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I want to make youtube videos because when I was a young teenager I used to make youtube shitposts and I really enjoyed the process of video editing, and I'd like to get back into it in a more genuine way, but now I'm a depressed and disaffected 20-something with zero interests
How should I decide how to make videos? Sorry for such a dumb question, but I'm really stuck in neutral here.
Like, the only thought I had was to like, make videos about current events/news articles on the front page of [insert non controversial news publisher here] or something, but I'm not really interested in current events so I wouldn't really have something to say about it


What do you generally do with your time?


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waste my time on various chans, fbi.govs, and reddits


Make an onlyfans


actually a pretty viable option for me, but I dont want to show my face, is that acceptable?


Make videos like this https://youtu.be/e1kzuSox1Ho
Or this https://youtu.be/iqBisuYaotk

No more video essays. Don't comment on entertainers or current events. If you discover that you possess some talent then make a documentary. Titles to emulate: Propaganda (2012), The Society of the Spectacle (1974), HyperNormalisation (2016).



Hmm. No movies, no vidya, no books? That is harder. Have you ever had an interest in any of the sciences?


>but I dont want to show my face, is that acceptable?
Yes, it actually is. Can we see the goods? Not for any other reason besides horny purposes.

I've seen many creators wear masks or stuff like that. It can be enticing because the imagination always conjures a nicer face than reality.

If you're doing it for money, keep in mind that it takes a lot of self marketing to make it.


Edit funny animated face on yours in your videos?


Good idea. Also a thing Ive seen sells well is offering perks which include just talking.

People don't seem to notice but a big role of strip clubs is for people to talk about their issues. I've seen successful only fans who are cute and try to speak with their paying customers to good success. It's always smart to keep a good distance and maintian clear that its a business relationship and not a real friendship when necessary. Trying to fool them otherwise will only work out worse for you in the long run.


I feel dirty now, don't make an only fans


idk those videos are more art products than anything, and I dont really do that
I mean I sorta used to make Blender color space artpieces, but those are just static images
I do kinda wanna do like video essays though, like, I WANT to talk about something I can talk a lot about, but I just dont do anything
movies, no
vidya kinda, but I would only be able to do like 5 minute reviews in a list format, "this is the stuff I liked, this is what I didnt" and I feel that it would get repetitive because all the major studio games would have the same complaints
Books is something I've been considering, since I do kinda read, but I would have even less to say about that, just like, a plot summary and maybe some stuff I liked
I tried to start taking notes while reading, but it slowed my reading down to a halt because I would find two things per page to make a note of and it exhausted me, so then I stopped reading for 4 months
fortunately I'm a moderately good looking athletic white person, so I can easily get a lot of followers on gay twitter if I wanted (also big pp)
I would just wear a ski mask or something, but try to not bring attention to my head at all tbh




If you're not interested in current events then do videos on theory, polemics & history or just memes/entertainment


give us a sample, anon 🤤


Make memes, OP. Memes are good for getting more exposure, simple to make, and relevant to people's interests.


just make videos about whatever interests you
most youtubers don't tend to start off with an established theme or regular schedule, they start off dipping their toes with random content and then getting the ball rolling from there when/if they get attention

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