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What do you think about tv show mr robot? I like how it shows mental health problems like social anxiety and alienation. However the "anti-capitalist" message is pretty condensed. It basically says a revolution would do more harm than good and it makes audience passive.


Never saw it.


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I watched a couple eps and found it cool that they made hacking a main part of the show without making it look like picrel
I didn't really give a shit about the story or the characters so I tapped out halfway through season 1 and switched to some other show, and hearing the kind of libshit message the show was leaning toward makes me think I made the right decision


first season was ok tech-wise, then it devolved into utter cringe both tech-wise and storyw-ise


the way I see it the first season is basically very anti "the current state of things" but the trump election blindsided the creator and the rest of the show is basically him trying to process it. suddenly the former status quo didn't seem so bad to him which explains the retread.


It didn't really suggest revolution does more harm than good it basically was suggesting that there needs to be a prepared state to transition to rather than just causing chaos.


I dropped it in the second season although not because the first season was any better
It's the creative product of a single person which makes it muddled and unsure of what it actually is. The schizophrenia stuff felt like a cop-out


I didn't understood the finale
Did the doomsday congo weapon was supposed to destroy the world and MC just allucinated the before ending episode or …. I can't remember it well anymore


Thought it was fun.
Only big criticism was that hacker man doesn’t go full revolution mode. I get the idea is that individual action can’t really do much without broad support behind it, but it would have been cool to see him build it. The main villain being a Chinese minister was also really strange. It wasn’t exactly painting China in a bad light because the minister is more of an egotistical traitor to the government, but narratively it feels confused. It was far from perfect but I still say it was more entertaining than 90 percent of the shows that were on TV at that time and at least, clumsily, attempted to look at problems in class society.


I liked it, both story and tech wise


Intriguing show about 2 very tortured people (rami malek and the swedish guy)


I could have sworn this series had a thread here before, but I was apparently mistaken


There was one a while back in siberia, I think

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