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>Alt-text: The Elite from Superman vs The Elite, Riddler from The Batman (2022), Killmonger from the Black Panther Film, The Flagsmashers from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Gorr from Thor Love & Thunder and Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira from The Legend of Korra.

I want to see a movie where a character like these ones is the hero, instead of a "sympathetic" villain who the writers have commit acts of brutality so the audience feels better about the heroes defending a harmful status quo.


>I want the bourgeois media to make a movie that will go against their interests and subvert capitalist realism by providing an example of a radical who is good and can make the world better.
And I want it to rain liquor.


Amon was so cool before the reveal, the speculation was crazy

>he's a zombie

>he's that face stealing caterpillar
>he's Doctor Doom but for Avatar


Amon is one of the most egregious examples of this trope tbh. It's not enough that they make them the villain and make hem do some arbitrary atrocity at some point to make sure you know they're evil, they are usually also massive hypocrites. Liberals can't accept a villain or a character in general who is committed but just wrong or at least just disagrees with them. The enemy must be absurd or incomprehensible, they must! Otherwise their existence would imply that there's actually something wrong with the status quo…


>tfw the MCU is gonna put Doctor Doom in a movie and he'll be portrayed as wrong

There's different depictions of Doom-ruled Latveria but looking at it now, isn't it basically an expy of real life Communist states?


bruh… these writers… did they know? did they do it on purpose?


God I hate Doomwank.
True liberation can never be forced. Running people's lives "for their own good" is a violation of autonomy.


I'm getting Gadaffi/Morales apologist flashbacks.


Well it is written through the lens of random 'lib' writers, but I see it as American writers finding a way to (begrudgingly?) praise improved living standards of authoritarian states abroad


I think its because a lot of writers have a thing for "noble demon" archetypes.


>Amon was so cool before the reveal, the speculation was crazy
Being able to physically remember that time is amazing yet saddening. As you said Amon was cool as fuck he really became one of my favorite villains in short amount of time. Him being a being a bender removed all enthusiasm and good feelings. Nickelodeon really did that show and it's team dirty, yet loves to spam it everywhere and act as if they love it so much.


Amon was an example how to be accomplice, not an ally.



File: 1680706314917.png (161.57 KB, 288x359, ClipboardImage.png)

There's only one way to do a "noble demon" reasonably tbh, pic related. It's to show that people don't have an inherent nature that's good or bad and despite being "born evil" you can still be good. The usual version of the trope is literally just simping for a strongman bad guy because he has some admirable qualities despite being clearly and on the whole a bad guy. Which is both ridiculous and pathetic. It doesn't matter if the villain has admirable qualities or carries out their plots "ethically" if their plots have a nefarious purpose. The trope is basically liberalism distilled. You can pursue whatever ends you want just as long as you play by the rules (somebody's rules) and are polite about it.

The reason for the archetype being so popular is more nuanced though. It's become passe to have a villain who's just outright evil and malevolent. You even see goofy stuff like Disney making movies for villains making them more sympathetic (most recently with Cruella deVille of all people). That's because while the audience might get to root for using force/violence to beat the bad guys, they MUST feel bad about doing it. We can't really have someone just be bad and wrong and need to be stopped. You gotta keep that trump card in your back pocket that everybody deserves sympathy (at least the named characters) in case the commoners ever see you as the bad guy.

Another aspect of it is that people tended to sympathize with villains even before they started actively making them sympathetic, since they are more interesting characters usually. Heroes tend to be ciphers who are largely content with life besides the villain messing things up. Villains tend to have texture and to care about things and to have some kind of struggle to pursue what they want. That's a lot more dynamic and interesting inherently but it's also a structural issue for someone in the business of storytelling because by positioning anything as the villain you risk people thinking it's cool. That's a large reason why the political content of mass media has shifted away from overt propaganda, because it doesn't work. Not just because it's cliche but because you risk making your political enemies seem appealing. And obviously you can't make the "bad guys" into the relatively boring protagonists unless you want to get baroque. So the obvious thing to do is to have fictional politics that are vaguely inspired by the real world but that can't really translate into the real world in a meaningful way.


Does this site do storytimes? I wrote a comic I think works well to capture these themes.


Either /hobby/ or /draw/ would be appropriate for that I guess.


Or Siberia if you want faster replies


and to 404 faster lol


I can move it to hobby when you finish if you want


or draw since it's your own work


The closest you're ever gonna get is Star Wars where the bad guys are all fascists and the commies have to join the Rebels due to lack of other options


>commies have to join the Rebels due to lack of other options
Don't remember a single one communist there.


The rebels in Andor seemed low key based


Not really. Typical anarchist or petit bourg uprising against imperialism. Not a single communist found.

The tv show wasn't bad, i liked it, but there is not a single communist theme there. I had hopes for "manifesto"guy, but it ended up being an idealistic crap about muh freedoms.


The Elite from Superman is based on the The Authority comic in which they are the heroes.

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