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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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Discuss how to survive inevitable capitalist crisis and collapse.

>How to form a communist tribe or gang to protect yourself

>Mutual aid and where to get it
>What to put in a bug out bag
>What essentials to actually stockpile
>Skills needed to gather food and water
>What food to grow
>What to do if you dont have a home or your own personal albanian bunker
>Makeshift shelters/squatting
>Where to go/stay


did you know theres multiple ways to make a list? theres bullet points, hyphens, squares… but its always the funny arrow on imageboards


ok boomer


chan culture is boomer shit


the most i can do is hoard some cans of bean. or become a cowgirl with hrt


wtf does a cowgirl do in apocalypse?

>the most i can do is hoard some cans of bean

same lol


>wtf does a cowgirl do in apocalypse?
ridin' dirty


I'll ask youse the same I ask the anarchists
How build sewerage system?

I imagine youse mob won't disappoint me the way all but one or two anarchists did by not having an answer


whats so hard about that, build a ditch and bury it. Or use a sawdust composting toilet


Tankyoo I knew you mob would have better answers than them
The best the anarchists could come up with was we'll leave it to the sewerage experts or you tankies are in charge of that boring shit
Also for general information the sawdust can be substituted with dried grain bran in the composting toilet
More sustainable option long term



I'm not against the idea, but isn't there something about not using compost made from human piss + shit for food crops?


I think it might be more related to our shit diets and meat consumption. We dont shit out enough nutrients to be good for plants to use as fertilizer material. Maybe if someone just ate veggies and fruits like a herbivore it might work better


no… its because your shit and piss can contain pathogens (ur shit definitely does) and possibly parasites which you dont want to put all over ur food, plus it's too nitrogen rich and it will burn the plants

I think actually these problems are mostly contained to one and the other, where the problem with urine is that it has tons of nitrogen, and the problem with feces is the pathogens, tho manure needs to mellow aka chill out on the biological activity and have carbon added in order to be useful as well so i guess poo has both problems but is easier to deal with idk

though, the chinese shit and pissed in their fields and they turned out alright



Yeah, have used an outdoor composting toilet where the protocol was to keep liquid and solid waste separate. This involved sitting down and pissing into a handheld cup that drained into a container away from the shit. Thunderdoome! It was a really interesting setup, with instructional posters on the wall of the shithouse and an outline of composting methods followed.

The produce grown from the piss compost was great, really tasty.


whatd they do with the piss containers after? like howd they compost it if it was separate from solid waste


someone posted a vid in the solarpunk thread where they showed this guy had a massive tank with old communal piss. They just age it a certain amount of time


>How build sewerage system?
That's such a city slicker question.
>whats so hard about that, build a ditch and bury it. Or use a sawdust composting toilet
This. The majority of the world doesn't use flushing toilets.


Composting will kill the bacteria, but heavy metals and other bio-accumulating things will still be in the poop so long term you definitely need waste treatment.

You literally got those answers from anarchists before. Stop lying.


File: 1654404842019-0.png (2.46 MB, 1300x957, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654404842019-1.png (1.1 MB, 800x533, ClipboardImage.png)

>What to put in a bug out bag
Rope, blade, flint, paper maps, any other important information you can get in paper form a guide on edible plants for example, a compass, mini metal pot, leather work gloves, a saw, mylar blanket, a trench shovel.

I think your focus should be on the things you absolutely can't get from nature.

>What essentials to actually stockpile

Dry beans, dry rice, cooking oil.

>Skills needed to gather food and water

Knowing which plants are edible, trap making.

>What food to grow

Beans and potatoes.

>What to do if you dont have a home or your own personal albanian bunker

Depends on your location and the situation.

>Makeshift shelters/squatting

Put a branch up against a tree and cover it with more branches and leaves. Picrel but not shitty. Only shitty examples are coming up on image search for some reason. Like I said cover it with as much foliage and then dirt as you can so it actually insulates you and protects you from rain.

>Where to go/stay

Depends on your location and the situation.


File: 1654405027280.png (1.33 MB, 3184x3184, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh for weapons I think wrist rockets are going to be your best bet since you got endless ammo everywhere. Should be able to kill small game easy.


The King has returned after a long hiatus. Watch these videos to see how little you need to construct useful things. Obviously you want to supplement with things you salvage, and we want to preserve productive forces as much as we can, but knowing how to build things with minimal tools is an important baseline to have.


File: 1654405508901.png (1.29 MB, 1200x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>canned beans
Yeah you apartment dwellers are going to be dead in a week lol. Just get something tasty so you can have some nice last meals.


File: 1654405780433.png (55.66 KB, 1012x250, ClipboardImage.png)



loot all of the preppers hiding out in the burbs


like they aren't expecting you lol.


that's why you gotta band up and read bert levy


wtf is hoarding literally for petty booj. Who has space to store like 300 lbs worth of bean cans per person.

wtf i didnt even know it was possible to use a slingshot for anything practical


How long do normal bagged beans last for compared to canned? Pic rel is saying longer so why do people get canned instead, to save water maybe?


File: 1654615043078-0.png (10.35 MB, 3264x2448, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654615043078-1.png (11.47 KB, 733x87, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1654615043078-2.png (210.21 KB, 266x399, ClipboardImage.png)

Because they're lazy. Literally no other reason. Like you said, there is some water content. Still more efficient to store the water and beans separate. Also not like the water in the cans is going to put much of a dent in your water usage. Definitely have to find a water source in the long run.

Picrel is a 100 gallon tank. So need at least 2 of them per person per year for however long before you can get more water.

>wtf is hoarding literally for petty booj. Who has space to store like 300 lbs worth of bean cans per person.
Fuck outta here with your cans bro. This is what a 50 pound bag looks like. One of these per person per year, not that big at all.


Damn thats a chungus water tank. Is it possible to reclaim water used to cook beans, I think they leech toxins into the water so you'd have to purify it again. Or maybe there are beans that leech less toxins into the water that would be better to stockpile instead, maybe lentils?


dude made a kiln in nature. Can all mud be turned into clay, or does the soil have to be a certain kind, like more sandy etc? How do you tell by eyeballing it


Prepping is 90% retail therapy and the apocalypse is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.


I feel like it would be easier to collect rainwater and try to clean that, you could probably just boil the water to distill it if you had easier access to a source of energy.


>I feel like it would be easier to collect rainwater and try to clean that, you could probably just boil the water to distill it if you had easier access to a source of energy.
No need to distill unless the water is really polluted. Boiling will be enough to sanitize.
>access to a source of energy.
You can find something to burn anywhere.


>Prepping is 90% retail therapy and the apocalypse is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.
If you live in a city yeah. I was watching this docucmentary about NYC preppers. Made me laugh these people think they're going to be able to get out of NYC when SHTF. Travel will be impossible and marauders will be your biggest worry. If you live in a metropolitan area like that you're going to be mostly at the mercy of the government.

But other people are already living self-sufficiently or semi-self-sufficiently so "prepping" is just their default mode of life.


can you even be entirely self-sufficient if you down own a whole ass farm


File: 1655078592711.png (963.69 KB, 736x736, ClipboardImage.png)

Well that's what I'm talking about. If you're serious about prepping that's what you need to do. You can survive off beans and rice for as long as you have water and firewood, but of course that can only last as long as your stockpile is large.


Not literally, but you can get pretty close for certain things, like food, and you don't need a whole farm either.


beans are absolutely the correct choice, the point that anon is making is about how nonsensical it is to go for canned rather than dried


for the mud to be turned into clay, it has to actually be made of clay. theres lots of places with heavy clay soil, atlantic canada has tons of it for example which fucking sucks for farming, but its just so thick and dense with red clay that its perfect for using as a material as-is, barely any/no preprocessing required


I know it's just nature, but I do still feel a bit sad when animals are hunted :(
Probably the best thing my dad ever did was take me hunting when I was younger and, even though 90% we ended up just shottin' milk jugs or old plates, the last 10% when I got to actual take an animal (often old male) he made me find it after the shot (usually already dead) but then shoot it again point blank in the head to "finish the job" and to reinforce that this was a living creature and if you're going to eat it you need to do the job quickly and reduce its suffering as fast as you can.
Granted my coping mechanism was talking to the animal and humming it a little song about how I was sorry but that I'd look after it's family and home and will eat all of it and use all of it for productive stuff. That might just be my tism.
I still hunt, but that really stayed with me. And I rarely take a shot these days without having a high probability of instant or very near instant kill AND I still give them the cu-de-gra.
And I still hum and close their eyes if I can to this day.



why do people actively want to live on domestic farms? i don't understand people, i really don't


What is the best way to setup a boil and condensate water catch? Like a boiling pot of water over a flame and maybe a tube that drips the purified steam into another pot?


So a still?


Damn that is sad and sweet, I am tearin up a lil anon


You are a good person, Anon. Animal cruelty is part of the dark triad. A sympathy for other living beings is most often a mark of a good human.

I find hunting more tolerable than caring for livestock and giving them their "one bad day" afterwards. Maybe that's just perspective.


Yes I guess that would work, I found one online thats what Im thinking but its 600$. I guess something of a similar design but also something diy you can whip up yourself


Also I assume it does, but would distilling water kill all pathogens/parasites/bacteria or is there some hardheaded bastard that can survive?


>implying that wouldn't be the ideal time to do the revolution and enforce communist order onto the ruins of society
noooo i have to hide in my (((bourgeois property))) in the countryside and hoard supplies like a kulak before getting killed by whatever faction takes control of the cities and forms an organized army
If you don't use your resources and position in the countryside to help the working classes and oppressed peoples in the cities you deserve to be run down and looted by reactionaries or put out of your misery like Makhno. Individualism is bourgeois.


It would require whatever survives to travel up with the steam before condensing. What may be worth looking into (but at this point it would involve being very pedantic) would be to figure out if anything else that's toxic that would also boil alongside the water.


Also fyi, this is outside my area of expertise so it's nearing on just autism at this point.


prepping is literally just bougie shit and is hard for the modern day consoomer who has to integrate to the liberal economy or perish - hear me out
>easy for those who live in bumfuck areas self sufficiently
>need to own a decent chunk of land
>need weapons for defense or else people run over this land to loot you
>a war for natural resources ensues

so if you don't own land or have the privilege of being born in the right place or have large sums of money to hoard shit for survival, you will be fucked

on the other hand people who live in urban centres
>will be fucked since they don't have any real modes to sustain themselves
>rich people will already gtfo to their bunkers and remote farmlands when shtf
>looting and rioting has a high chance to get you killed
>will be affected the worst in times of these crises

unironically only the rich elites and rural hicks will be the ones to survive such a scenario, the middlemen who fit in neither place will be hit the hardest.

one way to counteract this would be to get stuff organized in your local community and help each other, but again, would be a tough task to achieve when shtf anyways. (what are the chances of these communities rising up who vie for power and influence? pretty likely?)

now accepting this reality, how does one go about "prepping" in the true sense of the word if you have no money, resources or land? how long does one manage to survive before things return to normalcy, or you manage to build your own self sufficient ecosystem either by yourself of with a community?


i think it's possible to prep depending on your location and situation, prepping in urban centers looks different to prepping in rural areas i guess


How do I find a homesteader gf who will breed multiple children with me?


welp shit is getting worse. any general guides on what to do if power goes out and how to preserve food

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