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What do you guys think about the UFC?


Fucking gay and dumb. I don't really like boxing much but at least it has a proud historical tradition, UFC is just late capitalist consumerist nonsense that glorifies lunatic reactionism

Also did I mention it's fucking GAAAAYY


This guy is basically the epitomisation of UFC 'culture'


>tfw no UFC gf to kill you by snu snu



It's just mixed fighting: what boxing was before the Queensberry rules but with a veneer of commercial legitimacy pasted over it. And before that, Greek pankration. And just like boxing it is an extremely exploitative and abusive sport that destroys the health of its participants. The only real difference is that it contains the pretenses of some grand, noble experiment in the martial arts. As if we're going to find the one martial art to rule them all, to prove that it has the superior techniques and training… in a caged match full of rules where the goal is to defeat one opponent. When you look beyond the pretenses it's the same as any other professional combat sport: small people trying to prove their self worth with violence. It's the ultimate expression of alienation in society.



bro I just wanna watch dudes get kicked in the face


itt bitchboys that will watch 2D trash afflicted by the same garbage but they shitalk their non chipmunk filled tits infested shows


File: 1619502741197.jpg (111.52 KB, 1125x1110, EvuOIS1WYAIXt8_.jpg)

You're the only one bringing anime into this


Look I'm no big fan of Shounen but at least it's not literally watching people give each other brain damage and other lifelong health conditions for the entertainment of corporate sponsors.


There is no brain damage from MMA.


It's not as common as boxing but it definitely happens.


You have a sport where people can punch or kick each other in the head and brain damage will follow.



There definitely is. However if they were not to use gloves there would be less.


True, though their gloves are not like boxers gloves so i dunno how big would be the difference.


>There is no brain damage from MMA.


Indeed the gloves are actually what increase the number of brain injuries through blunt trauma. They were much less common in old bare-knuckle boxing because the boxers don't hit with as much force or as directly in order to protect their hands from the hard bones on a person's skull.


It's not just about force, but about the fact that with gloves you can't absorb force of the punch/kick with your bones. Even with the same force of the punch, without gloves you have less risk of the brain damage at the cost of fucking up your face/skull.


Skull fracture does not necessarily mean brain damage. There certainly is the risk of brain damage in mma, it's just this is not a good example of it.


You are right.
That being said, isn't a concussion essentially just a brain injury?

I understand that in football, the issue isn't concussive blows, but sub-concussive blows, that give people CRT.

I'd assume its the same in MMA.



So the key take away here is that if anyone on this board is going to do martial arts, it is advisable to find a bare knuckle style. Traditional karate dojos will fight without gloves.


If you're talking about sports, maybe. There's also competing in pure wrestling sports that don't involve strikes like Judo, catch wrestling, shoot wrestling, etc. Your potential for different sorts of limb injuries tend to be a bit higher with wrestling though but the danger of head trauma isn't so much. There's also plenty of sports with rules that focus on points rather than knockout blows such as Taekwondo. Alternatively, if you simply avoid sports there are plenty of martial arts that constrain their discipline to teach useful skills without putting yourself in as serious bodily harm.


Extremely vulgar showcase of capitalist society.

People capitalizing and enjoying seeing two people trying to brain damage each other.

Literal blood money. Fictional media and video games are superior in every way to get my rocks off regarding violent tendencies.



I hate it because of the extreme health risks. (I think there should be a general regulation that sports that lower your average lifespan by more than X years like wrestling should not be promoted at all.)
I've always wondered how one could make a sport as close to boxing/kickboxing/wrestling as possible aesthetically without the brain-damage issue (aside from video games). Maybe moving fighting human-size puppets with sticks and ropes?


Ive done martial arts for years and I think its garbage. Theres no reason to watch it over any other competitive martial arts match. The rules are garbage and the fights uninteresting as fuck. Also it’s 100% not “more close to street fighting!!!” Just pure capitalist spectacle and a worse one than boxing.

Watch K1 max instead.

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