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A thread for the best scifi on TV atm, aka "21st Century but in Space" simulator.


Do I look like a douche if I say I don’t want anything to do do with art bankrolled by them ?


First two series were made by SyFy and Netflix. Bezos bought it because he likes the books, apparently.


As I wrote in the other thread:

So it looks like the Expanse is heading for a catastrophe like GoT. They only got renewed for another season which will be the last season, while still having more than three books to cover. Plus the actor who plays Alex got #metoo'ed for unsolicited dick pics and harassing female fans, so he won't be returning.

They gonna have to wrap it up and we probably never going to see the Laconian Empire uniting all of humanity only to be taken down by our heroes which is supposed to be the great finale of the book series. Fucking shame after they spent an entire season four on this single planet with no outcome other than Murtry being arrested. It's considered one of the weakest books of the series yet they spent an entire season on this while still having so many books in front of them. What were they thinking? This is just poor planning.


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>"Syfy" garbage
Hard pass.


Nah, The Expanse has already done several books within one series (the latter half of series 3 is just one book in of itself).
I believe the showrunners can do a good job of it tbh, and considering they have 2 series to finish it off: they might not get to do all the books but they can at-least end it properly unlike GoT.
Also I didn't realise that's why they ditched Alex tbh, makes sense now.


yeah that's pretty small brain. even monsters can patronize good art or entertainment
>nooooo I won't go to the coliseum to enjoy the splendid murdergames because they were paid for by the tyrant domitian
&ltimagine being that pleb


New series innit.


The optics of the show are amazing this season. This season all the main characters are apart and we gotta see their backstory (it's about time since it's the fifth season). It loses a bit of its economic implications, both Earth, Mars and the Belt are all capitalist. I thought that Mars' political economy worked differently as they gave it a Soviet/Chinese aesthetic but it's actually very capitalist as confirmed by this season. That's a bit disappointing.

I like it so far. The villains are pretty quickly established so far but there are still mysteries to solve.

Also, they're putting sexual tension into the scene everytime there is a scene with a man and a woman. Not sure what's that about but 100% this season a character will end up banging a character they're not supposed to.


Mars is meant to be China/Russia: power ascendant superpower that spends too much o mill tech compared to its own internal development.


Spoilers ahead:

So they decided to kill Alex off due to Cas Anvar being #metoo'ed in a really hamfisted way. They reshot a bunch of scenes where they go like "yeah, he got a stroke. Happens!" after they showed Alex "dying" by showing him not moving in the cockpit while they inserted an acceralting beep soundeffect. Really? The entire tension in this season was built up for Naomi's fate, to dump another main character while she remains unscathed seem cold as fuck, and I think viewers will notice. It's basically an off-screen death. I just don't understand why they didn't just have a recast? His character arc feels completely unfinished.

Shame on an otherwise decent finale.ddrDDR


>in a really hamfisted way.
how redundant. the entire show is ham fisted and emotionally manipulative


>emotionally manipulative
What do you mean by this? I didn't get the impression from the authors that they're trying to manipulate you with their character designs. They even defended Marco Inaros on Twitter.ddrDDR


A mate of mine told me this is actually how Fred Johnson dies in the books.

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