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File: 1635661249493.jpg (803.59 KB, 2176x2560, 91lswEmLskL.jpg)


Do my comrades drink coffee?
What flavors, origins or roasting do you seek? How do you brew it?


OP here:
I mostly live off no brand super market coffee but when I can buy fancy coffee I will just seek acid and fruity flavors. I do not have a grinder so I can't buy beans.
I brew it cowboy style, very dark, sweeten it with honey and lighten it up with milk.
I have a thermo and like to take it full of coffee with milk to my job.


I do like coffee. I rarely drink it without sugar or milk though. No, I don't use honey.


File: 1635677209842.mp4 (4.23 MB, 852x480, 1635314010262.mp4)

I only drink Wake Up America - Patriot Blend because it's grown by Communists.


>Th- they're not communist, they're j- j- just a commune
The absolute fucking cope, holy shit


Mega cringe but thanks for your money and advertising, faggot


Kek, but now i really want want to taste this shit.


>infowars literally funding communists by buying their coffee
now this is epic


File: 1635718160778.png (600.95 KB, 1310x775, ClipboardImage.png)

A message from Alex Jones:

"Hey folks, Alex Jones here and I want to thank you for visiting InfowarsStore.com as well as thank you for all of your support. We simply could not have launched any of our operations without you.

For more than a decade, my favorite coffee has come from the high mountains of Southern Mexico, where the Chiapas farmers grow their unique coffee beans. We have now managed to secure these unique beans in my favorite coffee ヨ the new Patriot Blend 100% organic coffee.

The key to why this blend is my favorite is rooted in the way that it has a highly robust and enjoyable taste that at the same time is not too acidic and goes down extremely smooth. And perhaps even more important than the great taste is the fact that when drinking the Patriot Blend coffee, I do not experience the headaches and other negative effects that are usually associated with caffeinated coffee blends.

This is my favorite coffee, and it has taken years to secure a connection directly to the Chiapas farmers co-op that actually financially aids these indigenous individuals. This coffee is really going beyond Fair Trade in aiding these farmers, and at the same time is 100% certified organic and tastes great. I encourage you to try a cup of the new Patriot Blend 100% organic coffee, as you will be supporting our operation while enjoying a truly great cup of my absolute favorite coffee."

–Alex Jones

Wake Up America!

Our custom Patriot Blend whole bean coffee is Alex Jones' favorite cup of coffee. Start your day off right with our gourmet, 100% organic coffee and help us Wake Up America!

The Wake Up America!: Patriot Blend is fair trade, 100% organic coffee that is shade-grown in Chiapas, Mexico at the ideal altitude. The fair trade and shade-grown classification indicates that the growers were fairly compensated for their labor and that those local farmers raised the coffee in harmony with the existing forest canopy. It is 100% organic meaning that the plants were grown without pesticides or using commercial, inorganic fertilizers. This sustainable approach to the cultivation of the Wake Up America! coffee is a very important issue. The use of traditional techniques such as crop rotations and natural soil enrichment enables the local farmers to maintain their native lands for future generations. It also ensures these coffee beans are non-GMO and free of toxic chemicals frequently used in commercial agricultural production. Ancient Mayan knowledge is paired with the natural fertility of the land to generate the world's finest coffee bean. This is the way coffee was meant to be grown and you can taste the difference.

The green coffee beans are carefully harvested by hand and then imported to the United States where they are custom-roasted and freshly packed by fellow patriots like you. Great care is taken to ensure that the natural richness and flavor is preserved during the roasting process. The result is a robust medium-roast coffee with great depth and flavor. It is a full-bodied roast with mild acidity that results in a smooth yet bold flavor. The whole beans are then packaged in a specially designed resealable one pound bag to ensure quality and freshness.

The spirit of the 1776 revolution is truly alive with this exceptional Wake Up America: Patriot Blend. Our founders forged this nation with guts and determination, and it is with that same spirit that Infowars battles for the liberty, honor and freedoms of patriots like you everywhere. For 18 years, Alex Jones has been fighting to awaken the Sleeping Giant that is free humanity. Now you can get an incredible cup of coffee, support the Infowars and Wake Up America!

Also available: Check out our Immune Support Blend that is infused with organic medicinal mushroom extracts.

*Due to the extremely limited quantity available for this product, it will be excluded from the 50% off sale.


The coffee I have at home lost its flavour and now I'm in a rush to finish it and get something new, I been drinking flavourless brown water the last few weeks.
Also i should had started the thread with these pics.


I buy zapatist coffee and cuban coffee whenever I find it




Is cold brew just overrated or am i doing it wrong.


wtf he sells ezln coffee


File: 1661951168571.jpg (25.82 KB, 474x440, pot moka.jpg)

Bumping this one.
What recepies do you recomend to brew in a moka?


how do you find it?


lots of milk and sugar :)


What happens if I put milk insted of water in the moka?


Sounds like a bad idea tbh, but give it a try.
I'd recommend doing a normal brew. Don't put more water than the pressure valve. It's usually the right amount of water so that the water doesn't overflow and go back to the chamber and burn, also so you don't over extract the ground beans.

I usually drink my coffee black.


What does that Zapatista coffee tasts like? Or do they produce several varieties?


get a medium dark roast that has a coffee bean blend tailored to your method of preparation. For method of preparation either go with a filter drip coffee machine (normal blend) or a mocha pod (espresso blend). Depending where you live, you can get decent quality instant coffee powder, that is also an option.

15 bar espresso machines make good coffee but the "affordable" models tend to break after a few years, and a mocha pod basically tastes the same while costing 10times less, and it has nothing that can break. A durable espresso machine can cost about a months salary on minimum wage.

pad/capsule-coffee is the proprietary printer ink-cartridge scam, that doesn't taste as good / price. There are cheap refills for pads and capsules but those usually contain stuff that isn't real coffee.

if you want coffee-making to be a ritualistic experience, buy un-ground coffee beans and put them through a cheap blender and a strainer (to remove the flaky bits). Grinding coffee beans smells really nice and it does help preserving the flavor a little better than the pre-ground beans.

Don't put milk or sugar in coffee, that's barbaric, just make it less strong.


Cheese crust, no joke
Your moka will be full of something that looks like cum


Has science gone too far?

Time to make some, about flavors, origins or roasting I don't know anything. I just buy it and thankfully my country is a producer so it is cheap.
But there are some especiality coffes for export that they say have flavours and shit, I tasted some but I have to get better at the moka since just brewing it is not the same


>Time to make some, about flavors, origins or roasting I don't know anything. I just buy it and thankfully my country is a producer so it is cheap.
See embbed video please


File: 1664897040947.png (80.02 KB, 1080x1440, 8h9hk7qkiw.png)

>"In this large, observational study, ground, instant and decaffeinated coffee were associated with equivalent reductions in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease or any cause," said study author Professor Peter Kistler of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia. "The results suggest that mild to moderate intake of ground, instant and decaffeinated coffee should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle."
Coffee is good for you


Should I buy coffee in bulk? What/where are the best sellers to buy from?


Least based coop supporter


thinking of trying to get hold of Zapatista coffee to sell to hipster petit burgs. is that praxis?

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