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What do you fellas listen to?



I also wanted to ask you all about your local political talk radio, what does the conservative talk radio plays and if you have a liberal commenter too.


As I am in a very red state, all of my political talk radio is conservative. Its very rare that they arent just taking calls and talking to mouth breathing truckers about the book of revelations


>Podcast of the Cybernetic Marxists. Examining the intersection of Technology, (Left) Politics, and Philosophy


The Chapo spinoff Hell of Presidents is really good


Chrstiman/someone just made a new one: Hinge Points.


File: 1636588978960.png (135.37 KB, 375x427, 1531890334414.png)

HOw is political talk radio different form a podcats anyway?


Its *usually* live, and they *usually* have live callers
In my opinion, radio still requires more of a backend and staff, mostly call screeners and interns preparing material for the host to read.


File: 1636673252333-0.jpg (70.49 KB, 806x719, p51wi50sa8vz.jpg)

Thoughts on Mike Duncan? Im just starting his Russian Revolution 70+ episode podcast but I'm wondering if its worth it


This takes me back to when I used to listen to my local shock jock on the air.
I really miss the energy those old shows had, being live, taking calls, making calls, playing music, reading the chat, having a reporter on the field.
Def we need a podcast to revive that feeling political or not.


Haven't really checked out much of his other stuff, but his Storm Before the Storm book was very good.


I've never paid attention to podcasts but BaI started making one a few months ago.


only cumtown


What is it about?


Seems to be improvised but most of what they talk about is politics, insurgency, edginess and technology.


this ball of cringe DJ got me into radio
I always do a little scorch "looky looky miss cookie" when I get a phone call



I'd like to ask here for the opposite. Are there any podcasts that are more like a lecture by people assuming an audience already familiar with basic Marxism? I don't really hate people like srslywrong, but I find them rather superficial.


Darknet diaries is excellent but the dude who makes it really loves the US, Israel, big tech and the authorities in general. A little too white hat.


yoo this radio reminds me of some drum radio video on delezue


I used to listen to a lot of NPR, especially Car Talk (back when it still had new episodes), and RadioLab. NPR is good radio most of the time. Right now, I don't really listen to radio, but I did check out The Iron Dice on Spotify, which is a good little podcast about Germany.


>A little too white hat.
*small hat

War Nerd
Useful Idiots
Russians With Attitude
Unauthorized Disclosure

Some of those are already listed, lots of good suggestions ITT

I'd also like to point out/bitch that I finally deleted Lex Fridman's feed. Having Netanyahu, Zucc, and Kushner on rapid fire was too much to ignore


He's a lib but not an idiot. Rare example


I really like this podcast from Cybershell and Bernie about miscellania. It's not about politics but when the topic does come up they often have alright positions. It doesn't have a release schedule though.

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