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For the first time in my life i have enough money to travel and see the friends i have made over the years in their home country.
While i am on my travels i would like to see some historic areas of significance for communism/socialism/anarchism. I am going to Europe and i would like to go places where i can soak in some history and perhaps learn a little bit more about the radical tradition.

What places are there of communist significance in Europe?

I have a tiny list right now because i don't even know what places to go

Marx's grave
That Tito theme park in Serbia
Exarchia in Greece
That one communist town in Spain.
Barcelona CNT shit
The paris streets rn

anything else?


>What places are there of communist significance in Europe?
Graz has a 30% communist led local government.
Anarchist commune in Kopenhagen.
IDK just don't go to eastern europe I guess.


>That one communist town in Spain.
hey, what's this?


Marinaleda in southern Spain iirc


I wouldn't go too far out of my way if I was you, most of these will be interesting for a small daytrip at max.
What is your planned itinerary?


File: 1681573532638.png (3.73 MB, 1600x1067, ClipboardImage.png)

Angola, China, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam.



Im planning on traveling soon again and have been making my lightweight packing list. It should be under 20 lbs when done and you can bring just one 40liter backpack wjth you. Heres what I got so far, I'll just post it here for you fags.

• Zip ties
• Small cargo net (harbor freight)
• First aid kit
• Collapsible water bottle
• Duck tape/packing tape wrapped around card
• Tweezers
• Travel Can/bottle opener
• Paracord? Bungee cord? Ratchet strap?
• Garbage Trash bags
• Ziploc bags
• Wet wipes/clorox
• Granola bars/food
• Carabiner
• Travel locks
• Travel towel
• Small Loofah
• Latex gloves
• Qtips
• Sharpee
• Travel cutlery/spork
• Earplugs
• DEET bug repellent
• Covid facemasks
• Pant belt
• Sim tool
• Tape measure
• Microfiber cloth
• Underwear
• Glasses/sunglasses
• Contacts
• Socks
• Pants
• Fleece gloves
• Sweatpants
• Shirts
• Swim shorts
• Sweater
• Bandanas
• Shemagh
• Laundry pods
• Dishwashing pods
• Bronners castille soap
• Toothbrush
• Deodorant
• Toothpaste
• Comb
• Nail clippers
• Safety pins
• Supplements
• Meds
• Headlamp
• Pen
• Journal
• Document pouch
• Dishwashing sponge
• Alcohol
• Hand sanitizer
• Toilet paper/tissues
• Dry bags
• Ace bandages
• Accessory straps
• Shrinkwrap
• Ultralight battery pack
• Xylitol gum
• Water purifier
• Ultralight umbrella/raincover
• Laundry bag
• Stain remover pen
• Mirror
• Swimming ear plugs
• Electrolyte packs


Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria. The socialist statue park in Sofia, Bulgaria. Oborishte historical park in Bulgaria. Transfagarasan pass in Romania. Bucharest, Romania. Karl Marx bust in Chemnitz, Germany. The spomeniks in former Yugoslavia. PCF headquarters in France.


You don't need most of these lol


20lbs before food and water is kinda heavy no? Would you be hiking with this?


I went to the place that pic is from (Buzludzha/Buzluca). Couldn't go inside
because all the possible entrances were locked/blocked. Took a peek inside and it was dark with trash everywhere. Nobody was there besides me and a couple of Chinese tourists. The whole place was surrounded by piles of horse and sheep shit. The outside of the buidling and the statue beside it was pretty cool though, would reccommend 9/10.


If you get a good backpack with a good frame 20 lbs wont feel like much. You need straps with load lifters, hip straps, a good frame with air ventilation etc. Osprey farpoint 40 is good for travel and the cheapest out of the professional travel backpacks


if i were you I would save like 3/4ths of the money and just travel relatively locally. I know people want to do pilgrimages to eastern europe, I almost did it before covid struck, but I just know that I would spending all that money to be another tourist in a crowd
anyways im going to toronto for the day to see the blue jays play xd


i would regret*


File: 1684354837260.png (606.65 KB, 569x550, ClipboardImage.png)

>Nobody was there besides me and a couple of Chinese tourists.


>The economic crisis that began in 2008 affected the European Union by 2010, particularly its southern countries. While 30% of the active population in Andalusia was without work, Marinaleda had full employment.


I also visited the monument and there was a poster on the wall advertising a festival in August, so that might be a reason to visit it again.


Vampiric piece of shit


you're thinking of kissinger
deng enjoyed smoking and died of lung cancer


he somehow lasted until the age of 92


The Greek one sounds good, just be aware of current events when you go. And don't be that anarcho-capitalist kid ;)
If you're in USA, one of the intentional anarchist* communities there could be of interest.
(Technically they're registered as non-for-profit businesses to get religion tax avoidance. Murica!)


In Peru, had a Nasserist period plus the SP war so apart from Machu Picchu, ayahuasca and food yadayadayada you can go to:
-Ayacucho (the land of the dead -that is the name! for the wars of indepence) old colonial town.
-Cusco (and visit the Campesinos orgs HQs, they are old colonial houses anyway)
-Lima: Go to El Fronton Island to see the sea wolfs (and if you can from the distance or maybe arrive to the island and see the prison that got bomb to ashes)
—The LUM: A liberal museum about the internal conflict with funding from German orgs so you know its liberal. But it is pretty and always is on the brink of closing by the right seethe.
—The old national museum was a brutalist megaministry build during Velasco, now it was moved to the south so it would only be to appreaciate a brutalist whale building.
→ The 3 coops that survived since the agrarian reform and the neoliberal privatization. One is also a hotel too.
→ Bonus: In Trujillo, in the walls of the ruins of the palaces of Chan Chan a thousand social democrats were shot in the 30s. So you can see the ruins of a mud palace and think about how they lost their revolution too.

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