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File: 1626878462683.webm (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 2020-05-24 17-08-46.webm)


I'm going to make video game


But congratulation anon, you got further into it than me


very very based


I want to go on a swedejak journey


thats finland baka


not for long


>2D platformer with a pointless 3D background that just eats resources for no reason
I see you're up to date with the latest advancements in the video game industry.


The fact that we can splurge on backgrounds and skyboxes just to make the game look nice is absolutely an advancement. Ideally the game would also have good gameplay and so on but yes pretty complex background rendering is positive.


Another good thing is that it forces people to keep buying new hardware, when the game would work perfectly fine on their current computer if it wasn't for the pointless visuals in the background. Luckily those who don't have the money can still watch let's plays on youtube and help promote the game online!


Any modern machine can easily render those 3D objects, hell even the PSX can run this without breaking a sweat if it could draw strait lines and not have lines jump around due to rounding errors.




Update us on your progress OP


File: 1627288239823.jpg (27.04 KB, 787x438, bwd67[1].jpg)


What's this game about?


I'm still hammering out a lot of broad details with a creative partner

but essentially
there is a man who lost his job at a prestigious university and got divorced because he was caught having an affair with a same-sex student
months later, during a amphetamine/ketamine binge, he discovers an insanely innovative and groundbreaking implementation of CRISPR modification technology
he contacts a student he knew from the university to assist him with his project, and together they each help each other mature and cope in various ways
and they are trying to create solar powered photosynthesis children to sell to infertile lesbian yuppy couples for loads of money


Is this your first time doing a big arts project (not necessarilly a videogame)? Also I'm rooting for your success



Great, good luck anon!

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