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Post films that are about actual proletarian life or maybe even about normal people in general. Basically
>no Hollywood ideology
>no bourgeois ideology or moralism
>little to no liberal ideology or moralism
>doesn’t fetishize poverty or portrays poor people as a mythological group
>doesn’t set up people who need to be redeemed by liberalism
Basically films that actually portray normal people as normal people. Not as simple or underdeveloped or anything.


An example of a liberal Hollywood movie opposite to what was described
>poverty is simultaneously shamed and upheld as some virtue filled humble situation
>his salvation for both him and his son exists in finance capital
>finance capitalists are portrayed as saviors and benevolent humanitarians taking a “chance” on him and granting him a fruitful life
>bourgeois class reality is upheld as some free and ideal reality that needs to be chased after


Forgot pic


lmfao i remember having this shown in primary school


Another less extreme example. Insultingly implies that
>a proletarian being smart is an “anomaly” and can only be explained by being naturally gifted
>he’s actually destined to be bourgeois because of his abilities but unfortunately found himself in a temporary bad situation.


i feel so bad that this was a childhood movie i liked watching

can't escape capitalist propaganda anywhere

the brainwashing starts early, look up clips of this movie, all views in millions, full of proles fooled into thinking just one more day and they'll make it


Honestly I never liked this film, Robin Williams is a treasure as usual, but the film itself is narrative nonsense, and the court scene makes me laugh.


Outside of burgerland this kind of films have been very trendy since at least 2008 crash.

Tbh I'm really tired of realistic social dramas that regurgitate the same mildly leftist message targeted at middle-class Keynesians who want to feel good about themselves. Every year same boring shit at elite film festivals, with very few exceptions. European filmmakers now think it's immoral to be interesting when the theme is so serious.

Eastern yuro films are better at this. It's a whole different situation and atmosphere when you see everything going from socialism to social collapse in your life span and the liberal masturbation is pointless. But in exchange you get more bleakness and cynicism. Plemya is a great one, Ukrainian film made right before the 2014 coup (since then they're exporting anti-Russian and nationalist propaganda films which get praised at Cannes lol).

Chinese films are also better, but the best ones IMO are not about "normal everyday prole life". Often more lumpenprole than prole, there's some crime involved, etc. Look up Jia Zhankgke and Diao Yinan.

I liked the Rider btw.


File: 1663441334183-0.png (2.56 MB, 1000x1501, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663441334183-1.png (163.25 KB, 230x345, ClipboardImage.png)

Seeing a lot of complaining about liberal films (rightfully, tbh) and not a lot of suggestions


File: 1663442386718-0.png (165.26 KB, 283x351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663442386718-1.png (2.63 MB, 960x1455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663442386718-2.png (1.37 MB, 736x1120, ClipboardImage.png)

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File: 1663442386718-4.png (916.25 KB, 706x1059, ClipboardImage.png)

>>29085 (me)


I like Wong kar wai’s films. They always revolve around normal people and the environments they live in. He (or rather Christopher Doyle) portrays both the people and environments as vibrant and complex. Normal going ons are worth shooting and displaying in a bold way and I think that’s very proletarian. Also I’m regards to the whole Asians filming lumpen based movies, i usually notice that it isn’t a celebration of them as western media tends to do. They are always depicted as different in social standing and are just there for cool factor above else.


What do you mean by "Hollywood ideology"?



What do cunts here think of Mrinal Sens work? I checked out Calcutta '71 and it fell into every trap the typical bourgeois artifact masquerading as pro-labour steps in.

Latter is dogshit. Re-packaged nihilism for Capital Realism morons.


You don't think "Hollywood ideology" or moralism can concern depictions of """"""normal people"""""" (the very idea of what's "normal" aka hegemonic is political/ideological)?


i really like this indie art film called "Axel in Harlem" you should definitely check it out if your interested in real prole film.


Gummi, underrated gem. Especially since I've noticed it's even harder to find media about rural working class folks that attempts or even has the capacity to be honest without being disrespectful or judgemental.




I find it interesting too how much that film is reviled for being "exploitation" when it is basically a documentary


"Welcome to the dollhouse" by todd solondz
Was originally gonna be called "faggots and retards" but was changed in marketing
Its a slice of life about poor suburban kids, losers in their own right, figuring things out
Todd solondz's other film "happiness" is really good, not strictly proletarian though


Touch grass ffs


File: 1693055644636.jpg (146.65 KB, 1200x780, 1_1ZUqud9gzkmFSRkxu1ohGw.jpg)

ALL of mike leigh's films
His best is probably secrets and lies
Then Naked

All or nothing
Life is sweet


File: 1693055773589.jpg (209.27 KB, 590x332, this-is-england-02.jpg)

This is england is good
If it was made by amerikans it would be a moral-fest like american history x


In the mood for love is a magical movie


The whole movie is Will fighting the system, including that anti-NSA speech, but everyone in his life wants him to sell out and become some egghead pencil pusher
It is individualist drivel ultimately

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