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An anon a while back recommended Star Trek to me because it was the most "communist" media produced in capitalist society. All Captain Kirk does is hop from planet to planet and fuck space bitches. Is there communism or have I been memed? Apparently the director of the show was influeced by Posadism but outside the aliens I do not see gommunism anywhere in the show.


TOS isn't Communist.
They even use cash to buy drinks at the bar.
TNG is more neoliberal. But the borg is arguably Communist.


maybe if you didn't notice they live in a post-scarcity society with no money, borders or property


There are borders.
Star Fleet is pretty much post scarcity ancapistan

>The Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel and spacecraft from interfering in the normal development of any society, and mandates that any Starfleet vessel or crew member is expendable to prevent violation of this rule.

>As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.


the prime directive is about interacting with cultures outside of the federation


File: 1616634240780-0.jpg (128.4 KB, 950x533, Neutral_Zone.jpg)

File: 1616634240780-1.gif (600.5 KB, 2548x2000, 9ssp4vd9aujz.gif)

but that includes every civilization outside of the """federation"""
I guess it depends on how you define "border"
First pic is from TOS: s01e08


You didn't watch the show ? TNG didn't have money, The captain lectured a thawed out business man from the 20th century, how humanity had evolved beyond capitalism.


Yeah, it's almost as though franchise canon doesn't matter. But OP was talking about TOS.
Vid is from TOS: s02e15


Space capitalists try to scam space communists by marketing a space pest as a space pet.


TNG is pretty clearly fully automated luxury space communism. Then DS9 tears the canon to shreds with its Ferengi space credits and latinum bullshit.


DS9 literally quotes Marx's and communist manifesto.


Doesn't excuse the rest of it.


The part about this episode that people miss is that the Federation functions as a landlord for Quark's bar and Sisko says the station has been graciously not demanding back rent until now, when he wants him to end the strike, implying the Federation is a landlord in other places too.


Use the catalog, we have a /trek/ thread.


I think the federation is more socialist, while they have to use some sort of capitalist exchange to deal with other species as they could be at war with them the next day.


Ferengi are a different civilization. It's been established that the federation was nominally communist in contrast with other major powers in their region of the galaxy.


Does the ferengi civilization live on borrowed time because eventually somebody will figure out how to replicate platinum without the P ?


Nigga how do you think they managed space travel without communism

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