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Hello, comrades. Yes, you, you fucking faggot. "We" (the party state) know, that you cook. Therefore we know that you have an incentive to post ITT, which is nothing else than leftyporg.org's attempt to share recipes.

Please don't be too much gay ITT, and stay on topic.

p.s.: the gunk and dirt are a feature, not a hindrance!

We start by putting like 2 different recipes, namely, "KAPUSKA" (Turkish cabbage recipe) and "SZÉKELY KÁPOSZTA" (Hungarian cabbage recipe) and mixing them into one.

sauerkraut (sour cabbage)
chopped onion (large)
3 chopped garlic
chopped hot salami
whole cumin (like a dozen)
whole peppers (like half a dozen)
tomato can
2.5 dl (1 cup) dry red wine
35 grams of ground pork (12.3 oz)
(preferably) Hungarian ground (sweet) paprika
1 whole, small, hot pepper


We start by:
add oil/fat

Get it to simmer
add whole cumins
wait until they start-a-poppin
after, add chopped onions


Add whole peppers;
keep stirring this nigga until it starts to caramelize on a low heat.


Ground pork: in.
Keep em mixed, we need to get this shit even.


After ground beef is "good", add:
- hot salami;
- chopped garlic;
- (full-fat) bacon (picrel 2)


Red wine: in.


After alcohol evaporated: add tomato sauce (preferably: no sugar added tomato sauce).


Fill up the emptied tomato can with water, and add it to the shitfag pot.


make nigger simmer again (probably up fire)


take an single hot ass chilli pepper, and cut it to fine pieces




dump it into stew, add 2 bay leaves


File: 1611877080973.jpg (49.63 KB, 640x480, 2021-01-28-235517.jpg)

Add sauerkraut (finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented)


File: 1611877129536.jpg (51.42 KB, 640x480, 2021-01-28-235952.jpg)

Add (preferably) Hungarian paprika powder


simmer on low heat for 40-50 mins.


Make sure to stir every 10 minutes or so.


File: 1611877389822.jpg (862.94 KB, 1346x4986, ssr.jpg)



File: 1611877909933.jpg (51.58 KB, 640x480, 2021-01-29-005105.jpg)

chop up parsley


File: 1611878062377.jpg (50.37 KB, 640x480, 2021-01-29-005409.jpg)

- get fire under Kapuska to zero (0)
- add chopped up parsley
- mix
(wait like 5 mins)



Optimal serving:


>get a baguette
>cut in half
>add aubergine spread on bottom
>add thinly cut onions and tomatoes



add sour cream on top, tho


thanks comrade will try itanarchismAnarchism


god fucking no.

Nice. I have no energy to cook these days. I was thinking of sharing easy recipes. Maybe I will soon.


File: 1611886575517.jpg (2.64 MB, 4000x3000, 20210111_092705.jpg)

rate my meal


This is why i love the overboard catalogsandinistaSandinista


fish looks nice, but the bread looks like that bitter type. I don't like it that much.
Why not put some tomato, maybe cream cheese, capers. Idk.




>fish looks nice
literal lie, lol
>bread looks like that bitter type
aka. "shit"
>Why not put some tomato, maybe cream cheese, capers. Idk.
Because it's literal S H I T .


any cheap bread, toasted on the stove with butter and some garlic salt on top, is a fine ass meal that takes less than 3 minutes to make.


Another recipe. Why is recipe spelled like that. Retarded language.

Buy any sausage. The more greasy and phallic, the better.

Buy rice.

Make sausage all of the sausage one day, if it needs to be cooked. Not all sausage needs to be cooked.

Make rice. You can make batches or just your every day portion.

Put rice, top it with sausage broken up into small pieces.

Google how to make Japanese rice for extra chutzpah.

If you're feeling spicy, fry an egg and put it on top.


Another recipe.

Buy salsa. I'll teach you in the next post how to make salsa if you can't do it.

Buy tortilla chips aka totopos aka nacho chips without favoring.

Buy cheese and shred it. Any cheese will do as long as it's meltable.

Optionally, you can also add animal protein, like shredded chicken, or even veggie shit like mushrooms.

Put the chips in a plate, pour salsa over them. now sprinkle cheese and optionally your protein.

Put in the microwave until it's hot. It should be steaming hot.

Wait a while, don't burn your mouth.

BAM, chilaquiles.

Tortilla chips should ideally be made by frying cut up tortillas. The tortillas can be old as balls, doesn't really matter.




File: 1611891606408.gif (158.21 KB, 480x208, giphy.gif)

>I have no energy to cook these days.



idiotic take, ngl. Any kind of "burger/sammo/etc." depends on what is actually done did.

gimme a sec


…so this is basically "fried sausage on rice," no?


>Any cheese will d
literally "saddest recipe.org"


This is easy mode chilquiles. Chilaquiles is a mexican staple dish and tbh one of my favorite ones.


Give us "proper" Chilaquiles recipe or STFU


File: 1611894247119.png (1.19 MB, 912x622, ClipboardImage.png)

How to make salsa.

I'm assuming you don't live in LATAM. Otherwise, you should know this shit. So I'm adapting ingredients to internationalize it.

Buy tomatoes. Buy a lot, because salsa is fucking awesome and you can put it in everything except deserts.

You probably want like 1/6 by volume of onion. The ratios are almost irrelevant.

Get some garlic cloves.

If you have any type of peppers, get some. The less sweet the better. If you find jalapeños, that's great. Poblano peppers, even better. You want to remove the seeds, especially if they are spicy. You want the peppers that are "meaty". Not the ones that have thin skin. They shouldn't be dried either.

Optional boss mode (also this is a secret technique, so pls don't share): buy zuccinni, you don't need a lot. maybe as much as the onion, perhaps less.

Cook the tomatoes (don't cut them):
- in the oven
- on a skillet with a little oil
- BOSS MODE: directly on the fire on low setting, turning them over frequently.

Take them out, put them somewhere.

If you have peppers, do the same thing with them.

If you're going with the secret zuccini tecnique, do it with that too.

They should be soft after this procedure.

Set them aside.

Now put some oil on a stove, cut the garlic, put it in.

After a short while, cut your oinion, and put some salt and put it in too. Start grilling them on low heat. You want to caramelize the onion. Secret technique: if you sprinkle a pinch of sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda, you can speed up the caramelization process.

Ok nigga, you're now ready to do this shit. You have two choices: both are easy:
Either mush it up with the bottom of a glass, a bottle, or something similar, or put it in the blender/food processor.

Put some salt on it.
If you have limes, squirt a couple of limes into it.
If you have avocado. Cut it into little squares and mix it in. (note: never bake, cook, or microwave avocado. you *will* ruin god's testicles and that is a tragedy.)

Ok you little shit:
You need salsa made of tomatillos, aka fresadilla, aka green tomato aka mexican husk tomato, aka tomato (green) aka tomate de cáscara (husk tomato), aka tomate de fresadilla (little strawberry tomato), aka tomate milpero (field tomato), aka tomate verde (green tomato), aka tomatillo (Mexico; this term means "little tomato" elsewhere), aka miltomate (Mexico, Guatemala), farolito (little lantern), aka simply tomate (in which case the tomato is called jitomate from Nahuatl xitomatl).

The salsa is the most fucking crucial part to get right because it is the base of the dish. But that doesn't mean you should neglect the other parts.

Next most important part is the totopos (aka corn chips). It is absolutely crucial that these are made from fried corn/maize tortillas. If your supermarket sells fried totopos, then you can buy them. Of course, if you make them yourself, your dish will taste much better. In which case, you are also left with the choice of buying or making non-fried tortillas. Making is obviously better. You need to first make the tortilla like normal (on a pan) and then fry it. For that you need nixtamilized maize flour aka maseca (a brand).

You put a bed about 1 cm thick of mashed refried beans on a plate. You can buy this in a store. You need to heat them up before hand. Heating them up on a stove is always better.

You want to completely cover the tototpos with the salsa. You can do this in a bowl or a pot. You do this quickly because you don't want them to get too mushy. This is more important than you think. If you're going to fuck it up, skip this step and pour the salsa at the end.

You then put a small portion on the plate with refried beans and you sprinkle shredded cheese (Chihuahua is good, but that doesn't exist outside Mexico. You want any cheese labeled as "mexican", but any melting cheese that isn't strong (like not swiss cheese) is good) and shredded chicken. You then put more of your drenched totopos and you layer more cheese and chicken. This isn't a lasgna. It's no supposed to look orderly. 2 layers should be enough. Then you sprinkle the remaining stuff on top. Then you put even more green salsa on top. The secret to good chilaquiles is a lot of good salsa.

On top, you can put some crumbled cheese. If you can find cotija, fucking nice. But you probably won't. You want a very dry cheese. The best "international" substitute is something like greek feta cheese.

You can also put thinly sliced raw onion slices on top and some cilantro leaves. I don't like either, so I omit that.

And fucking bam. You can also put some other toppings, like a sunny-side egg, some bacon. This is considered a breakfast food, so you should accompany it with a good coffee. The coffee shouldn't be too strong (like not an esspresso), more like diner coffee strength.

Couldn't find many good chilaquiles images on the internet.

There are many ways to skin a cat with chilaquiles. They are an awesome and delcious meal, that's super easy to make. The hardest part is getting good salsa (if you don't want to make yours) and good tototpos (making tortillas is an art I never acquired).



WOAH, comrade, I need to study this shit, for real.


damn, not sure how I missed that. imma headin to grocery now


>- BOSS MODE: directly on the fire on low setting, turning them over frequently.


File: 1611894835183.jpg (158.51 KB, 1500x1500, 81LNVBwSQmL._SL1500_.jpg)

>Ok you little shit:
>You need salsa
>aka tomate de cáscara
>You need salsa made of tomatillos, aka fresadilla, aka green tomato aka mexican husk tomato, aka tomato (green) aka tomate de cáscara (husk tomato), aka tomate de fresadilla (little strawberry tomato), aka tomate milpero (field tomato), aka tomate verde (green tomato), aka tomatillo (Mexico; this term means "little tomato" elsewhere), aka miltomate (Mexico, Guatemala), farolito (little lantern), aka simply tomate (in which case the tomato is called jitomate from Nahuatl xitomatl).
Nig, it's like you have 500 words for the same fucking thing.

>Next most important part is the totopos (aka corn chips)

Picrel will cut it, no?


File: 1611894988986-0.png (3 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1611894988986-1.png (2.29 MB, 1200x1218, ClipboardImage.png)

You can also do it in a pan. But not metal enough.
The pepper shown in that image are trash.
You want a pepper like the one in the second image, which properly shows the "tatemado" (directly over fire) procedure. If you can get peppers that aren't spicy, that's even better because that means you can increase the percentage of peppers in your salsa. 1/4 to 1/3 by volume is good. But if they are spicy peppers and you put too many, you'll ruin your salsa because it'll be super spicy.


File: 1611895034513.png (55.93 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)

>Picrel will cut it, no?
I will find you IRL and I will slap the fuck out of you.


>You then put a small portion on the plate
r u gay?


File: 1611895164099.png (186.88 KB, 614x356, lolwut.png)

>I will find you IRL


You put a small portion to layer the fucken cheese and shredded chicken, and then put more. If you aren't eating until you want to not work anymore and overthrow la burguesía, you're doing it wrong

Also not stated, making good shredded chicken is also important. Brine that shit. Brine your fucking chicken one day before preparing it. No reason not to brine it and it makes it taste significantly better.


Mi madre would stuff grilled peppers with whatever and bake them in the oven. good stuff


File: 1611895871235.png (1.41 MB, 740x1109, ClipboardImage.png)

Chile relleno. Naisu. You can also fry them. People make tacos out of fried chile rellenos.
The biggest limitation of making any decent "international" food is access to ingredients.
I was once in Germany and it felt like I could only buy sausages and eggs. My whole culinary knowledge was suddenly worth shit. I couldn't identify ingredients I could use for anything. Terrifying.

I don't eat pasta 'cause that shit's mediocre as fuck, and I prefer rice as a base. I had to eat sausage with rice as I share my recipe above. I have no idea how Germans cook. I literally don't understand what they pick out in the grocery and what they do with the ingredients.


I once worked in fine dining restaurant once and pajeet working there told me to shred off burnt part from peppers and tomatoes. do I have authorization to murder him?


>I'm gay


Pajeets get a pass because they are inheritors of delicious Indian food. Instead, you should teach him by burning his chile on a stove and until he can recite the alphabet without screaming.


Hell yeah, I watched that thread as it was being made.


Any sauce is salsa if you are mediterranean enoughsandinistaSandinista


File: 1611935928067.png (66.32 KB, 753x319, 1.png)

stop dancing in my /ck/ thread


fuck yeah, chilaquiles was one of my favorite dishes when I lived in Mexico, (proper) Mexican food is just too delicious. Too bad I can't get anything quite like it where I live.


File: 1611963542666.jpg (2.04 MB, 3000x4000, dinner-1.jpg)

you geys, I really applied myself to your criticism!caCanadien


ayy i use that extension too!
how do i make it work inside mozilla pdf documents tho?


Hello comrades,
this will need to set yourself up for the whole day,whatever you're doing. Labouring (if you're not going to the cafe first to get your breakfast.) Brain work. Reading books (you need some fats in the bloodstream going to your brain for it to work properly. Otherwise you won't be able to concentrate.) Whatever you're doing we won't mention (consensual) anorectal violence

Don't worry if you are vegan or vegetarian.
You can substitute most of the ingredients for non meat alternatives, such as nut cutlets. The main thing is it should be fried and fill you up.

Black pudding
Egg (x1)
bread (x2 slices)
Cooking oil
Baked beans (1/2 can)
Red (tomato) or brown (HP) sauce
Instant coffee (the cheaper the better) , sugar +milk (pref "gold top" extra creamy full fat milk)
unless your contrapoints, then you can have tea instead of coffee
Chocolate biscuit of your choice

You can substitute other things, e. g. bubble and squeak. But the above is the easiest, most basic recipe.


Frying pan
Knife to chop onions ecc
Fork to stir ingredients and turn bacon over

Will feed: x1 hungry adult


Put the frying pan on a ring on your cooker on high heat, and pour in some cooking oil. You should put enough in to cover the whole area of the pan thinly.


Slice the onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes and put them in the pan to fry. Shake the pan to get an even coating of oil on everything. After a couple of minutes, turn everything over with your fork and turn the pan heat down to 2/3 of full heat. Don't worry if the mushrooms or edges of onions are looking a bit burnt - it adds to the visual effect of the food, and as the natural oils in the onions come out it will add lubricants to the cooking.


At 4-5 min from the start of cooking, put in the black pudding (x1 slice only, it's very filling) and a couple of slices of bacon.
Turn the heat up to full again, and then down to 2/3 when grease starts to come out of the bacon.


File: 1612365277582.mp4 (12.61 MB, 1280x720, vid3_egg.mp4)

At about 9min from the start of cooking, crack the egg on the edge of the frying pan, and open it into the pan. It's up to you, you can have you egg cooked on both sides, but I prefer mine sunny side up.
At this point, you should be starting to get a nice aroma of cooking bacon, onions, ecc. If you haven't, don't worry, just turn the heat up a bit and give it a few extra minutes.


File: 1612365619006-0.mp4 (5.76 MB, 1280x720, vid4_beans.mp4)

At 14min put 1/2 tin of beans on high heat on a separate ring to cook.
Put the two slices of bread in the toaster.


Once the beans are bubbling and the toast is done, serve the whole thing up. Add tomato or HP (brown ). I generally more of an HP sauce aficionado, as it's a much stronger flavour, but I had tomato sauce as I'd run out of HP this morning.
Once you've eaten your breakfast, have a coffee to finish with. I like to have a chocolate biscuit as well, as it goes with the coffee, and it's sweetness contrasts with the stonger more acidic flavours of the breakfast.


heres a recipe for an extremely easy chickpea curry for all you fags who cant cook

you'll need:
onion, about 2 of them
garlic, 2 cloves
ginger, a 1cm^3 large piece
sesame seeds
chilli or curry paste, i prefer chilli. a tablespoon of it
a can of chickpeas (400g). canned ones are better for this recipe because they have that juice and you dont need to soak and boil them for hours.
soy sauce
a shit ton of parsley
salt, pepper and coriander (the spice, not the leaves)

1. heat your oil in your pan, add the onions cut into slivers and cook with the lid on for about 10 minutes on medium-low heat
2. add crushed garlic and ginger, cook for another 10 minutes. you want those onions to be very dark and soft, if you add the garlic right away it could burn and that shit is nasty
3. make a well in the middle of your pan and add that chilli paste, fry it for like 2 minutes, then add the sesame and stir so it doesnt burn
4. up the heat, add the soy sauce and let some of it evaporate
5. dump the can of chickpeas in there, including the juice or whatever it is
6. let it simmer while stirring until it reached your desired consistency

now add that parsley, season to taste and eat it with rice
if youre using dried chickpeas make sure you soak and preboil them, im pretty sure youll poison yourself if you dont
if your pan gets too dry you can add coconut milk or cream but i prefer it without

enjoy, comradesddrDDR


File: 1612608267515-0.jpg (46.58 KB, 640x480, 2021-02-06-112215.jpg)

File: 1612608267515-1.jpg (43.12 KB, 640x480, 2021-02-06-112618.jpg)

File: 1612608267515-2.jpg (40.51 KB, 640x480, 2021-02-06-112755.jpg)

File: 1612608267515-3.jpg (47.47 KB, 640x480, 2021-02-06-113035.jpg)


1. carrots, peeled
2. arracacha, peeled
3. fennel, whole (don't worry about muh dirty parts, lol, we gonna cook this shit for 12 hours, killing all the (((germs))) [anglo] and shit)
4. two onions (leave on peel for GLORIOUS BROTH COLOR)
5. Parsley (with stalks and shit – that's where the taste is)

6. salt
7. peppers, buncha (whole)
8. cumin, buncha (whole) [I LIKE COOOMIN]
9. bay leaves, buncha

9. pork feet (because gelatin)
10. three bone marrows (because THIS IS WHERE THE WHOLE BROTH TASTE COMES FROM + fuck vegans)

Peel shit that need to be peeled.
Drop everything into a pressure cooker.
Add water.
Fire up.
Cover pressure cooker when it starts boiling.
Fire down to minimum.
Cook FORGET ABOUT IT for 12 hours.


Shit, I forgot:

10. dried wild mushrooms (for that UMAMI)


my whole apartment smellz glorious right now, ngl

fucking broth, dude


good shit anon, but in my country salsa is more of pickling substance with all ingredients chopped and thrown in, and left to ferment, you throw them on empanadas, or as a garnish


now here my recipe for something glorious, Mote de ñame
1 ñame(about 3 pounds) peeled and cut into chunks
2 tablespoons oil
4 scallions, chopped
1/2 cup white onion, diced
1 cup diced tomato
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 teaspoons ground cumin
7 cups of water
1 cup crumbled cheese feta cheese
Fresh cilantro to garnish
Salt to taste
Juice of one lime

Place the ñame and water in a medium pot. Cook over medium heat for about 45 minutes or until the ñame is soft and tender.
While the ñame is cooking, prepare the sofrito for the soup by heating the oil over medium heat in a skillet. Add the onions, scallions, tomato, garlic and cumin. Cook, stirring frequently, until the onions are tender, about 7 minutes. Set aside.
Turn the heat to low and add the sofrito and cheese to the cooked ñame. Let cook for about 10 more minutes. You can add more water if the soup is too thick. The consistency of the soup should be creamy with small tender chunks of ñame. Add salt to taste, mix well and remove from the heat.
Add lime juice and serve immediately.


and please take this recipe with a grain of salt (Lol), avoid cumin



Receipe looks delicious, but out of curiosity, why are you writing (((germs))) [anglo] and shit) like that? You know the three echo brackets around names is a device used by antisemites to indicate Jewishness?
I've seen it elsewhere on /leftypol/ as well.
Are you antisemitic, and mean something or someone is Jewish? Come on! say what you mean, spit it out.
Or do you really mean Anglos, and are using the brackets to show you think Anglos are the real problem, not Jews? Comprising even culinary endeavours.

Or is a word filter employed by the ever watchful mods, to change everything in three brackets to (((Anglo)))?

Here is a podcast which goes into the origin of the three brackets thing anyway (one of the hosts is a burger, the other one is an anglo.)

<The triple parentheses meme started out on the Daily Shoah, starting in one of their very early episodes. They have a reverb panel where they can – basically a sound board where they can make things echo in the audio and in real time, live. And so, whenever they would do a Jewish name or a name that sounds Jewish – like Silverstein – they would make it reverberate. And that was just kind of one of the jokes that they made.
<And then in order to sort of represent that in text on forums, they started putting triple parentheses around it. And then that becomes a thing that goes, that gets propagated all throughout the Internet.
<And this literally started and was popularized by a couple of guys recording over Skype in their basements, on this podcast that never had any kind of major distribution network, that was just like some guys fucking around. They'd never been on iTunes. They used to call themselves the biggest podcast on Soundcloud. And Soundcloud banned their asses fairly early on. But I believe it, like they were getting tens of thousands of downloads at a time.
<Again, it is this mix of a sort of political, meta-political, kind of cultural conversation combined with – it's kind of fairly, I mean – I don't want to say intellectual, it's certainly not like academic, but it's certainly like sort of higher-minded than what you're going to see on cable news at any given time.
<It's sort of that kind of higher-minded Internet discourse stuff. And it's the combination of that with this explicitly racist humor that really took off, and that really becomes the really kind of generative thing. And in that sense it is massively, massively important to understand what these guys are like and who this is, and who they are, and what the show is, in order to understand like why this became popular.accelerationAcceleration


our chef here is meme-ing the eternal anglo.
It's like the jewish thing, except for anglos and nobody should take it seriously.

our chef here is using it because the board has had a meme about how logical positivist which peaked in the anglo world has become a stumbling block to western marxists understanding of marx.

and while I'm here, there's also a meme that tries to frame the irish as "the real jews", which exemplifies how ridiculous the boogieman of the jews is. we don't have anything against the irish.


I see! Thanks for explaining :)accelerationAcceleration


no probs :)


Fuck I’ve been watching Food Wars and it makes me want to start cooking.


Interested in wacky experimental vegan recipes which you can only make living in specific US states? Well here is my favorite new recipe:

Comrade Granola's Vegan Jambalya (gone mexican) (gone fusion)

1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes with juice
14 oz (whole package) of vegan soy longanzia
(found here: https://elburrito.com/products/non-gmo-soy-longaniza/)
½ large onion, chopped
1 pasilla or even spicer dried pepper, seeded and chopped
2 stalks chopped celery
1.5 cups vegtable broth
4 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon miso paste
½ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon dried oregano

Stir tomatoes with juice, seitan, sausage, onion, pasilla, celery, vegetable broth, garlic, miso paste, Cajun seasoning, thyme, and oregano into crockpot/ slowcooker/ dutch oven

Cook on Low for 4 hours. Add rice to the crock and cook on High until rice is cooked through, about 30 minutes more. Garnish with parsley.


Cooking novice checking in. I baked baguettes and made potato leek soup today. Vegetable soups have never seemed all that appetizing to me but this blew me away, was extremely filling and it was braindead easy to make. Idk what I was expecting since i love potatoes and alliums but ya. I just used the first recipe that popped up on google, maybe theres a better way to do it but here:

1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 onion, sliced
225g/8oz potatoes, cubed
2 medium leeks, sliced
1.2 litres/2 pints vegetable stock
150ml/5fl oz double cream or crème fraîche
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onions, potatoes and leeks. Cook for 3-4 minutes until starting to soften.

Add the vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Season well and simmer for 10 minutes until the vegetables are tender.

Whizz with a hand blender or in a blender until smooth. Reheat in a clean pan, stir in the cream or crème fraîche, heat through and serve.




Cooking? I bowl eat. From a large glass bowl.

Every bowl has:

1. A variety of raw or cooked produce of all kinds and colors.

2. peice of cooked fish in salted water, or boiled eggs, or a piece of cooked chicken from last night, or some other piece of protein.

3. chickpeas or any other pulses.

4. sprinkles of nuts or seeds of all kinds.

5. olive oil or any kind of cold pressed oil, poured heavy.

6. balsamic or cider vinegar to taste.

7. whatever herbs and spices you got.

Tastes great, cheap to buy, totally healthy, quick to prep, easily packable to bring to work, and can be made to look as pretty as you have time for. Get the pulses and fish in cans if you don't have time to cook.

Forgot the morning bowl. That's a couple of eggs + half cup of oats + cup of water + spoon of 100% cocoa + sprinkle of cinnamon whisked together and microwaved for 3 mins. Then add seeds and nuts and fruit or whatever.

Congratulations, now you have no excuse for eating shit food.


What's the best way to cook beans? I was thinking that roasting them could be good, using oil and stuff. A little change would be good.



roasting something like al dente cooked pinto beans in oil and seasoning sounds extremely good. Like, maybe they aren't fully cooked but roasting will finsih them off? Totally get the need for a little change. I tried eating 90% cooked pinto beans to get a little chew and mouthfeel. Not a success. Just out of this world farting.

Best way to cook them is just to cook a lot and freeze portions imo.


Roasting the surface does sound like the best option, yeah I was thinking about just increasing the amount of beans in my diet since they're cheap and nutritious. Gonna buy me a sack of dried ones online.

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