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Can anyone lead me to good resources to learn about cinematography and story telling in general?


>about cinematography
Two very good websites
> story telling in general
Don't know about that, but this guy is an expert and has some good book recommendations. Alternatively you can go on some subreddits that cover related topics although I would stay away from reddit in general


Thank you, I will look into it



watching Hour of The Wolf rn


I don't get how anybody likes that MCU shit. I am no stranger to loving schlock (Troma is one of my favorite movie studios) but like, they don't even have good action or any emotion/sexuality to em. Literally the death of cinema.

Any of yous guys like em that wants to help a comrade out? I genuinely have no idea how they're popular


Watching King of Staten Island right now, and ngl, I fuckin love it. This movie really does capture what it is to be in ur 20's on Shaolin rn


Watching Dog Day Afternoon, most anti-cop film I've ever seen.accelerationAcceleration


I always found it hard to come up with ideas for a story, even a very basic log line for a good concept. Mass production has pushed every idea out at a faster and faster rate, and as a result nothing seems unique to try.


It's plain and simple subjective
Nothing deeper to understand.

I personally like the lore aspect and the comedy.

Brb gonna watch it

>ur 20's on Shaolin rn




I'm 26 qnd live on Staten Island and there's parts of the film I heavily relate to


bumping with this absolute classic


>they don't even have good action
this isn't true
>or any emotion/sexuality to em.
Also isn't true

mcu is pure hype, especially when you know a comic fan that knows more than you and tells you all about the backstory or other tidbits. It's also good basic entertainment. I also have to imagine older comic book fans who use to dream of seeing superheroes on the big screen in high quality must have had their minds blown 100x over by now. Could you imagine something like this as a kid in the 70s?


File: 1636386829033.jpg (115.37 KB, 1400x1400, redepicw.jpg)

is digital/video a meme?
it feels like a lot of digital camera brands like RED just release models that are meant to be replaced with a new, even more expensive one after a year or 2, thus separating the masses from the means of filmmaking even more
meanwhile it's so much easier to set up efficient supply chains for film in 8mm, 16mm, 35mm etc


otoh i'd definitely prefer digital for editing convenience lol


>cinematography thread
>no mention of Eisenstein


I've noticed a pattern and want to see if you agree:

All the films about a protagonist having a strange experience of the world (unintentional time travel, can stop time, parallel universe where no-one has lied, etc.) have a male lead.


What about that old burger film the one with the cowardly lion and a scarecrow


That old black and white color film? Yeah, good point.


almost all films have a male lead


Watch Soviet silent montage films until your eyeballs turn into pulp


When is saying "kino" cringe?


A phone camera can shoot 1080p video, and that's all you need unless you're shooting like a commercial feature or something
My Pixel 6 Pro can shoot 4K at 60fps, let alone 30 or 24

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