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Oh boy the state of literature is so good right now can’t wait to read

>teenager drama or sixteen year old that saves the world book number 9018291727291618

>high school shit as if high school isn’t as boring as every other period in school
>Fantasy book where all the fantasy elements are ripped off Tolkien
>non fictional book either laced with obvious imperial propaganda or information badly explained
>STEM related handbook whose information is outdated and probably lied about anyways considering how researchers are overworked and publishers for their articles only give a shit about whoever pays for them to study the niche shit that barely changes anything until years after discovery
>sci fi garbage that pays little respect to actual science or even the plausibility of the elements in it
>fictional bibliography of the most boring and bland faggot imaginable

Such an impressive state contemporary literature is in


>Book where young people are having lots of SEX
>the literary phenomenon of the 20s


>reading anything published after 1900
Well there's your problem


Every postmodern book is so fucking bad


> 300 page of fluff in a book that otherwise could have been a blogpost


File: 1664220286015.mp4 (5.47 MB, 640x480, gilgamesh.mp4)

I don't read anything written after 2000 BC, personally


File: 1664220386889.jpg (5.32 KB, 241x209, 1514393608219.jpg)


This guy reads lmao


File: 1664220802558.png (51.19 KB, 217x232, ClipboardImage.png)

>Book that FINALLY updates socialism for the 21st century!
>It's some shit Marx debunked 2 centuries ago


Well you can read my book once I've finished, it fits into none of those categories.


Lets not forget about soul-searching novels with upper class middle aged Protagonists.

Or those humorous "self help" pop psych books


More like 25-40.


What's it about?


books are an outmoded format unless you really benefit from physicality (i.e. screens hurt your eyes, you're too ADHD to read on a computer without going on youtube but not ADHD enough that you need to read on a computer so you can tab between it and 50 other things at once, you like to take notes) tbh.

there's a book to be written (see what i did there, aha!) about how we continue to worship the book format long after it was rendered half redundant for storytelling and completely redundant for simply conveying facts or technical information. you're thinking "ah, but what about a good history book?" well my friend, a good history book is always at least half storytelling…


4/lit/ is leaking here wtf


Extremely gay and retarded take


nice opinion fagotron


4/lit/ started leftypol.


why don't you go write a book about it loser


Extremely gay and retarded samefag


if i was going to samefriend i'd leave my tripflag on, that would get me far more attention and be much funnier.


extremely gay and retarted post


new houllebecq dropping in english any day now


Hard Sci-Fi biopunk doomerpunk action romance revolutionary communist dialectical materialist angsty hopeful character study with smut characteristics (optional).

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