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File: 1678639506728.jpg (42.03 KB, 500x500, cheeese.jpg)


Is there anything more annoying than cheese fans?
They never shut up about how "trad" and "cheesepilled" they are and refuse to eat anything without covering it in so much cheese that it overwhelms the flavour of everything else in meal.
<I'm only eating that if you make it into a cheese sandwich
<I'm only eating that if you grill cheese onto it
<I'm only eating those if you put small chunks of cheese on them
<I'm only eating that if you cover it in grated cheese
<I'm only eating them if you put cheese sauce on them
<I'm only eating that if you put cheese in the bun with it
And I could keep going with more examples but you get the idea, the most infuriating part is they only like cheese because they think it's "trad" since it's been around so long.
I bet that if cheese had only been invented a few weeks ago they would claim to hate it and say they're sticking with bread or some other food that's old enough to appear in the bible.


that looks vile


that looks more vile than this


were you lurking just to have the opportunity to post that?


Any proof that these people exist?


I've met several


This is a twitter screencap aggregator. If they can't be found on the internet, it didn't happen.


Beer fans are like this too


I ate 2 whole large Quad Cheese Pizzas from Domino's last night.


seriously, not a cheese dude but soft liquidy ones like feta or brie are pretty good but holy fuck that's nasty

ever heard of the one with live maggots in it? considered a delicacy in some part of italy that clearly the americans didn't bomb enough, or conversely bombed too much


It does not look bad.


>Beer fans
Also known as "alcoholics"


Are these cheese fans in the room with us now?


/v/ thread


wine fans are more annoying and bourgeois


Is your /hobby/ bitching about other people?


its cumming


the OP feels like a shitpost and my relation to capital is such that I will never meet a proper cheese snob but ya, not a big fan of cheese. I've given up on ordering pizza since they refuse to heed my pleas to not drown it in mozzarella, and I don't like parmesan on my pasta either.
I think the cheese craze is a psyop by Big Dairy. 99% of these tiktoks cooking vids are people trying to figure out how much cheese can fit into one meal
That said, who tf eats crackers without a bit of gouda or havarti?


>Anything more annoying
Yeah, crackers fans


>Is there anything more annoying than cheese fans?
Aluminium fans are pretty bad too


I'm just going to say it
It's the most impotent of cheeses.


cheddar is best cheese
also thanks for reminding me to add to my lunch


Ppl eat cheese with plain bread or toast?
The rest are fine


How will cheesecels ever recover from this??


File: 1681716582686.png (376.42 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

Cheese enjoyers are all pedos.


File: 1691709144659.jpg (8.37 KB, 242x250, th-861907552.jpg)

>All this cope
Clearly, you haven't had a piping hot mouthful of macaroni and cheese made with milk.

>But but but I'm lactose and tolerant!!!

Do it bitch.


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