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Sandals vs Sneakers vs Boots

Which is the goatest and most practical of them all, comrade?
For the everyday man

Which one will cause the least foot problems and encourage the best foot health?

Nude feet hippies stay out


Sneakers. Don't get glue shoes either. I don't like flat soles as much either. No high tops either because those are practicaly boots and come with all the same problems.

Sneakers(if they aren't high tops) are easy to slip on and slip off and they don't inhibit the ankle.

Boots inhibit ankle, hard to put on or take off.

Sandals, don't protect the foot and are flat sole.


Oh and soles with beveled edges are also way better. Sharp edges suck when your foot contacts the ground at an angle.


boots look better and protect your feet better than sneakers
unless youre going to run a marathon get boots
nobody cares about sandals

>Boots inhibit ankle
you mean protect ankles and prevent sprains lol


File: 1650439006115.jpg (52.37 KB, 278x387, 1610528660760.jpg)

>boots are hard to put on or take off
Are you 5


File: 1650439097172.jpg (35.57 KB, 600x442, toe shoes.jpg)

A challenger approaches.


You have to undo and redo laces whereas with a sneaker you can slip them on and off.

>you mean protect ankles and prevent sprains lol
Lol. Torqueing your ankle is better than falling. The fuck would you want to reduce flexibilty of your ankle for.

Best argument: what sport uses boots? It's just obvious.


If you want to look like shit wear sneakers. The bigger the better.


11 eyelet boots


Have a pair of good runners, good hiking boots and some dress shoes.

Runners for general use, boots for the bush and dress shoes for the bourgie moments.


File: 1650443664957.jpg (582.32 KB, 2048x1536, 0125.jpg)

boots, not even a contest


the sneakerhead fears the toethelete


are those comfortable to wear 8 hrs a day anon?


what does having flexibility in ankle in day to day life help with? genuinely asking

wouldn't having the support of a high top help?


lol yeah why wouldnt they be, its leather


converses/canvas shoes are good for everyday stuff and are decently comfy, shouldnt cause foot issues either but most sneakers are terrible for your heel because of how much cushioning they have. I dont remember the name but theres a video on how one guy from nike changed footwear forever and ruined peoples feet and backs for the past 50+ years


https://youtu.be/Xdz6jxscD0w found it, worth the 40 minute watch


Comfy/Flexible Boots = Platform/Chunky Sneakers > Platform Sandals >= Sneakers > Sandals (Good looking style) > Boots (Regular) > Sandals (Ugly style)


*Fashion Wise*


>how one guy from nike changed footwear forever and ruined peoples feet and backs for the past 50+ years

why did he do it


are you sure this isn't a barefoot shoe advert?


Maybe I'm just a clumsy bitch. But I feel far less agile in boots and therefore way more likely to trip

Alright, real talk. Are those any good?


>Alright, real talk. Are those any good?

It seems like a great idea but probably ends up in 5 perfect little fungal chambers per shoe.

something like a converse with better arch support could be better but idk.


you cant suggest fucking converse on a thread about foot health


I love them for running and martial arts but my last pair wore out and they're too expensive for me to replace now. No you don't get toe fungus from them, you just have to air them out good after use or wash them every now and then or they'll get real stinky.


Ya, chucks are basically little commercialized torture chambers for your feet


sneakers for short brisk walks, boots if i’m outside for a long time or working


Sandals are the true revolutionary option. Worked in every rebellion, in any guerrilla situation, in any environment. Sneakers are for bourgeois porkies and boots are for fascists.


Worst post itt yet.


Leather sneakers. :^)


Obviously it depends on your environment. Wouldn't want to wear a sweaty foot cage in a really hot or sandy environment.


I want to try out some minimalist/barefoot shoes (no not the toe ones those look stupid) but the prices are artificially high when it really should be cheaper from less materials used to make them.


It used to be cheaper, in fact. Prices seem to have gone way up since the last pair I bought about 10 years ago.


My worry with sandals all the time is that something heavy will fall on my foot and break it or take off a toe


File: 1650567480354-0.png (568.53 KB, 600x591, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650567480354-1.png (763.02 KB, 616x917, ClipboardImage.png)

That's the same risk with all shoes but steel toed ones. Sandals mostly suck for getting pebbles in them. I'm speaking blasphemy against my heritage for defaming sandals though. I dunno how they deal with the pebble problem.


good boots are meant to last forever and only need maintenance very rarely, even expensive sneakers will succumb to wear and tear


If I had a lot of disposable income I'd love to get a pair of designer boots and wear them exclusively every day.


You had any issues with a hardening of your skin on the edges of your feet from wearing them? What ones did you get? Are they manufactured same as normal zero drop shoes just thinner soles or are the pieces shaped differently and attached a different way? If I cant find good ones at a halfway decent price Id be tempted to attempt make my own.


you come from a long line of sandal makers?


so das boot is the primo option? even if i live in a really hot and humind enviornment??

what's special about these boots


File: 1650611082997.jpg (19.29 KB, 500x500, vibram-kmd.jpg)

I used these until they wore out. I don't understand that "zero drop" terminology, but these basically have just enough rubber to protect your feet from sharp things. Can't say I experienced skin hardening from the shoes, but I do martial arts barefoot regularly and my feet and toes were already well callused.


>what's special about these boots
They look good and they're well-made? What kinda question is this


Zero drop just means the soles are flat. No raised heel like you see in most basketball and running shoes. I just asked about the hardening since I already have callus buildup on some toes that bothers me a little. Not sure why they design those toe shoes with the toes visible. It really wouldnt be difficult to put a peice of stretchable fabric over the toes so it looks more like a normal shoe from top view but still can wiggle your toes.


Ah yes then, they basically have no heel to speak of. If you run around in them with bad heel-striking posture you're almost guaranteed to injure yourself. The whole point is to have the freedom to move your toes around independently, adding stuff on top would make that more difficult.


Ironically heel striking is the more energy efficient method which is why people evolved to walk and run that way counter to what other animals do. You lose 10% of energy efficiency to use forefoot striking on a run so you will not be able to run for as long. Also midfoot running would work with minimalist shoes btw. I assume forefoot striking while running is result of being on a hard ground not a natural inclination. Both our close relatives bonobos and chimpanzees are heel strikers.


When you heel strike you don't even utilize the best lever and shock absorber in your body, the soleus and gastrocnemeus muscles, to protect your legs from the impact. It's quite something to go from efficiency claims about a form of running that has only been possible in recent human history to claiming that we somehow evolved to run in that manner. I think it's far more likely to be a load of bullshit invented to sell people expensive running shoes.


Also we're about 10 million years removed from the last common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans. Chimps are also complete shit at running, what a terrible comparison.


File: 1650631088306.jpg (44.85 KB, 480x480, 1430275895317.jpg)

>wearing things on your feet


>I think it's far more likely to be a load of bullshit invented to sell people expensive running shoes.
Yeah basically this. The more expensive the running shoes, the more they are engineered to prevent your foot and ankle from moving, which to anybody with 2 braincells to rub together should raise the question why we evolved to have such mobile feet if that's not ideal, given that our ancestors did so much walking and running.


>even if i live in a really hot and humind enviornment??
how hot we speaking, i wear leather boots even during summer
if its that much of an issue just get cheap sneakers anyway, but they will NOT last and you will spend more in the long run


File: 1650634793425.png (137.37 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1650661937303.jpeg (16.82 KB, 280x156, vs.jpeg)

Show me the evidence. Obviously there are much larger profits to be made using less materials so claiming it's something made up to sell running shoes is a stretch. The whole thing about running shoe sole design improving running is a pretty modern thing. The design likely came purely from work related practicality of needing a thicker sole for safety and from fashion trends mimicing high healed shoes and making men appear taller. A tall flat platform is easier to trip over so they likely made the shoes sloped for that reason. So not a conspiracy. Ever heard of Earth shoes? It was popular trend a while where these shoes had a reversed slope originally invented by some yoga guy.

I never see anyone actually support these claims that early humans only forefoot ran and some barefoot shoe enthusiasts even claim walked on their forefeet. It's purely based on guess work. First lets get away the obvious with walking. I mention walking since I have seen some barefoot people on YouTube claiming you should walk on your forefoot. Anyway heel strike walking existed even before hominids as seen in fossil evidence.
I couldn't even find a single paper that discusses this site in Australia mentioning forefoot or midfoot running strides of this ancient "Olympic" sprinter. Can you find any discussion of fossil evidence supporting forefoot or midfoot running?
How people run barefoot or minimal shoed is pretty varied even when it's the norm for their culture and it's thought to depend on things like speed and running time and like I mentioned before the type of ground hardness or softness likely a factor. These papers were interesting
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0052548 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2095254614000350

Oh also if you want cheaper ones there always is Feiyue I've found out. Apparently there are two versions.


File: 1650663016146.png (215.95 KB, 1024x724, ClipboardImage.png)

I have a pair of those exact shoes. I think mine are the Chinese ones. I got them cheap on amazon. They look cool but white cloth is hard to keep clean beware.

Sandal wearers.

What my dad told me he said people brought nice boots to the field but they didn't last. Whereas with the rubber sandals, when they break, you just take a hot knife and melt them back together and they're good as new lol.


so your dad didnt know how to fix boots


The link at bottom explains how to tell appart the Chinese and French versions. How do they hold up?


File: 1650664662665-0.png (3.62 MB, 1984x1323, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650664662665-1.png (2.92 MB, 1554x1592, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650664662665-2.png (934.35 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650664662665-3.png (671.47 KB, 1233x625, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650664662665-4.png (166.12 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

How are you going to be cobbling in the field while you're at war. Are you going to lug around some cobblers tools just for your boots?

They have a company named on the tongue:
These are the exact version I think https://www.tigerclaw.com/feiyue-shoes-martial-arts-pr-7012.html

I think that makes them the Chinese ones because it says the y looks more like a v on the Chinese ones.

Pretty well. I haven't used them as much as some other shoes. Their is the dirt problem like I mentioned. I need to clean my pair thoroughly. As far as construction it's hard to tell on the white ones, but the rubber sole raps around the toe a lot more than other shoes. Probably siginificantly reduces the possibility of the shoes end up "talking" I don't know what the point of failure will be on them.


Yeah I looked into it more and apparently because the Feiyue trademark is held by the French company who got rights via a contractor not the original owners but the Chinese one they can only sell in China and online and have started labelling Dafu on the sole, tongue and insdide the shoe as a big fuck you to the French company so people know what they are getting if it's the real Feiyue. Also the letter Y looking like a V was fixed Ive seen someone say so that's possibly no longer a good indicator in itself. The Chinese ones come in a brown paper bag with Chinese writing on it Ive heard. They vulcanize the rubber which Ive seen some people claim pretty much only Vans is the only other shoe maker that does that anymore but probably a few others. Vulcanizing (baking) the rubber makes it stronger and less likely to separate from the shoe because it helps seal everything together better where most other companies use a cold gluing system. Do the white ones seem like they could just be dyed a different colour if that's all i can find? I hate white shoes. You could try coating them with hydrophobic treatment to keep them nice and white. I think some people claim you can put them in the wash machine on cold I assume, just have to air or possibly rack dry on low probably. Though still issue of the white rubber bits which Im not fond of white rubber and preffer that brownish kind or black or something.


>Probably siginificantly reduces the possibility of the shoes end up "talking" I don't know what the point of failure will be on them.
The crease maybe? How thick is it?


Yeah I definitely think they could be dyed. Looks like it's an untreated canvas material like a tote bag. Yeah waxing would've been a good idea. Mine are way more yellow than those photos of the brand new one now lol. Only problem with dying is the glue extends past the sole a little in some parts and that also made a clearer color difference now that it's stained. But yeah I think dyeing it should work well.


>Obviously there are much larger profits to be made using less materials
That's not how it works at all. The product is determined by whatever can be effectively marketed, and cramming more stupid gimmicks into something to sell it for a higher price is a well-worn practice.


Sure but I'm still not seeing evidence of early humans exclusively forefoot or even midfoot running. I have no opinion just going by evidence. As for gimmicks sometimes they do absolutely nothing but sell but other times they make logical sense like the Nike Vaporfly (or Alphafly which appears to have even larger a drop) which has a pretty curved heel which means people running with it probably arent losing as much energy in a heel strike because it will be propelled forward more basically just rolling off the step and because the drop they technically are using their forefeet mostly for the pushup plus their momentum thus using their hip muscles more than normal heel striking closer to forefoot striking but with the heel rise there less calf muscles will be in use since the foot doesn't need manually raised by the runner which is a weak point even in well trained individuals due to being smaller. Im sure you can agree the thigh muscles have more potential than the calves due to size. So when there is a drop more than 0 it's not a true heel strike anyway because the foot never makes it parallel to the ground while mid step. So this whole thing is somewhat semantic.

Anyway I can vouch for having injured my foot from wearing boots that were too stiff and too large a size because how it altered my walking in the snow in winter. One time had a blood blister under my big toe has to worry the nail may fall off thankfully it never did. Another time I had some swelling under the ball of my foot which eventually caused further injury causing minor neuropathy in a toe. Oddly both happened on same foot on different years.


Walking is a totally different form of locomotion than running and I don't think anyone serious is going to argue that natural selection has favored walking on the balls of one's feet. However, while running there are clear biomechanical advantages and greater long-term joint protection in striking the ground further up in the foot. What happens when a hunter-gatherer, whose livelihood depended on their ability to pursue prey over long distances, finds their knee cartilage obliterated after years of heel-strike running? They either rely on someone else to care for them or they die.


The more important thing than gimmicks or material usage is that the running shoes industry tries to get people to replace their shoes constantly from wearing out. Shoe wear is nowhere near as big a deal with forefoot running posture because you're not relying on some thick cushion to protect you to begin with.


File: 1650675873038-0.png (619.19 KB, 678x381, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650675873038-1.png (72.05 KB, 1500x1069, ClipboardImage.png)

Shoes wear out fast now because the sole on a lot of shoes isn't sewn to the upper. It's just lightly glued so they just split very quickly. On a shoe where the sole is sewn to the upper you will develop a toe hole in the top before the sole splits from the upper.

It's probably partly planned obsolescence but it's probably mostly because it's easier to glue two pieces together than sew them together.


But where is the archaeological evidence? Once the joints wear out it's bone on bone and would make markings on the bone. Where are the people pointing out fossils have much less abrasion there? Evolution isn't intelligent design. There are plenty of things that could be better in the human skeletal system and muscles and tendons. Anyway Im not saying there was for sure no forefoot running till recent, rather Im going toward what evidence suggests that forefoot and midfoot running is situational not default in every scenario. Humans can outrun distance any animal on the planet, did you know that? Logically this difference must be due to running different which is either down to bipedalism or heel striking. So for long distance running heel striking (or at least midfoot) seems more likely. Forefoot probably appears more in short sprints. As mentioned before forefoot running is less energy efficient which is why heel striking makes more sense for long distances regardless of any knee wear. Plus that energy has to go somewhere. You may take wear off the knees but you exchange that for the hip flexors and the ankles joints and the ankle tendons which can be quite fragile. So a varried approach would reduce wear and tear overall by distributing it through all the joints over time.

Yes, some shoes with thicker soles have deeper treds so they actually can last longer than shoes with thin soles and thinner treads if any tracktion is important and still longer if it's not important. Though I can see this going both ways. On various of my shoes I find wear marks on the heels where my foot has slightly dragged when taking steps and some people may try to replace that.

The opposite also exists. Some companies that want to be seen as eco friendly don't use any glue and sew everything.


>Some companies that want to be seen as eco friendly don't use any glue and sew everything.
ive never seen this pushed as ecofriendly lol
not like it matters, if its sewn its going to be more durable than glued on shit


I checked and I see on AliExpress they no longer say Feiyue and instead have DaFu written instead which actually looks cooler. So if you need to find them again it's DaFu as the brand name now.


>Humans can outrun distance any animal on the planet, did you know that? Logically this difference must be due to running different which is either down to bipedalism or heel striking.
Humans can't seem to beat other animals that have been bipedal far longer than us, such a ostriches and kangaroos. So yes, bipedalism is the key. Another major difference between us and most other animals however is the fact that we perspire to cool ourselves. Only a few other mammals do this.

>As mentioned before forefoot running is less energy efficient which is why heel striking makes more sense for long distances regardless of any knee wear.

Two sources cited in one of the studies you posted dispute this. In fact it seems there is no metabolic difference between the two:


based thanks lol. idk some other seller might even sell them with the same name tho. they used to have really blatant knockoffs that pop up one after the other, at least b4


i thought this thread would die in 5 replies but people are writing essays now in the shoe thread, holy shit


so how exactly are we supposed to run that utilizes those muscles?

there's a friggin sandal monument… wow


Dan Lieberman is a Biologist who studies running in human evolution. He advocates for landing with the foot behind the knee, mid-foot/low angle stride, and keeping a upright posture with relaxed upper body.


Also if proper outdoor ready soft-soled moccasins werent so expensive id consider walking in those. Though theyd need little rubber nub grips for when walking around in a grocery store or something to reduce floor slippage

Almost forgot about ostriches but still Ive heard humans can go furthest. Ostriches are fast though due to their opposite knee direction I think(?). Im not sure how far ostriches travel. I'm not sure they are the best comparison for distance against humans from the different leg mechanics though I can understand you mentioning them since I assume you're trying to compare their knee with our ankle ? The stride length is different at that point. Anyway though humans are only bipedals that move the way we do that is alive and well studied so unfortunately it's a difficult subject.

As for energy usage I think what I've read somewhere wasnt talking metabolic energy inherently but more about the physics though I suppose that does in end fall back to metabolism to a degree unless something else is different. Logically if there isnt a difference the lack of is not due to heel versus forefoot but because forefoot runners lean further forward so gravity propels them forward since i have seen forefoot runners sugesting needing to lean forward but Im not sure on that. Anyway it's all speculation till someone actually is able to find evidence of how people used to naturally run in all different scenarios. I would like someone familiar with what footprints show explain old fossils of humans running. Like I said I attempted to find something but didnt luck out.

Ooft fuck. This is more confusing than i thought. Okay apparently there are two names that are legit Chinese Feiyue. One is DaFu and the other is TOP One. DaFu is more often the high tops and Top One more often you find in low tops. DaFu has a pointier toe like Converse shape I guess while Top One is more wider someone said so more toe room. I have no idea why the differences exist. DaFu was the first though it originally made boots for the military. TOP One is the one kung fu Shaolin monks are into supposedly. As if it wasnt confusing enough with the French brand that's basically a official knockoff you got two legit Chinese ones. So those knockoffs you saw probably weren't even knockoffs.

That's what happens when minor disagreements appear.

>Foot behind the knee
As in leaning forward, or just oddly crouched down a bit?


In the talk you linked he actually advocated for landing with the tibia vertical (which would put the foot directly underneath the knee) and a forefoot strike.


Did we even watch same thing? He said midfoot is the ideal not the ball or heel. Though I am tired right now.


>Ostriches are fast though due to their opposite knee direction I think(?)
All tetrapod knees point in the same direction, ostrich femurs and knees are just short and located high up their near their trunk. In an ostrich the metatarsals (stubby bones smashed together along with others in our feet that we normally rest on) are fused into a single bone and massively elongated to form the bottom part of the leg. One thing ostriches, kangaroos, and humans share in common to different degrees is elastic tendon adaptations to improve running economy by storing energy on impact and bouncing back on the next stride, as an alternative to muscular contraction. In humans the primary elastic mechanism comes from the Achilles' tendon.


Technically he said do not land with the foot in front of the knee which is not equal to landing with the foot behind the knee, so you're right, I misquoted him.


wrestling shoes
you can walk up walls with those things fr


File: 1650772475589.jpeg (184.1 KB, 1500x1500, shoe.jpeg)



>you can climb up walls
Meanwhile actual climbing shoes are a thing.


I can climb up walls without any "shoes"


Why? What's special about wrestling shoes and are they suited for daily use not just wrestling?


yeah they're super comfortable, since there's almost no structure to them, its just like cloth around your foot and ankle, but you have a really grippy bottom so its easy to climb poles and shit idk its just fun and comfy and you can run well in them too since they literally roll up into a… roll i guess. Plus no annoying arch support. It's what shoes were meant to be. Ive worn these standing and walking all day at work and they're fine. Ive ran in them, and they cushion enough from pavement with just the rubber. They're good all around shoes if you dont need any special support or safety or insulation or anything like that.


wtf how are you guys doing that?

how do i cimb walls, there isn't anything to grapple on


>yeah they're super comfortable, since there's almost no structure to them, its just like cloth around your foot and ankle, but you have a really grippy bottom so its easy

don't wrestle me for this

but then…
are socks a viable alternative to shoes? they are also just clothes on your feet



So are the soles pretty thin too or something? Is it like that in all the brands or just the Asics? How do they compare to something like the Chinese Kung Fu Feiyue's I had been looking at aside from looking a little more visually appealing?



The OP is following a template that's been on other chans recently


Thongs or steel toe boots if you're at $$$work$$$


what is this templeate? i didn't know about it while making

could you show me

steel toe boots must be fun,
are there any practial usage for it other than kicking people?

what's a thong


File: 1650965434060.jpg (85.1 KB, 595x582, sandoots.jpg)

>sandal vs boots
= sandoots

this might be a shitpost


I'm in a temperate zone so it's sandals for the summer, boots for the rest of the year. I have yet to find sturdy sneakers, bullshit shoes if you ask me. I still put on my boots if I do a big hike in the summer though.


Do the Asics you have get sweaty wearing them? I saw some review mentioning one that was really not breathable



Praying 4 u


kek'd hard


i dont know about chinese footwear, sorry anon


Remember you can just change how laced footwear looks by changing it's laces and lace method. Here is a site on different shoe and boot lacing methods


But which is the best lacing method?


gonna need a whole another thread for that
do you know what they call the tip at the end of a lace?


File: 1651242193800.png (86.46 KB, 307x497, aglet.png)

Of course, Terraria has taught me well.


Best lacing method depends on what your footwear is and if you want form or function more.


>Humans can outrun distance any animal on the planet, did you know that? Logically this difference must be due to running different which is either down to bipedalism or heel striking.
Why would that have anythign to do with heel striking? Also persistence hunters usually walked instead of running because that would do the job. Only having to move 2 limbs is vastly more advantageous than the details of what is going on with your feet.
>As mentioned before forefoot running is less energy efficient which is why heel striking makes more sense for long distances regardless of any knee wear
You can afford to burn a bit more energy running when your bipedalism allows you to outrun anything. The gain in energy use compared to the huge advantage that already exists would be pointless and definitely not worth joint wear, especially if you are walking and running around constantly, which our ancestors were doing. We walk and run for cardio to avoid being too sedentery. They were always on the move.
> Plus that energy has to go somewhere. You may take wear off the knees but you exchange that for the hip flexors and the ankles joints and the ankle tendons which can be quite fragile. So a varried approach would reduce wear and tear overall by distributing it through all the joints over time.
You are not putting more strain on your hips by adding shock absorption at your ankles. Heel striking only has the padding of the flesh on your heel, plus the soft tissue in your joints to cushion the impact from your heel to your knee to your hip to your spine. With the ankle movement in play the shock is reduced from all of those. The ankle joints and tendons are only "fragile" if they are underdeveloped, as on people who have not trained them through regular use during their lifetime. Tendons and ligaments respond to training much like muscles, although a lot more slowly. What you are saying is like saying that we aren't designed to stand up because people today spend so much time sitting that standing for long periods is difficult.


Was thinking of getting waterproof pallidum boots but my style is highly athletic and I'm not sure they would fit. I want to be ready for the protracted people war but also not look like a dork wearing them with running shorts. Not sure what to do.



Follow the trail of posts. I said pretty much all there is to say. I dont feel like repating myself.

>doesn't want to look like dork
Can't be done. Maybe get some boat shoes or something else waterproof.



Boots in summer are too ho-


Your feet would get soaked from a puddle


File: 1651784463312.jpg (33.09 KB, 900x900, Gore-Tex Socks.jpg)


Wouldnt that defeat the purpose? Doubt it's very breathable.


>Doubt it's very breathable
its goretex


goretex is breathable, but u have to apply a waterproofing coating for it to repel water, and it rubs off relatively easily, so socks are pretty lame


doesnt most waterproof coating cause cancer? lol


also its fucking bullshit that goretex is still proprietary, exclusive and expensive - fucking capitalism


File: 1652966417168.png (181.84 KB, 482x562, Scre.png)

About to buy temporary shoe replacement online
Any advice
The cheapest I could find is these women's shoe
With Size 8

My feet come at 25-26cm length and these are going to be cutting it close with 26.2cm

Should I buy a size above always?



is there any hope for goretex shit to get leaked and for people to start using it?


yeah DMF which is the one most clothing brands use is linked to cancer


File: 1653034517878.png (2.84 MB, 1800x1584, ClipboardImage.png)

>Sandals vs Sneakers vs Boots
None, Slip on shoes are king.


That was a big fad in the early 2010s, never got interested in them and they look a bit impractical for everyday stuff, though they'd probably be as asset in diving or rock climbing.


What's the ideal setup for indoors and outdoors

Boots for regular outdoor wearing on the roads
But what for indoors?

I want something that I can wear around but also slip off easily to go and pee

Do people wear shoes inside there?


are these better than slippers?

i heard slippers are bad for feet but would they be if you're just wearing them casually around the house


Never heard of house shoes before?

They're cool but retarded because pebbles get between your toes. Maybe if they covered the gaps between the toes so that can't happen they would make more sense.


what are house shoes
post 'em


waterproof hiking boots, paired with socks they work in-40 winters too, tho I dont recommend it
>Do people wear shoes inside there?
No, we take our shoes off by the front door, in fact its rude to wear shoes indoors


i meant inside the pee pee and poo poo room

>waterproof hiking boots

is that vessi shoe that yt be shilling good? they seem to genuinely like it

also is it a bad idea to buy football shoes for regular non football use

they look colourful as fuck


Just tried noshoe for a whole day and now I'm in pain.

Concrete paths were a mistake.


Shoes kick ass, you're dumb. Even in ancient times people wore sandals.


File: 1662756498166-0.png (1.48 MB, 1500x2952, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662756498166-1.png (510.88 KB, 825x550, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662756498166-2.png (449.1 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662756498166-3.png (1.6 MB, 957x1300, ClipboardImage.png)

Basically slippers and other slip ons. Kind of a catchall for shoes that are only meant to be worn indoors.

Pic1 is from an article that said top 20 house shoes for women, but it shoes you the general variety.


Thank you, I love 3
The casualness of it all

Are these kinds of shoes bad for our feet


what is the ideal number of footwear to have
how many do you have and for what practical purpose

think of having a boot for formal occassions and then some slippers for casual occassions or some crocs


>falls off

*psh* nothing personal kid


File: 1665305154660.jpg (132.92 KB, 1500x817, crocs.jpg)



File: 1665305738887.png (447.45 KB, 1000x667, ClipboardImage.png)

why wear shoes indoors at all?



i like walking inside, doing this
thinking of getting this
anyone have experience owning these kind of shoes?


File: 1665310490272-0.png (1.63 MB, 1500x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665310490272-1.png (338.8 KB, 612x612, ClipboardImage.png)

mean to attach this


File: 1665310856149-0.png (257.79 KB, 695x493, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665310856149-1.png (269.55 KB, 695x695, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665310856149-2.png (247.56 KB, 602x695, ClipboardImage.png)

I've gotten my requirements down to very easy for daily shoes

I need something that is stabilizing, i want to jump and run at go, without having to worry that i'll get caught or trip on something

Something that is easy to clean regularly, there's a lot of mud and grime around me

I need something that won't ruin my foot posture and what not, all that podiatrist shit

These are the three prototype of boots I've got

>Hikey kind

>Basketbally kind
>Army kind


I assume the middle one is best for me, I got flat feet

And high arch support I've heard is bad, I've been using a very flat sneaker and it's been gucci for me


File: 1665312807871.png (184.67 KB, 521x695, ClipboardImage.png)

i want to buy this shoe so bad, the funky colours, but i'm pretty sure synthetic is the worst material


These look like cute slippers and not shoes. Where I live people wear slippers inside especially in the winter when the floor can get real cold.


Your feets is cold, socks are slippery on hard wood.


Do y'all buy your shoes online or still prefer to go to a brick and mortar place and get them fitted and felt?

*Collectors need not apply

I thought the distinction between a shoe and a slipper was the way it goes around your ankle and fully covers it






File: 1665422059824-1.jpg (580.93 KB, 828x830, IMG_8947.jpg)

the last boots you will ever buy - breathable, light, cheap, i've kept the same pair for over 3 years now (through a roofing job, a ranching job, and now living in nyc). if you know how to tuck your laces right, pulling them off/on is as fast as sneakers.

just make sure to get the picrel w/ nylon upper and wellco soles, some army contract boots have a suede upper and shit soles. As long as you don't wear down the crepe, the rubber beneath can be replaced w/ pretty much anything, including rubber from a tire. 2nd pic is an old pair i slapped some sneaker soles on for budget balenciaga look.


A jungle boot?


I got the gay-ass Austrian surplus combat boots that /fa/ shills. They're alright but they are a little too spacious and the insole makes a squeaking noise. I might get some jungle boots still


jungle boots is what i've gotta call them while searching right? they look good

anything wrong with being spacious, do you feel they'll come off if you run


so arch support is good as long as you regularly exercise, right?
i think i have back pain from using flat shoes with no support


File: 1665887150050.jpg (51.45 KB, 897x600, yo1a0tt7esp61.jpg)

I prefer comfy medieval peasant footwear.


A lot of people say contradicting things about arch support but you should only get zero drop shoes. This means the sole is same height throughout no slope.


why od people wear yeezys, are they really that comfortable?
what's special about them or is it just celeb worshipping


File: 1666685633164.png (123.17 KB, 521x695, ClipboardImage.png)

are these zero drop?
i don't know if basetball shoes and football shoes can be wore like regular

i hope they can be


File: 1666685675957.png (585.55 KB, 1125x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

do these designs matter underneath a shoe?
is there any science or importance to it


>Can't visit a cobbler
Poor firsties getting wrecked?


my local cobbler can fix these high end shoes and sneakers too? sweet


obviously no, it's branding


>How are you going to be cobbling in the field while you're at war. Are you going to lug around some cobblers tools just for your boots?

Well that's what they did in the Napoleonic war, the unit cobbler would fix everyones shoes


They do if its Vibram soles


depends on the purpose. for running, running shoes give you a strong advantage due to energy return.
for general wear, zero rises are best. Converse or any of the many "barefoot shoes".
for hiking (backpack < 20 lbs), shoes are good
for backpacking(backpack > 20 lbs or on loose/rough terrain) boots are best.


File: 1667092687215.png (172.75 KB, 661x253, ClipboardImage.png)

They do matter in terms of providing more grip. something like this will give you a lot more grip especially on wet ground


File: 1667094323627.jpg (869.24 KB, 1873x2153, boot.jpg)


the budget balenciagas made me lol but if you can afford it more modern boots are nicer, especially if you're eg. going backpacking on rougher terrain where the benefits of a boot are most needed. for example these boots I have had (salamon 4d) have a lot more ankle support and cushioning, and also have proper eyelets halfway up the ankle so you can tighten them down more around the ankle and not so much on the top of the foot. leather is also nice and the rubber on the toe cap stops that from getting worn through as easily. my 2 cents


File: 1667094585397-1.png (12 MB, 2663x1997, kiko-asics-01.png)

anybody have a pair of kikos? Are they worth it?

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