
I knew there was a reason why I feel like total shit lying in bed alone everynight, and start to hyperfocus on otherwise nonintrusive tinnitus which ends up driving me kind of coocoo.
Haven't started to hear voices yet at least.


IMO Lindybeige is one of those people who has his heart in the right place and a good head on his shoulders but is clearly surrounded by retarded/poisonous ideology and isn't critical enough of his own context. History buffs tend to fall into rightoid nonsense if they don't have a solid materialist base, because the main alternative is nationalist narratives.

I forget if he discussed it in that video, but being alone in general is probably a form of low-grade trauma. Most people throughout history spent most of their time with at least one other person within line of sight, shouting distance, or arm's reach.


>mfw someones unironically asks me if foam or coil systems are better.


File: 1608526880215.jpg (79.08 KB, 1500x1500, gerd wedge.jpg)

I know literally and I mean literally nothing about mattresses. so, where should I head first to get properly mattress-pilled?

Also thoughts on best mattress types and accesories for GERD sufferers? My cheap one is killing me right now.


… This is /b/ material


Lol wtf is this thread…..buuuut. I am getting neck pain and I don’t know why. What is the right level of firmness to keep the spine straight during night?


So which is better?


unironically interested in this


File: 1608526882631.jpg (270.26 KB, 1500x996, hammock.jpg)

imagine paying a bunch of money for boxes and springs and memory foam when you could be sleeping better on just a piece of cloth


What is answer to the pillow question? I use like 3 pillows of varying size and varying folds but I'm never really comfortable. I want my sleep like my socialism: Scientific.


Get a big old firm one that compresses and rises. You could also stack a shitty thin one that still compresses nicely on top of another shit one without compression, same effect.


My mattress is 20 years old and I have a 4" gel layer on top of it. So far it is saving my spine that my bed was previously eating.


I'm renting a furnished house and the master came with an extremely firm King - and its sooo nice both the size and comfort. Sleeping alone in a huge bed is peak comfiness.


Can I get some weighted blanket recommendations? Been curious about them lately.


So should one sleep facing upwards or not?


based and hammockpilled
in all seriousness, any old mattress will do if you have memory foam or gel of some kind on top. you will never go back.


I appreciate the artistry of the mattress.


Anybody have thoughts on natural latex mattresses & pillows? I've been using one for years now & I will never go back to polyurethane shit ever again


Also a 100% latex mattress will have zero springs in it

I put 2 pillows under my head and one behind my back, that's if your a side sleeper though


File: 1608526946987.jpg (115.69 KB, 1000x1000, cot.jpg)

Imagine sleeping on a cloth that you can get stuck in when you could just sleep on one of these babies and you won't even need trees to set one up


nice numbers
and based and cotpilled


If your bed is not firm as fuck, you are fucking up your back. Foam, memory foam, water beds, plush, all that shit is bourgeois and bad for you.


source tho?


Go sleep on the floor then.


Sleeping on the floor is what most of humanity did before beds were invented though and we evolved to sleep on hard surfaces (with a little cushion to make it feel bearable)


shut the fuck up kaczynski, i still see zero evidence it's better than modern alternatives


I literally posted the best solution right her and it doesnt involve giving up technology


Are you single?


Um yes why do u ask


Well it'd be kinda hard for two people to sleep in that kind of bed.


That's true


Dude's a leak in my room absolutely soaked my mattress. Mattress Masters what should I get to replace it?


In my experience, novelty mattresses are overpriced and worse than normal mattrsses. BUT store bought mattresses are expensive as fuck. Mail in mattresses are less expensive, surprisingly. I used to sleep in an Ikea mattress and I had 0 problems with it.
I'm currently sleeping in a 10 year old mattress and I have 0 problems with it.

Very soft mattresses hurt my back, as well as very hard ones. Anything in the middle is good for me. I know this is vague. If you are hesitant to drop yourself on your mattress because it might feel bad because it is too hard, then it is too hard. If you have trouble crawling on top of it because it is too soft, then it is too soft.


Are they really that much better than beds? I couldn't find any info on it.


i literally don't know how to buy a bed
someone tell me


what is gel?

there's so much technology in bedding
i only know of cotton and water beds


You go to the outlets that stock beds and try the various mattresses etc out lass or lad


File: 1688513939948.jpg (55.34 KB, 540x609, 1683734763771548.jpg)

>not sleeping on a air mattress like the proletariat


Just get a foldable cot from academy. If you have to get an air mattress get one of those thin self inflating ones you can basically take anywhere.


Mattresses are bourgeois decadence and profit margins on them are nothing short of criminal. Just get any old spring mattress, preferably from a garbage dump, then put some cheap memory foam on top. You don't even need a bed - just put it on the floor, maybe with a wooden mat underneath if you have the cash. I've been doing this for the past year and I will never buy a mattress or bed again. Bonus: you sleep closer to the floor so the ceiling looks higher and it feels like you're camping every night.


Age a little and you'll understand why not eating for a couple of weeks is worth a good mattress lass or lad


My uygha, I am fully self-sufficient and almost 30. The memory foam is what makes the difference, not the mattress. Stop buying into the mattress scam.


>The memory foam is what makes the difference, not the mattress
>>layer of memory foam on a firm mattress
>>layer of memory foam on an mattress that sags
will cause shoulder, back and hip misalignment.


It's cooler/has more airflow than memory foam. Good if you can't handle sweating a lot.

They're supposed to be used for camping, and is generally well received in that context.

The floors used to be made of earth, or at worst, clay. Nobody sleeps on a rock or wooden floor without at least some hides or something to keep the cold at bay.

Depends if you have problems with sleep apnea, snoring, or sleep paralysis.
Putting a pillow under your neck might help with the first two.

Wouldn't many layers of blankets work just as well?

Foam (but coils are fine underneath)

Maybe everyone got addicted to pillows, because it simulates other people to sleep with/on.


>It's cooler/has more airflow than memory foam. Good if you can't handle sweating a lot.
I think you replied to the wrong thing? How do we sleep cool and supported tho, if memory foam isn't an option due to heat insulation?


Thanks for correcting me, I mean that towards >>33835


I like very firm mattresses though.


>will cause shoulder, back and hip misalignment.
bourgeois concern troll marketing


I wish buying mattresses without trying them out first wasn't so hard.


Pretty sure that's what a mattress store is fore lol.

T. former mattress salesman


>>36641 me
I'll give you all the mattress lowdown as far as I know it.

My store we sold mostly our own store brand which was made locally, and then a couple other random sealy, simmons, certa whatever. Most of the stuff that wasn't our store brand was Tempurpedic. So everyday we put out balloons and signs that say sales 25% off whatever, but that's all bullshit of course. With Tempurpedic, the price is fixed, we have to sell it for whatever the price is, but we can throw in extra incentives like free pillows or free whatever. But with the other mattresses and our store brand we can go as low basically as 20% margin which is considered our employee discount. So basically 20% would almost not even be a sale really, but that's about as low as you can go if you're desperate for a sale. So I would say the trick is, as a customer, to be polite and try to press on the price as much as you can without being rude. I've seen sales guys walk away from sales because they got pissed off at the customers haggling them. So it's really that sweet spot of negotiation just like it is from the sales guys perspective.

Personally I think our local store brand was better maybe. We sold natural rubber latex mattresses of various firmness and like I said, you can get it marked down significantly if you play your cards right.


File: 1698038769821.jpg (21.76 KB, 560x341, LimerickMoney1919.jpg)

I just sleep on the floor on futon like a big weeb

Can someone sum up the Lindy video? How did ppl used to sleep? I'm in bed next to my partner and don't have earbuds and don't want to wake them.

Pls accept this Soviet shilling as payment.


retvrn shit but with mattresses, now ive seen everything


thoughts on ikea mattresses?


File: 1700774474935.png (22.53 KB, 575x544, SWEDEN, YES!.png)

I spent about $2500 on my bed when I moved in, because I'm a tallboi and beds that long are expensive. worth it
>shit table
definitely drawn by a swede

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