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Each one teach one! Request or teach people some new hobbies/skills, some pro tips, how to do your job, anything you're experienced at with your insider knowledge and experience. If you learn something good from other anons, reciprocate and let this be a leftypol secret academy


Are there any leftypol lawyers here? I would like to learn how to self represent (for nothing serious, just frivolous shit against capitalists to troll them). I assume it's just filing a bunch of paperwork, but where do you find what forms to submit? Also where to find good templates for court docs you can file



no. edu is dead and hobby is comfierest


Seconding this! btw have you been watching Better Call Saul too? dirty lawyering seems pretty rad ngl


Dirty commiegang lawyering would be dope, I donno how easy it would be to setup a communist indie lawfirm group that just crowdsources knowledge and info to help proles. Something like a red NAACP but better and even more of a PITA for the booj. Anyways gonna post the little I know, I just have a rough idea on how to build a case not the details.

So you can find legal codes on some kind of law search website like this, https://codes.findlaw.com/LCsearch.html#?cludoquery=drug%20trafficking%20in%20ca&cludoCategory=Codes&cludopage=1&cludorefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fcodes.findlaw.com%2F&cludorefpt=U.S.%20Codes%20and%20State%20Codes%20-%20FindLaw&cludoinputtype=standard

Then I assume when you have a bunch of codes relevant to your case put together, you find ambiguities in the wording to build a case, or any other contradictions to other laws cases etc.

Then there are also legal court form websites to find forms you can file with the local courts. I assume the goal is to flood the court with documentation and evidence to make your case look stronger

Also legal letterheads is good to have for sending threatening emails in the likes of something like these

And then for filing case documents specifically there's like a legal format with correct line spacing and all. I guess this is where you put everything together and explain it in word form.

The state court websites have a list of forms available to file with them too.

I guess the most important part is filing appropriate discovery papers so you can gather and request any information from your plaintiffs to dig holes in their case/get info you need. The goal being to find something they fucked up on or didnt follow due process on.

It would help if a real leftypol lawyer was here and could tell us the tools of his trade and go through step by step what needs to be done for a case


sounds based but also sounds like speedrunning getting merc'd by feds


similar thread on edu >>>/edu/975

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