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Is there any art you like, hell even adore, but it just so happens that the person behind that art just emits hitler particles to the max. Here is my example. Hirotonfa. Really like his style. His comics aren't bad, can be funny. But there is a reason that he got rid of his likes on his bird app account. Every time on my timeline I see some rightoid's post, I just assume its one of his likes. Check the post and sure enough it is. I wish I could just mute his likes, so I can just get his art, but alas, not an option. Shame really but what can I do.

I don't know if its allowed, but this thread is open to all styles of art. I was going to attempt on the draw, but it seems its purely for original art, so decided to create the thread here


One of the best. Author is a well-known netouyo but I've seen many people confuse him for a communist, lol.


Crypto right-wing thread


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File: 1698642693584-1.jpg (47.69 KB, 640x480, F6oNnEuXAAAhUQo.jpg)

I guess it could be interpreted like that. But I was just curious if there were any artists/art people liked with less than savory creators. Is all anon


>Everything is crypto rightwing dontcha know!?
Take meds and relax your anus.


No clue who that is but the first image was funny and hit home. Feels crazy being American and we used to do things. Invented the modern era but now we make nothing. I guess we still have the monopoly on cape shit 300 million dollar flicks.


right wingers can't make good art


File: 1698697284872.png (550.37 KB, 800x542, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't be disingenuous. Plenty of art is and has been made by people with varying political beliefs. This sort of inane politicization is the same reasoning the Nazis used to dismiss and justify burning and destroying the home of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky and to consider slavs subhuman; because they were "untermensch gommies" who couldn't possibly create art because that would make them people!

Leave the dehumanization and partisan politics to the fascist nonces.


It's impossible for right wing individuals to make good art.


File: 1698722679182.png (2.63 MB, 1400x1274, ClipboardImage.png)

>look, I said the thing again
Stop being an internet-poisoned, LARPing ideologue and pull your head out of your ass. Being right-wing does not make you incapable of being artistic, just as being left-wing does not make you inherently artistic, political beliefs and artistic capability are not relevant to one another.


when fascists are all about muh aesthetics its bound for there to be at least some good artists


Frank Miller
Stanley Kubrick
Joseph Conrad


Chuck Palahniuk also fits


Ur probably right but idk I would've assumed the guy that wrote Heart of Darkness wasnt a rightoid


Joseph Conrad's works and ideology are relatively right-wing by modern standards, even if they were the norm in his day.

Speaking of, this also applies to Rudyard Kipling.


Dostoevsky, Borges, and Bulgakov were all kind of retarded and reactionary IRL but they wrote some indisputably great literature.


U Wot m8?
Critical misunderstanding of his works meanings and messages, something that Stalin criticized Soviet censors for, when they attempted to deny publication of his works.


dude was pretty much a paleo nationalist and huge spiritualist who hated liberals and socialists lmao how is that not reactionary


>U Wot m8?
Have you read anything of what he wrote, mate? His book "Demons" is literally about some group of socialist who he shows as demonic, eventually killing one of their own. It's actually a paid propaganda work that he did when the whole Nechaev process was going on.


I mean, I really like Celine and Mishima. Also, this song is a banger even though it's made by an Italian fascist group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsI8gp-bDAI

Burzum. Joy Division. Italian futurists.


Joy Division?!


File: 1699279892337-1.jpg (81.43 KB, 1200x630, david-bowie.jpg)

File: 1699279892337-2.jpg (24.47 KB, 450x299, roger-waters.jpg)

File: 1699279892337-3.jpg (24.06 KB, 438x311, kiss.jpg)

File: 1699279892337-4.jpg (15.87 KB, 365x263, sex-pistols.jpg)

You might be surprised, but most british musicians from the 70s and early 80s were nazis.


Moriasey too.


roger waters is not a nazi. there uave been attempt to label him as one after he criticised us govt and israel, but he has never been a chinlet, I woudl evens ay that he is surprisingly good politics wise, but idk he is celeb so it doesn’t really matter.


>posting an image of Roger Waters from the performance of The Wall
That's like posting a picture of Charlie Chaplin from The Dictator and calling him a nazi.


holy shit, why is my grammar so bad


Western newspapers have a strange fascination nazi salutes. You can find at least a dozen newspaper articles about obscure highschool photos were the waves are interpreted as nazi salutes and white power gestures.
AFAIK only David Bowie and Eric Clapton called themselves Hitlerites at any point.


There was a woman who's name I wont say cause you would know which country I'm from and I dont wanna attention-whore, but her books were amazing literature, one of the best in my language in the 20th century and she was basically almost a fashoid


Harry Potter fan


And Joy Division chose their name after being moved by WWII stories…


Sex Pistols definitely did nazi salutes, but that fascination with nazi stuff was just a part of early punk. Siouxsie did a whole swastika armband thing, Rozz Williams from Christian Death covered himself in a nazi flag, Joy Division… I think it was more of an aesthetic thing than a genuinely held belief.


not sure if this counts, since it's almost like satire, but the Iggy Pop version of China Girl is probably one of the best songs ever


anon it's fine to say what country you're from


rightoids are incapable of producing art


See >>37322 and go away, samefag.


Imagine believing Sid Vicious was a nazi. The guy mixed fascist and communist symbolism to provoke, which was the inspiration for the Russian NazBol Party that also originated from the Punk scene.

The fascination with British Punk and early Metal with Nazi symbolism is uncanny maybe but clearly not serious. Lemmy also collected Nazi memorabilia.


Actual OG Nazi art is terrible besides some technical and stylistic innovations (like Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will). Nazi German was the victory of the mediocre, all these mediocre artists who used to be dismissed got their time to shine there.

However, that doesn't mean that reactionaries in general can't make good art. When the grip of the chinlet is not too extreme, good art can be produced. Fascist Italy, that granted more leeway for the creative, produced far better art than the extremely repressive Nazi German that only produced ancient statues ordered on Wish.


File: 1699566712064.jpg (162.42 KB, 647x859, SmilingFriends.jpg)

I don't know if this counts but one of the two creators of this show is a Christian reactionary who peddles bro science.


>just as being left-wing does not make you inherently artistic
>having to try to make the argument about something it's not
right wingers can't make good art. that doesn't have anything to do with the artistic capabilities of someone that happens to hold leftist political positions.


File: 1699656042121.mp4 (395.01 KB, 854x480, YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER.mp4)

>having to try to make the argument about something it's not
That applies to what you just posted
<that doesn't have anything to do with the artistic capabilities of someone that happens to hold leftist political positions
<right wingers can't make good art
Fucking retarded ass demagoguery, being deliberately obtuse.


Ridley Scott is apparently a conservative but Alien (1979) is a proletarian classic as far as I'm concerned.


is that why all the recent alien movies have shallow and pretentious references to religion and mythology?


could you explain more in depth? what do you mean by “broscience” ?


Bowie was also playing a character at the time as being a fascist (thin white duke)… Although bowie's whole schtick was supposedly getting into a character so much he couldn't tell what was real, so it might still count a bit, idk.


Cocaine makes you fascist so can't even blame him.


That gnome looks traced from Regular Show.


>no mcNaughton
>no Kalmakov
>not a single instance of the two Japanese fishers sucking each other off
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people with actual knowledge of art don't waste their time on imageboards, but damn…

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