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Was Xavier a reformist cuck for wanting mutants and humans aka their oppressors to live in peace?

Did Magneto go too far by wanting to create another oppressive mutant class?




Western superhero comics have never been able to tackle social issues well.


File: 1679295842634.jpg (18.95 KB, 474x248, th-3255398804.jpg)

>Characters who are essentially flanderized versions of Malcom X and MLK through the eyes of a wealthy liberal new yorkers
<Who is right
None because they're cartoons


Since neither one engaged in class analysis they're both cucks


Malcolm x was based though


Stan Lee through Magneto fetishized the whitewashed image of Malcolm X as a black supremacist extremist when he was none of those things.
Both got murdered by the FBI before they were able to. MLK got shot immediately after he started talking about socialism.Malcolm was murdered by a glowie when he started to expose the nation of islam as an FBI honeypot.


The X-Men are literally glow ops for the government to hunt down radical mutant groups or enemies of the state, particularly the American state. So I'd say that Magneto is a proper revolutionary.


honestly yes


File: 1679717708259.png (1.13 MB, 700x1078, ClipboardImage.png)



i hear in the new comics, the island nation they've made is basically a communist system for economy

House of X


Xism hunh


File: 1679718228135-0.png (5.86 MB, 2000x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679718228135-1.png (5.53 MB, 1537x1842, ClipboardImage.png)

it sounds like a beautiful era
i'm excited to read but i'm currently going through the OG 60s one


>Apocalypse, Magneto, and Rightclops as one group
what is going on


>why doesnt Magneto just vote?

>are mutants a nation?


>doesnt support mutant liberation
<why are humans like this?

>humans be like

>my feminist liberation shouldnt wait for your revolution

>i am a feminist before i am a mutant because many male mutants are misogynistic


Is it just for mutants? Would there be globalist human import of labor allowed or would they be closed borders.
Magneto is an oldchad, Id like to be like that when Im 50s+


File: 1679853603580.jpg (942.62 KB, 1988x3056, page_172.jpg)

Was the "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" named after some version of the nation of islam or the group of malcom x?

Also look at this awful left-wing villain flag smasher again
I hate it


Sweaty, that's not cyclops
That's Twink Rebirth Professor X

Yes, Just for muties, some exceptions are made I think

Idk much more haven't read the age of x
there's a reading order if you want to read through the trades


Absolutely, he has such swagger as an old man
I love the krakoan age, idk why but it seems so sexy, feels like it exposes how capitalism is used in ways by countries

The mutants in this age have some kinda "magic pill" that they use to blackmail and profit off on humans


also btw, do you mean Rightclops like from the Phoenix Five from AvsX
The x-men literally solved famine and the capitalist realists were like

"reee too much power, muh power corrupts"
I agree then, yeah, Righclops


here's something for you chucklefucks if you're too lazy to read

i still don't understand why x-men is the most successful marvel property

is it because they keep making new muties and legacies?


Interesting posts.
The reason I like xmen is because of this "born different and ostracized for it" shit. It's queer as hell lol. They don't play into it as much in the movies.


I just remembered some anti-commie or nationalism in the recent krakokan era

there's a maruaders series, not sure how much hickman is invovled, he seems based at least, going into economics stuff seems based, as he's going into how a country works and how economics and thuggery plays a big part in it

anyways kitty is recuriting muties from every part of the globe
and there's the usu "le ebil china, russians are bad guys and oppressing their population shit

that's true
you don't think they played xavier and magneto otp in the movies well?


Because any outcast or oppressed will identify with mutants who also are outcasts by society. Plus the idea seems plausible that it actually could be that advantageous mutations to occur in real life so it is fun to think about. We already know of a few living examples of this ranging from mutations causing extra muscle growth to harder bones and weird useless mutations like that one guy who can stick cans to his head because his pores act like suction cups due to his skin temp or something.


that's still just bullshit man
i wish i had mutation other than getting sick

what's your mutation?


i mean bullshit about the guy being able to stick things on himself

not the point you made about oppressed people relating to mutants, that's true


Imagine having vast psychic powers to see into the minds of humanity, and choosing to be an idealist, utopian socialist…what did he see that would make him be that way?


Besides it being fictional and created by/viewed through the lens of y'know, 'libs' or whatever.

Maybe he mostly saw people trying to get by, people that just want to grill. Or quote from Interview with a Vampire where every human thought boils down to three things:
>I want food
>I want sex
>I want to go home


Guys those gainz are totally achievable without mutating. Diet, sleep and a proper program.


It sounds stupid but he's actually had people study him lol he's real. It's silly i know.


>I want mommy


I hate him and his lucky mutie genes


You know the more I'm reading about the X-Men
I see why people hate them

>Moira's journals would later reveal that she had re-engaged Joseph romantically as part of a plan formulated by Xavier to create a mutant with the power to warp reality, that might one day be used in tandem with other mutants to overcome death itself. Moira identified potential matches for both herself and Charles that might produce such a mutant, which eventually resulted in the births of Proteus and Legion respectively

This is insane

Needing a mutant to warp reality
WHAT FOR??? creepy Xavier

Magneto was always the better man


File: 1680420441515.jpg (653.76 KB, 1988x860, page_19.jpg)

when the new movie happens, they need to make storm's nudist aspect happen this time

it's interesting
she's a goddess who does not abide by puritan USA's laws when she can


kek. I imagine being able to read everyones mind and all the depravity that comes with it would make him psychologically need to be a utopian just to keep his sanity and faith in humanity.


if the cuckmen are using their powers for good, wouldnt Storm be more useful going around helping farmers instead of fighting other mutants like counterrevolutionaries?

Magnetogang at least had some balls to smack some dirty politicians, Xavier was like a Berniecrat tier reformist


I use to read Marvel Comics but I stayed away from x-men because there were an obnoxious amount of them and more than half of them are boring until another writer fleshes them out in their own comic. Even the original New Mutants comic Deadpool shows up in he manages to be dull af.



oh, then what comic did deadpool become what he is now?

also what are y'alls favourite x-men runs or at least lesser known runs and arcs?

everyone knows about DoFP, God Loves, Man Kills, etc


>also what are y'alls favourite x-men runs or at least lesser known runs and arcs?
I barely read comics, but I liked Remender's Uncanny X-Force run. Nice writing (I think, it was years ago), nice art, and that certain reveal.


added, what was the reveal 👀
is rick remender the same guy who wrote venom?


File: 1682455782339.jpg (53.8 KB, 485x750, 1501588327556.jpg)

I always find incoherent that people in the Marvel Universe(s) can have hate for mutants but not for the other super-humans. I know a lot people (in the Marvel Universe(s)) hate Spider-Man as an example but they don't hate super-humans as a whole minority, even if the difference between mutants and other super-humans is only that mutants were born that way.
The mutant segragation, along with characters like the Avengers being adulated, just seems contradictory to me.
Unfortunately, future X-Men movies might become like this.


One explanation I heard is that Iron Man and Captain America are famous, but anybody could be a mutant, like your next door neighbor who could blow up the whole block right this instance. But so could the Hulk so lol idk.

I have negative feelings towards MCU getting X-Men back. For example, I don't see MCU making something like Logan. And this mutant vs superhuman public opinion hypocrisy like you said, X-Men being a different universe actually helped.


>Iron Man and Captain America are famous
They are famous because they save the world multiple times, so did the X-Men but they are infamous only because they are mutants.

>like your next door neighbor who could blow up the whole block right this instance. But so could the Hulk so lol idk.

Not only the Hulk, any non-mutant super-villains, too many to list. But still, people don't amalgam super-heroes and super-heroes when it comes to non-mutants in the Marvel Universe(s).

>I have negative feelings towards MCU getting X-Men back. For example, I don't see MCU making something like Logan

It's funny, I'm currently re-watching Logan but the Noir Edition (in black in white). But yeah, "MCU" (Disney) will never make a movie like Logan.


amalgam super-villains and super-heroes*

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