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Hello, the most recent movie threads have seemed a bit unfocused, this thread is for the discussion of movies we just watched and other anon's takes on them. So, without further ado I'll begin.

I just watched Parasite last night, it was pretty good I think, but not as cutting edge or witty as I was expecting. I thought it was a bit unfocused and threw a lot at the wall to see what stuck, but on the other hand, it was fun and more interesting than most. A solid 8/10.

I do an IMDB rating for each film I watch, for my own reference mostly, but you can see each film I watched lately and my rating if you're curious or want to ask about them. If other anons have something similar feel free to post.

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Zapata! was made by a rabid anticommunist who sold people out willingly to the HUAC. Someone care to explain that one to me?


Just watched Love and Monsters and it was great. For a low-budget cheesy monster movie, it has good plot, fun characters, fairly good CGI and practical effects and a nice message. The monster designs are creative and really carry across the whole "mutant" idea, and reminds me of some other works of science fiction with similar premises. It's a shame it didn't go to theaters but what can you do.
I won't go into the details of the good parts yet, because it's a new movie and I don't wanna spoil it for anyone until after they've had a chance to watch it.

Paramount's own trailer description is the best nonspoiler summary,
Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien), along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick), who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.

I enjoyed it the same way I enjoyed Pacific Rim or Zombieland and there's a lot of good stuff to find. It's available on fmovies.wtf (Have uBlock Origin and Popupblockers) and is plenty of fun to watch.


File: 1608526682253.jpg (345.4 KB, 700x380, 73247055.jpg)

Just watched Battlefield Earth, what are our thoughts on the whole "so bad, it's good" phenomenon?


I always enjoyed it. It is in essence a cheesy movie in the same way films like Predator or Independence day are. Some cool alien concepts, some idea of human struggle against impossible odds and some decent acting and effects with the gaps filled in with cheese and tropes.


>>4835 I just watched "Hereditary" after seeing Midsommar and my God what a good movie. The VVitch is okay too.


What did you think of Midsommar?


File: 1608526747237-0.jpeg (172.01 KB, 960x1440, images (1).jpeg)

File: 1608526747237-2.jpeg (207.99 KB, 960x1440, images (2).jpeg)

Has anyone watched The Inner Circle?
>The true story of Ivan Sanchin, the KGB officer who was Stalin's private film projectionist from 1939 until the dictator's death. Told from Sanchin's view, the sympathetic but tragically flawed hero maintains unwavering faith in his "Master" despite the arrest of his neighbors and his involvement with their daughter, his wife's affair with the chilling State Security chief Lavrentii Beria and her tragic decline, and the deadly political machinations within the Kremlin he witnesses firsthand.
How is it?
Also thoughts on East/West?


File: 1608526748474.jpg (250.61 KB, 1200x797, 19035073.jpg)

god, posters looked so awful back then


This is the only place that I can admit but I'm about to watch all 5 of the scary movies as part of my halloween marathon


Why are you ashamed? Those are great fun

>back then


File: 1608526749947.jpg (4 KB, 200x149, soc.jpg)

Has anyone seen the Society of the Spectacle movie/documentary/video essay? Is it a good introduction before diving into the book?


Borat 2.It was funny, but I feel like it was a bit underwhelming: like the funniest stuff was all shock humour as opposed to something actually comedic. Also the satire felt a bit, weak? Like yes singing about giving Obama wuhan flu as a rally and people unironically liking it is funny, but like, it feels a bit weak compared to say what Eric Andre does.


File: 1608526750628.jpg (345.52 KB, 625x417, Come-and-See-POST-ONE.jpg)

I watched La Chinoise recently with a friend and it made me think, what films do y'all think should be required/recommended watching for socialists?

For me Come and See is a must watch. Soy Cuba is also good.


File: 1608526754028.mp4 (28.38 MB, 1280x720, stern.mp4)

I just watched Heavy Metal (1981) and frankly, the best best story is the Captain Stern trial, the cabby story is nice, but the love story is truly put with a shoehorn, it make me laugh how bad that was.
The other stories are pretty meh to me.


It's a drug-induced fantasy rotoscope animation, it wasn't meant to be anything than a set of short stories in an art-house experiment.


It made me drop anarchism for Marxism.


I watched this recently. Very good and I don't even like Tarkovsky that much.


Just watched The Lighthouse. Maybe not for everyone but I appreciated the pacing and Dafoe’s monologues.
pretty great/10, good portrayal of drugs and the 20-something generation. Good body horror at times.
It’s literally someone reading the book, just presented in a different sequence of chapters. Hopefully the footage helps illustrate the points. I’s also highly recommend Debord’s earlier films ‘Critique of Separation’ and ‘On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Brief Unity of Time’ to get your brain in tune with his before jumping into SoTS, and you might like In Girum…’ (palindromic Latin title idr, made later in the 70s)
Kanchiviram and the docu Concerning Violence


>The Lighthouse
Definitely an acquired taste and a bit over artsy, but still quite interesting a film. Dafoe is always great with his characters and plays madmen well (similar to Christopher Walken and Anthony Hopkins).

Red Cynic did a decent review of the film that really delved into the lore behind the film:


thanks buddy


The Lighthouse was a sequel to Flapjack.


Hot-Take: Cruel Intentions is a perfect encapsulation of American bourg narcissism and self-pity


Just watchined "Sweeny Todd" on Netflix. Great film, pretty based.

>There's a hole in the world like a great black pit

>And the vermin of the world inhabit it
>And its morals aren't worth what a pig could spit
>And it goes by the name of London

>At the top of the hole sit a privileged few

>Making mock of the vermin in the lower zoo
>Turning beauty to filth and greed
>I too have sailed the world and seen its wonders,
>For the cruelty of men is as wondrous as Peru


currently watching trial of chicago 7

goddamn courts are such a sham when it comes to prosecuting leftists

really makes you understand how pathetic and fake the state's freedom is


Not a "movie I watched", but movie related. What are you all thinking about Matrix 4? Asking because in all honesty I feel kinda afraid that it will ruin the original trilogy somehow. After watching the films again for those two review posts ITT I felt that the series had a really nice conclussion at the end of it and I would hate to see it messed with tbh.


>Watching Sorkin libshit butchery of a real story film
Very cringe


It's best to watch Matrix 4 as it's own thing. It's definitely not very fitting with the rest of the trilogy, but it's still a fun movie.

Nuclear truth


File: 1608526953061.jpg (73.58 KB, 220x326, Drive2011Poster.jpg)

I finally watched the movie that started all.

I have no idea why it's not mentioned more often in critics circle

also mystery of why autistic entities tend to gitta go fast contiunes


???? Matrix 4 is out????
Damn. Gonna watch it tommorow.

Just watched the 3 extended LOTR movies. Took a week to get through them. Awesome movies.


Watching the LOTR trilogy has been kind of a Christmas tradition for me the last couple of years. It just goes so well with this time of year for some reason.
And they are still to this day may favourite movies ever.
Btw, watch the behind the scenes documetaries next. They are honestly just as good as the movies.


It's not out I think. I asked because it is supposed to come out in 2021.


>Matrix 4
So is it out or not?


Sauce on that?


Oh wow, I thought this thread had been lost in the transfer.

I did watch The Irony of Fate with my family on December 31/January 1st. We loved it. The humor didn't feel dated at all, maybe because we're Latin American.
Unfortunately my cat left the following day and never came back, so I didn't feel like talking about the movie because I'll forever associate it with him.


Nah the thread is still up on bunkerchan as well. The humor really is nice innit? I watch it every New Years, as per Soviet tradition. Sorry about your cat tho.


File: 1627003202383.jpg (38.53 KB, 500x502, Live Action Fujofags.jpg)

From what I can piece together of the film and book (because I can't make myself watch/read more than a few portions of it without feeling disturbed) is that much of the story feels similar to the rather disturbing Lolita - which was meant to be such - and the authors own unsubtle comments about "attraction" to 12 year olds, feels confirmative of this fact. If this film had featured an older man seducing a teen girl, but everything else was the same, people would be going batshit about it being 'grooming'.

The acting and cinematography is good in some places, but that doesn't make the film good. The female characters have less depth than fanservice girls from 80s action movies, the peach scene was there for pointless shock factor. There is no stakes or coherence in the story, it's not an award winning movie, it's a romantic soap-opera movie on the same level as 50 Shades of Gray - I guess you could call it 50 Shades of Gay, but that already exists.

The book is a "slowburn" that is supposed to be hyperdetailed and stuff because it's "first person" or something, but it frankly comes off as someone who thinks writing is "more words and details, more more more!" - i.e. word-salad. It just feels boring and contrived, and the content itself is ill, like I'm reading the perverted delusions of a drug addict. I didn't realize gay people liked being represented as either bumbling exploitable lunatics or as manipulative child-predators. It's a normalization of young, gay men seeking older men to feel valuable - and that is a genuine expectation in gay communities.
TL;DR: This shitty flick is a pedophilic art nightmare with weak dialogue and nightmarish romance scenes.

While on the topic; I bring up Pixar's latest film, a film about friendship - Luca. The similarities are very superficial - an Italian seaside town and two male characters can be found in many films that are not gay-themed, so the constant comparisons, and the claims by 'activists' who say that regardless of authorial intent, Luca has to be gay, really belittles that wonderful Pixar film, pic related.


Watched these 3 documentaries last week. Robert McNamera has somewhat interesting insight on the US war machine during the mid-20th century. Siegfried Müller is a disgusting creature that deserved a much worse death than from stomach cancer; I'm amazed those East German journalists managed to trick him into doing an interview. It's interesting to see a personification of post-WW2 international fascism attempting to justify himself. And the last documentary was localized as A Perfect Crime; it's about the alleged 'third generation' Red Army Faction's 1991 assassination of Detlev Karsten Rohwedder, who was the head of Treuhand, the organization responsible for liquidating and privatizing the former GDR. The crime remains unsolved to this day, and there's a conspiracy theory that it was actually done by former Stasi members. It features commentary by two 'second generation' RAF members as well; really fascinating stuff. I'd recommend watching them all.


>what films do y'all think should be required/recommended watching for socialists?
Probably all of the films in Godard's Dziga Vertov Group era, for starters.


>of the film and book
I as talking about "Call Me By Your Name" and forgot to actually write the title out LOL.


File: 1628569676095.png (73.26 KB, 721x790, shrug2.png)

I think I've seen all 3 of them before but I only vaguely remember 2.

Fog of War is good although McNamara is still sketchy as hell like a typical American by avoiding talking about his work in the World Bank, and flat out lying through his teeth concerning the Gulf of Tonkin incident (seriously I didn't buy a single word of what he said during that segment; he's had decades to rehearse a plausible explanation that makes him look better).

As for Rohwedder I actually think the West Germany inside-job conspiracy makes the most sense. The RAF had already been arrested/destroyed and lost all their members as admitted by the West German counter-terrorist officials. They didn't have the capability or resources to kill Rohwedder. The ex-RAF members themselves noted that the message left at the scene was somewhat incoherent/strange and didn't make sense.

The ex-Stasi are smart so they would have known killing one person wouldn't have stopped Treuhand. Add in the fact that the West Germany police didn't respond to requests from Rohwedder's wife for additional security measures makes it seem that he was selected to be a scapegoat from the beginning. The protestors in East Germany were getting increasingly agitated and creating a martyr out of Rohwedder did stop the protests.

False flag killings in order to destroy populist movements have been carried out before. I think the most recent suspicious murder has been that of Jo Cox, a pro-EU Labour MP who was assassinated right before the Brexit vote, which, in my view, was done in the hopes of creating a scenario where the Remain side would win out of sympathy due to tight polls leading up to that referendum.


>McNamara is still sketchy as hell like a typical American by avoiding talking about his work in the World Bank, and flat out lying through his teeth concerning the Gulf of Tonkin incident
I didn't really care for that segment either. He seemed really antsy when discussing Vietnam in general, and flat out refused to answer some of Errol Morris' questions. I was more interested in McNamera's time during WW2 w/ Curtis LeMay re: Firebombing of Tokyo, etc.
>As for Rohwedder I actually think the West Germany inside-job conspiracy makes the most sense.
The docuseries actually sorta touches on this with the suspicious death of Wolfgang Grams! Evidence of his hair was allegedly found at the crime scene, but this wasn't confirmed until many years after his apparent suicide at Bad Kleinen station. Mention of a West German 'deep state' apparatus was actually uttered at one point.
>The ex-RAF members themselves noted that the message left at the scene was somewhat incoherent/strange and didn't make sense.
What ex-RAF members they interviewed would disagree that it was incoherent. The letter's analysis of Rohwedder was lucid, but never indicated a motive for anything beyond the assassination itself. Which is what raised questions on the legitimacy or capabilities of the so-called 'third generation' RAF to begin with.
>The protestors in East Germany were getting increasingly agitated and creating a martyr out of Rohwedder did stop the protests.
Yeah, it's kind of a shame such a movement died with Rohwedder. If it's any consolation, the docuseries has high quality footage of the protests in question, as well as archival footage of life in the GDR. It dropped onto Netflix in late 2020; not many people have watched it yet afaik.
>False flag killings in order to destroy populist movements have been carried out before.
I'm an American who lives in the Midwest, so when it comes to 'false flag killings' I immediately think of the numerous apparent suicides of BLM organizers in St Louis, or the more recent police killing of Winston Boogie Smith in Minneapolis.


I'm not sure I get why people heap praise on this movie. I mean I love Denis and what he did with Arrival, Prisoners, BR2049, etc., so I expected to like this. And like it a lot since it's one of his most highly reviewed films. And I was really enjoying the film and how it intercut between the daughter's POV and the mother's POV for the first 3/4th of it. But damn did the twist that everyone says is so mind blowing and great just fall flat for me and really kind of put me off. I mean maybe it's because I had just seen Chinatown and that plot point didn't feel as fresh to me but it felt kind of contrived.

Anyone else seen this film and get a similiar feel?


<Project 100,000 intensifies


I'm watching this '85 Japanese movie. It's a live-action adaptation of the yankii manga Be-Bop High School. No subtitles, so I don't understand most of it but my basic knowledge of Japanese definitely helps a lot. No, I won't go through the trouble to get the subs.
I'm loving it so far, it's pretty funny and cool in a badass way, as expected.
The actor who played Kuze in Yakuza 0 appears in this movie

I posted the wrong video lol


>In Mexico, where the film is known as Los Héroes de Mesa Verde, it was refused classification and effectively banned until 1979 because it was considered offensive to the Mexican people and the Revolution
Perhaps >>6666 (cheke'd) is right


>Does not man, perhaps, love something besides well-being? Perhaps he is just as fond of suffering? Perhaps suffering is just as great a benefit to him as well-being? Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering, and that is a fact.


watched it, was pretty good, but indeed was amazed when I went to wikipedia and it apparently was even worse than depicted
also watched trumbo, was great (the baseball bat scene is absolutely hilarious), although a bit over dramatic with the end speech and not that radical
surprising you can still do such movies in hollywood

first matrix was amazing on all front, other two were just nice actions movies
can still do good, but seeing john wick as neo feel a bit weird

waiting for dune too


I thought them setting up the playboy guy was too far. It kind of ruined it for me. I mean the rich girl was about to set up the poor girl too before she switched sides. I didn't like it ending with him getting tortured and murdered. Especially when they set him up they had no reason to believe the ultimate bad guy would be killed in the process. It made me dislike the two female leads.


> Did you think the metaphor was weak then?
What metaphor?

As far as parasite, I don't really think killing off the daughter really had that much emotional impact for me. It seemed more like "oh we've reached the end of the movie, let's just add in some consequences randomly." I guess I wanted it to work out for both of the kids. Fine make it a tradegdy, but at least set up the downfall more. They could've really done more with the conflict between the former maid they pushed out and the family. It was just a sudden discovery for the maid, and then it became some kind of murder-thriller. Also the father's decision to randomly murder the boss off of one insult felt shoehorned as well.


>Matrix 4
>So is it out or not?
Maybe he saw it at a test screening? I used to watch a lot of movies at free preview when I lived in LA. I saw Cloud Atlas, by The Wachowskis on a test screening when I lived there. The Arclight chain seemed to be their favorite place to do test screenings although they just went out of business during Covid. Pretty sick, get to see movies before they come out for free. Just gotta be there when they're handing out the free tickets outside. I think you can also sign up online. Anyone in LA should look into it.

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