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File: 1608525612422.png (73.85 KB, 512x512, Soulseek-png-3 (1).png)


>Peer to Peer sharing of music
>Absofuckinglutely massive database that has millions of artists, and often has their entire discographies

Stop supporting YouTube and Spotify, and join a FREE music sharing platform today!


I use it. It even has a Communist channel.


Yeah it's probably the best way to get music since oink and what.cd shut down. Funny how it's been around since the days of Napster and LimeWire but somehow flew under the radar.


I see a /pol/ room but not a /leftypol/ room, what's it called?

And may it continue to do so until copyright is no more!


It's literally just called " Communism "


Ahh my eyes glossed over it, my bad.


I am.
But AFAIK it's not really peer to peer, is it? The files are stored on regular computers but the index of files is stored on some central servers.
There's now something on i2p called MuWire that IIRC at least claimed to be actually decentralised, but I'm not sure. I couldn't manage to get it working anyway.


i just use bittorrent to collect the music and play it from my own computer. What is the advantage of soulseek?


The people who have the music I want are rarely ever online; it always feels like gamble when using it.


I miss what.cd so much


This. That's the reason I don't always prefer to torrent things in general. It sucks getting into niche stuff years after it came out.


Well at least with torrenting a peer might be running a seedbox; with Soulseek you have to catch someone at the right time of day just to start downloading.


I was destitute about it for a month, then I found soulseek. Still have my WCD coasters that I ordered to sent my friend an invite.

What I will forever mourn is the usermade lists though. It was an awesome way to find new music.


It's easy once you have account and there some stuff there that less hard to get then torrents


people who are mourning what.cd, you realise redacted.ch is it's successor clone spinoff?


I am already using Soulseek


Isn't it proprietary?


Both the official client and server are proprietary and closed-source, but an open-source client Nicotine+ is available and the server/protocol have been reverse engineered and there exist published server implementations. File transfers occur between clients, the central servers only handle searches, chats, and user accounts. It's a pretty well-known network, not much to be concerned about wrt privacy.






File: 1634769570390.png (2.24 MB, 1673x2160, 1634676366479.png)

I used to, but now I just use premium spotify. It's been cracked for a while now.


is this just on phones or ?
I suppose you don't mean a crack where you can even download music from it,but just the usual ad-skips.

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