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Ok so I couldn't find any music prod thread in here so making one to see if anyone could tell me where to start with production. I really like to listen to music and would love to make some too!!!


download ableton and omnisphere


Why not FL studios?


(OP here) you know of any resources to learn them?
also what kinda hardware would I need, like the bare minimum shit?


just play around with them, you’re supposed to be making art at the end of the day
they have the system requirements on their websites


Renoise > FL Studio


Get an audio interface like:
Focusrite Scarlett Solo ~$100
Because you're going to want low latency and it will also give you a good input for recording when you want to start recording audio.

Get a midi keyboard:
Nektar 49 $84

Learn how to play piano and also learn music theory. There is no work around to learning music theory other than learning it intuitively, but I think learning it in a structured format will take you farther faster. There is no music without music theory. Music is all math based on a specific formula that has been more or less unchanged for 100s of years including electronic music except for the most experimental stuff.

I use Ableton. I dabbled with FL a little before learning Ableton but it never clicked with me. Ableton is so simple for me all the shortcuts and how the clips and timeline and everything else work. Like I hate pro tools so much by comparison. So much more infuriating trying to manipulate the timeline with Pro Tools IMO but maybe I never studied it enough. Each producer swears on a different DAW, Ableton, Reason, Logic, FL Studio, just try them all and see which one clicks with you because they are all capable of the same things, just different interfaces.


I once made a song in LMMS.


Renoise is pretty intuitive but isn't as popular


you clicked some old memories. i remember making music with lmms while chatting with an old friend i kind of had a crush. the last one i made was a big one, good old days

i had its flaws but since is a small project is understandable. i'd only recommend it for someone who just wants to play with music without being serious


Who gives a shit about popularity? No one's checking you over what DAW you use.


Learn an instrument and learn music theory
Download a digital audio workstation like Reaper

You don't actually need a setup or any equipment. You can use virtual instruments. You just need a computer


Also, don't buy anything. Pirate ALL software


Not even an instrument?


OP, ignore all posts above, because nobody is asking the fundamental question: WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU WANT TO MAKE?

Answer this question first, then choose your software (because for some genres, certain software is better suited) and learn only theory which you actually need. You don't need to know about scales and harmony shit, if you want to make breakcore for example.


If you only use samples, then you don't have to learn theory (besides the concept of staying in time), sure. But composing definitely requires that knowledge.


This thread was literally at page 25 and hasn't had a post since the end of 2021, over 2 years ago. Why have you monkey's bumped it for no reason? You KNOW the posters from this thread are no longer here, and you KNOW there is >>>/music/
Are you okay?


sorry i was lurking and didnt check the date


People complaining about necrobumping must be the dumbest shit ever.


Necrobumping is often used as a method by spammers and bad faith actors, which is among the reasons it's seen with suspicion.
In addition it's often discouraged on forums, imageboards and Stack Exchanges etc. because
>Bumping a topic that has been dead for months or years is not doing anything except raising a very old discussion to the top. It is entirely possible that the people involved in said discussion have either forgotten what was going on or simply left the community. sage for offtopic

No harm no foul, just pointing it out friendo.

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