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How did these clearly left wing books become a symbol for ancaps?
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>they left mollie out of the movie

I was mad when i read the book and found this out.


>And how do you know that 1984 reflects the USSR…?
lol. just read the first chapter

>Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was still babbling away about pig-iron and the overfulfilment of the Ninth Three-Year Plan


File: 1608526913924.jpg (60.67 KB, 800x438, 2+2=5.jpg)

Guys we have arrived to Orwell's 2+2=5. It reminds me of when Terrence Howard thought it was weird that 1x1=1, so he ‘discovered’ a new system where 1x1=2. The irony is that modern numerals are Indo-Arabic in origin… so much for western imperialism.
It's like that parody "Jonah Ryan takes aim at Muslim Math"


>on twittard no less
Their opinion is retarded and only worthy to be laugh at.


Are you referring to The original image or the post because the screencap is sakaist, the post is not.


I really like Nineteen Eighty-Four. It introduced me to a lot of interesting concepts in high school: how language relates to "political correctness", differences between the "lower" and "middle" classes and how terror/war and hedonistic pleasures (both the lack and abundance of it) are used to control them, how the mind can distort reality and how emotions can distort the mind. I've always viewed the book as a critique of some sort of "pure authoritarianism" rather than any specific society but it's pretty obvious that Orwell's personal experiences and ideology regarding the 20th century left are a part of it. Part of me wonders that if Nineteen Eighty-Four wasn't written as a hyper-pessemistic dystopia, it would be a very prescient analysis of the modern world. Telescreens are a great example of this, we pretty much have them minus a lot of the dystopian pretext. Orwell wasn't the first to come up with this stuff of course but he was clearly an intelligent person, if not a contradictory and often illogical one.


what was his personal experience and ideology


Fighting in Catalonia helped him see (what he thought was) both the best and the worse of the 20th century left, without those experiences I'm not certain that he would have been so critical of the state socialism of his time. The tense relationship between the anarchists and the communists appeared to affect him greatly, and from his perspective it was the communists who fueled it (however he emphasizes a distinction between those on the ground who he respected, and the higher ups in the party). I don't think he really had a concrete ideology as such besides some vague "democratic socialism", he wasn't much of a theory guy as far as I know. He was at the very least anti-Fascist and anti-Stalinist - Animal Farm exemplifies the latter. It's my personal opinion that Nineteen Eighty-Four tries to combine the two into some weird proto-Nazbol nightmare.


>Official snitches on people who don't follow government propaganda
>Groups of 6 or more are disallowed from gathering
Hello 1984, I wish you'd never come


Damn, I didn't know Orwell was a snitch. Why'd he do this?


Literally read the list
>Robeson and Padmore bad because he nigger
>anyone in a party is bad because muh communist infiltration
>Deutscher bad because he’s a kike
>Dover bad because muh asiatic hordes
Orwell pretty much is everything bad with British aristocrats trying leftist lifestylism. Which is ironic considering how much autistic screeching he did against proto-hipsters at the time for doing basically the same thing as him.


Irrational fears, genuine contempt for commies, and being close dying from tuberculosis.


Somewhere I've heard the phrase 'Weak people write the stories that Strong people live'
You see this with Kipling's life story. His literary works are phenomenal and thoughtful but his own life was fairly miserable and hypocritical. He was so dismayed by his own weakeness that despite not having to, he enlisted his son to fight in the Great War, where he was killed. His wife went a little insane and never forgave him for it.


File: 1608526914931.jpg (102.05 KB, 1000x691, 1984-1000x691.jpg)

On the topic of dystopias see >>1782 for more


He was trying to get laid with the spook honeypot pretending to be his friend. Seriously, look it up, he literally sold out people because he wanted to have some sex before he died.


>some rando on twitter fires a spicy take and gets ratioed
>"it's literally just loike 1984 look at this tweet bros it is 1984"


Ok liberal, stay mad and keep strawmanning

Wait seriously? LOL


the numbers 2 and 4 and 5 are derived from Arabic numerals, which is NOT Western. The idea that 2+2 might not equal 4 because "muh culture" is absolute brainworms and resembles Orwellian propaganda. It's also something consistent with parodies and insane people. If you're getting mad over this being pointed out… you're probably one of them.


File: 1608526915380.png (170.76 KB, 431x311, really makes us think.png)

>anti-white (especially anti-U.S.A.)


Is there any evidence for this claim?


File: 1608526915615-1.jpg (150.72 KB, 856x834, shooting statues.jpg)

>hmm today I will support state atheism without explaining it to the people, that'll help the war!
Alienating a majority of the population and driving them to Franco, "surprisingly" tipped the balance in his favour.
>BUT MUH fascist aid
Of course that played a role, but without catholics being driven to Franco by anti-clericalism and anti-catholicism many of the fascist weapons would sit idle and Franco would be beheaded.


>leftcom theorylet


Being a leftcom =/= understanding theory or knowing its actual meaning. There are leftcoms who do know what they're talking about. There is a thread made by one on this board with whom I agree with and who is based AF, but most of them who state that "muh Orwell was just self-critiquing communists" are fucking theorylets who don't know what they're talking about.


A lot of Orwells and other anti-soviet "leftists" writing always reminded me of an old joke about repressions from the USSR. Rough translation

>Grandson: Grandpa, tell me about those times under Stalin

&ltGrandpa: i was a young lad at the time and I had set my eyes on a pretty girl. And so one day I got her to roll in the hay with me. But the farm guard, her father, found us. So I killed him, ибо не хуй. I ran for it.
>Grandson: and then what?
&ltGrandpa: well the damned communists repressed me.
>Grandson: and what happened then
&ltGrandpa: And then they shot me

In English it loses much of its humor, however the point is obvious. He was no innocent and he obviously wasn't executed, but he portrays himself as that.


>liking Orwell
This thread is fucking retarded.


leftcom.org loves Orwell and leftcom flags loved to post his shit all the time on 8ch leftypol


Unironically yikes.




This thread should have been deleted.


Why? does it offend you?


It's low quality. The answer is obvious. Ancaps will use anything that is vaguely "anti-communist" even if it was intended as only anti-Stalinism.


How is it low quality, what kind of bogus standards do you have?
I would say a good 1/4 of the thread is made up of decent posts and content , with other ccommnets being mostly on topic and up to usual chan standard

>Ancaps will use anything that is vaguely "anti-communist"

If that was true they'd use Quiet Flows the Don and Bulgakov's literature as anticommunist too.




File: 1608526921188.gif (868.06 KB, 273x200, Mtensity.gif)



Some people see 1984 as an anti-communist screed and to a certain extent, it is. It was one of the first salvos of what would become the "totalitarianism" meme, a Cold War attempt to try and draw comparisons between the fascists and communists who, before that point, where seen as two inherently opposed and contrasting forces, basically night and day. And some of the communist influences on the book are undeniable. "Big Brother" is described as a mustache man with piercing blue eyes and handsome features that's clearly a reference to Stalin (and perhaps Hitler), Emmanuel Goldstein is clearly Trotsky, people call each other "comrades" and so on. But these things are mostly surface level.

Some boomers still believe 1984 is set in Russia and is a more or less accurate depiction of the Soviet Union, but it's actually set in London, within a larger superstate called "Oceania". "Oceania" is basically the British Empire merged with the United States which then conquered Latin America. And, importantly, it was ultimately supposed to be less a screed against fascism or communism, and more a prediction of where Britain was heading, at least in Orwell's eyes.

And that's why it's worth looking at. 1984 is a very Anglo dystopia and ultimately an exploration of Anglo culture and politics.

Maybe the most telling aspect of Oceanic society in that regard is the "Anti-Sex League". If nothing else does, this should tell you that this is about Anglos, it's not the Germans, Italians, Russians or Chinese who are notoriously weird and prudish about sex.

But there's other things. Even though the name for the "Ministry of Truth" was likely inspired by Pravda ("Pravda" means "Truth" in Russian), everything else about it was inspired by Orwell's time working for the BBC. The Party pushes "newspeak", a heavily abbreviated, terse form of language more or less engineered to be thought-terminating. "Stalinist" propaganda was nothing like this, it was notoriously verbose, often belaboring the point well past redundancy. On the flip side, "newspeak" had already been more or less an Anglo tradition by the time Orwell had written the book. The United States loves its acronyms so much, it's become a thing to just refer to federal agencies as "Alphabet Soup", and British tabloids are often have headlines like "BOJO'S BREXIT BOOM".

But the thing central to liberal society more generally, but Anglo states in particular is "doublethink" and the idea of having an evolving narrative where the past shifts.

With "doublethink", you have people being presented with two contradictory pieces of information, and accepting both as true. This might be most exemplified in their official slogan.


Which might as well be the official slogan of Anglo-style liberalism. The war office of the United States is still called "the Department of Defense" and it's normalized that invading and attacking other countries has something to do with defending the country and, somehow, preserving peace. All "Freedom" means in Anglo-Protestant countries is bourgeois authority, it's literally just a slogan meant to refer to the concept of the "right" of the bourgeoisie to exercise their class authority as they see fit. The freedom-mongers are often opposed to anything and everything which would give greater liberty to anyone else for, you see, that would infringe on bourgeois class authority, which is slavery. Because freedom is slavery. And, of course, these are countries where ignorance is actively praised, where simply being taught forbidden information is tantamount to corruption and true and loyal citizens simply do not know what the criticisms of their society are and do not care to know. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

And, as anyone who follows the native English speaking world knows, it is very much about controlling the past to control the present and getting people to accept an evolving narrative. Bush is actually a good guy. The Iraq War? Basically never happened at this point. Trump is bad now, but watch as his same exact policies are now progressive under Biden. And then join in the Two Minutes Hate against the Great Enemy of the week, ~Venezuela~ I mean Iran, eh I mean, Russia, excuse me, Eastasia, we were always at war with Eastasia.

And that's how I think we should view 1984. Not about fascism or communism or "totalitarianism", but a deconstruction of Anglo liberal politics.


>she's fucking the fat red faced man for sugarcubes and pretty ribbons in her mane.
It would fit the analogy she represents.


excellent post comrade


You got the gist of it. 1984 was a reaction to Orwell's own experiences in the British colonial police, as a propagandist for the BBC during WW2, and under the late 1940s Labour government. What most people (and evidently many American high school English teachers) don't understand is that the book has to be read as immanent to WW2. 'Newspeak' draws from an essay Orwell wrote on trends in British journalism. The longing for a half-remembered before time is not abstract and reactionary, but a concrete depiction of how WW2 imposed brutal austerity conditions on the British people. It's also a reaction to Fordism and the kind of obsession with a rationalized, efficient world that was common back then. We see this with "the clocks were striking 13"—they're on military time! It's a depiction of militarized efficiency cannibalizing all of society. The stuff about "we've always been at war with Eastasia"? That happened in 1945 when the war propaganda effort switched abruptly from focusing on Germany to Japan. Orwell was there when that happened, in the BBC. The book ends with Orwell giving up on, essentially, Blanquism and reformism and endorsing a proletarian revolution. It's a critique of the ideology behind British Imperial decline, of wartime social democracy, and of the contemporary trends that idolize that period.


Fuck, i tried searching for this post so many times.

To whomever bumped this thread, i want to suck your clit/penis.


File: 1630911981139.jpg (25.9 KB, 511x404, fair enough.jpg)

Thanks… I guess.


File: 1632280879247.png (293.9 KB, 1790x774, ClipboardImage.png)

You got capped abd booru'd m8, good for you


File: 1633909353188.jpg (162.48 KB, 1080x1410, orwell_consistency.jpg)

>Read Orwell's Homage to Cataluña
>the explanation of the USSR influence goes like this:
<There were two major marxist parties in cataluña: 1) POUM, that did not align with the USSR, and claimed that the civil war and the revolution were inseparable. 2) PSUC, that aligned with the USSR, and claimed that only after the civil war was won, and bourgeois democracy was restored, that the revolution could go on.
<He is very skeptical of PSUC's position, and states that the USSR would not allow the revolution to go on because they needed stable allies, and revolutions bring about many things, but not stability.
The USSR had no way to solely support a socialist revolution. Instead, the USSR's strategy was to defeat fascism via a Popular Front that included communists, socialists, and liberals. From the POV of the Communists, the POUM was undermining the war effort by pushing for revolution instead of political unity. I'd also like to add that the militia system was retarded and the Communists were the only faction on the side of the Republic that resembled a real army.


Jewish? Negro
German? Anarchist
Hotel? Trivago


OP meant right-wing conservatives/"libertarians"?
because they haven't read it. they hear it's a famous novel and it's against "totalitarianism", maybe skim the wikipedia, and think that's good enough for them


Checked. SO essentially the petty bourgs selling out to richer bourgs or bootlicking proles getting a better life in return for selling out comrades?


Is the Gladiator the predecessor of "objectivist" power fantasies like that of Atlas Shrugged? The book itself seems to be a warning against it, but instead seems to be misinterpreted by idealogues.


you first


>1984 reflects both his vision of the USSR and Capitalist Britain
More capitalist (as in, post-war social democratic) Britain than USSR. Any references to the latter are mostly superficial. But you won't find such a nuanced reading in your average American classroom.


Seriously, 1984 is more informed by Orwell's own time in Burma's colonial police and witnessing firsthand BBC's propaganda department shift its sights to Japan towards the end of the war than it has anything to do with his 'vision' of the USSR.


The dystopia genre is legitimately mostly projection.

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